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WEEK 4 Scotland

22 Apr
Hiya family and friends!
Oh my goodness first of all CONGRATS to Courtney K!!!! AHHH I am so thrilled for her!! I was wondering when her call was coming! A sister in my district at the MTC is from there! I’m so excited for the Courtneys to serve!!
This past week was a good week! It was challenging but good. Last Monday after we emailed we traveled to Glasgow to play dodge ball with our zone. So I got to meet all the elders! I didn’t play because I once had a bad experience with dodge ball haha. So I just sat there and said “on your mark, get set, go” haha that was fun. Glasgow is just like Boston! (which btw oh my gosh about the bombs!! SO SAD!)
Wednesday was an amazing day!!! The APs invited all the new missionaries to invite someone to be baptized by the following Sunday…. that was only a few days! I never got the opportunity to do it because we didn’t see any of our investigators during those days. So Elder Jackson, our district leader, told me to invite someone by Wednesday. Still only a few days! I was a bit worried because I didn’t think I could do it! We didn’t have any investigators scheduled so I was going to have to do it on the street! ahhh! So Wednesday we had a lunch app with a woman named Jill. Jill is a less active and her partner (partner: bf or gf that lives with you) Robert is an investigator. She is so sweet and nice! Robert is never home for our lunch apps so we planned to share a scripture with Jill after we ate. However, when we got there we were greeted by Robert at the door! Once we got inside Sister Rob leaned over to me and whispered “our next lesson with him is the plan of salvation. You’re going to invite him to be baptized” uhhhhhhh ok? hahaha So we ate a lovely lunch of sandwhiches, cake and hot chocolate. Then we bagan our lesson. S. R. lead with the POS and I put in my two cents every so often. Robert understood most of it and agreed with everything. He didn’t have many questions so it was hard to know what he was thinking. Then towards the end of the lesson he told us he doesn’t really believe in God. After he said that I thought “oh great… I can’t ask him to be baptized because he’ll say no.” So then S.Rob and I bore testimony about the POS and it really touched him. I thought we were done after that. Then S.Rob whispered to me “baptism! ask him!” So then I proceeded bare more testimony and asked him! Then guess what…. he said YES!!!!! (angel choir singing hallelujah) ahhhhh!!! The spirit was SO STRONG!! My heart was pounding! I have no idea what I said to him but I know I bore testimony about families and the love our Father has for us. I was crying, S.Rob was crying, Jill was crying and even Robert was teary eyed! Such an amzing experience!! I really hope it goes well! I can totally see him getting baptized!! You also should know that Robert is NEVER at our lunch dates with Jill AND when SRob and her last comp taught him the first lesson they felt like they shouldn’t ask him to be baptized. The Lord just KNOWS!! haha it was amzing. We walked out of their house singing The Spirit of God 🙂
Wednesday night we taught the Watson family! The husband and oldest daughter are less actives. They have two younger children that are quite rambunctious. We wanted to share a message about forgiveness but the two little ones were being distracting. So I whipped out my awesome nanny skills and got them to be so reverent! I focused on the the two kids while SRob spoke with the parents. When we left SRob said “oh my gosh those kids have NEVER been quiet during a lesson and we’ve never been able to have a solid conversation with the dad!” She thanked me for being so good with kids! So being a nanny paid off 🙂 hahaha
Thursday we went to Glasgow again for district teaching and president interviews! I got to meet with president again which was nice. He is such a wonderful man! Then Sister Brown gave us a brief lesson on Mormon. org and how we need to start spreading it around. EVERYONE needs to post mormon messages and mormon. org profiles on their FB! It’ll really help spread the gospel! Then president taught all of our district about the different levels of motivation. It was so great! Level 1 feels like a job (Servant D&C 1:17). Level 2 makes us feel like we have to prove ourselves to God (Son D&C 121:7) and Level 3 is when we thank God for the work we get to do (Friend D&C 98:1). Our goal is to be a level 3 missionary!
Friday was a PERFECT day! The SUN was out ALL DAY LONG!! Not a single cloud in sight. Not the slightest breeze. It was amazing. I was singing “There is Sunshine in my Soul Today” allllllll day haha. However Friday was a little dissapointing. ALL of our appointments canceled!! Except for Alison! We taught Alison in the morning. Alison is so wonderful! She takes really good care of us! She is one of our investigators. Her little boy Jake is SO CUTE!! After we taught her she took us to McDonalds. SRob and I had been craving an Amercian cheeseburger! It was a real treat haha.
mission 2
We didn’t know what we were going to do the rest of the day! We were in our flat feeling pretty sorry for ourselves. Then we realized that God gave us good weather to find people! We knew we needed to be outside!
So we chapped Park Terrace (Chap means knock. So we “chap doors” or “go chapping”) Park Terrace is a super long street close by our flat. We started at one end and start chapping away. We took turns taking the lead. There were alot of people who are happy to be a part of the church of Scotland and aren’t willing to change. We only got the church shut in our face once. So that was niche haha. Long story short… We placed 4 coping of the Book of Mormon! FOUR!! 4! And from those 4 we have TWO potential investigators!!!! Happy sisters in Scotland! haha Hopefully it’ll work out and we’ll be able to teach them! We stopped half way down the street because we ran out of BOM copies! We slipped pass along cards in all the doors that didn’t answer! And we always leave a card on the bus seats haha.
Yesterday,Sunday, I spoke in church!! Bishop called me late Saturday night and asked if I would. Just a five minute talk to introduce myself and breifly speak on a topic. I talked about sutying by faith. It went well! There were alot more people at church this week! Even alot of less actives were there and two of our investigators were there! Great day! Then the McNallys fed us lunch. Sausage! I actually like it here haha.
Last night I got super homesick!!!! First time! haha I finally had a good cry about it. I just miss you all so much!! But I’m a whole lot better now 🙂 I just needed to get it out of my system and pray for comfort.
I hope everyone is doing great! I miss you all but I am so happy to be here in East Kilbride! It’s SO HARD! But every rewarding 🙂 The good days make up for all the bad.
The church is TRUE!!!! I know it! And I LOVE it so much! I’m happy to be a missionary.
Love Sister Jones

