This Girl

15 Feb

Carissa Alicea has become one of my very best friends. We have more in common than most couples. True fact. She has been called to serve in the Argentina Rosario Mission! Holla!! or… hola? She reports to the Provo MTC February 27th. (One month before me! I reeeaaalllyy hope I find her while I’m there…. I WILL search)

Together we have been preparing for our missions by staying up late, talking to as many boys as we can find and traveling back and forth to St George just because we feel like it…. But besides going through our “rebel phase”, we have strengthened each others testimonies a great amount.

We have become extremely close by sharing our thoughts on leaving home, opinions about our faith and crying over how annoying the adversary can be. Being able to attend the temple together has been a blessing and a motivation. We can’t emphasize enough how excited we both are to serve! I’m not gonna lie, it’s incredibly comforting to have someone going through this process with me.

Her strength has been such an example to me! I’ll miss her a great deal but I remind myself there is such a thing as mail! Sister Alicea will be an amazing missionary and I can’t wait to come home and have our “laugh until we cry” moments again. I am proud to call this girl my friend.















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