WEEK 3 Scotland

21 Apr

Hiya friends and family!!

Hiya is scotish for hi/hello haha. They say it all the time!

Well I finally made it to Scotland!!!!! This place is so beautiful! And wet… and cold… and wet… and windy… and wet. haha it rains everyday! But let me back up a bit. As soon as I got off the phone with you in SLC an announcement came that our flight was delayed an hour due to bad weather in Chicago! We ended up waiting two hours! The plane to Chicago was TINY! I sat next to Elder Facer who was large in stature… but at least I had room haha. I only got a 30 minute nap on that 3 hour flight. So since we were delayed two hours and our layover was two hours, we were afraid we were going to miss our next plane to London! As soon as we landed our big group of missionaries ran off the plane and were greeted by an airport worker that took us to a bus that drove us all the way to our next gate to get on the plane. Because we were such a big group they waited for us. How nice. That plane was HUGE! First class was a joke. They had full on beds! This plane was like the movies! 9 seats across and tv’s for everyone. Us missionaries were a little bored… I sat by two old men who I think had some sort of mental disabilities and they couldnt speak a word of english except “sister” (referring to me) and “thank you very much” haha. I watched a little bit of Les Mes from the person in front of me… but don’t tell anyone that! On our screens we could watched where the plane was. So for seven hours I watched a little plane fly ever so slowly to London. It took forever. I didn’t get much sleep either! Once we got to London the pilot said we had to fly around for a bit because the airport wasn’t ready for us. So that made us late for the next plane!! In London we had to go through customs and the workers took forever letting us through because they didn’t understand what a missionary was haha. After we got through customs and security, we found our gate and walked right on the next plane that took us to Edinburgh!!! We found President and Sister Brown as well as the AP’s. It was so nice having someone there that was expecting us! hahaha. They were so excited to see us! When we went to baggage claim we were told our bags didn’t make it… that was a bummer. Because of us running to each plane they didn’t have time to transfer all of our bags. So we had to fill out a report about what our bags looked like and what not and they would deliver them to the mission home once they arrived in Edinburgh. So off we went in the taxis that took us to the mission home! Drivers here are CRAZY! They just zip and zing everywhere! Being on the other side of the road is so stressfull! That first ride was a bit of a shock haha I’m a wee bit used to it now.

When we arrived to the mission home we had a quick lunch. We ate jacket potatoes (which are baked potatoes with toppings like cheese, sour cream, chili, and TUNA! OMG you gotta try it!) After we ate we went to the CASTLE!!!!!! We walked there, which was about 2 miles I think. There was so much to look at! The castle was so beautiful! We had 4 hours to rome around! (Waaay to long) After about two hours our little group of sisters were over it haha. We were all SO TIRED!!! At that point we’d been awake for 36 hours or so. After the castle we rode a bus back to the mission home and ate dinner! I can’t remember what we had but I remember mashed potatoes haha. After dinner President did interviews so all of us missionaries sat in the living room and fell asleep where ever we were sitting haha. We were totally exhausted. When we finally got to go to bed Sister Lund and I went to the Rasmussens flat. Elder and Sister Rasmussen are a senior couple that work in the mission home. Those beds were like magic! I slept soooo good!



Thursday morning we wore our pday clothes and met up with all the trainers at the mission home. Then we drove to Aurthors Seat! (Or Pratts hill) The story is that Orsen Pratt climbed this hill as a missionary and prayed to tell God he was going to baptize 200 souls. And he did! So President likes to take all the new missionaries up there to pray and make some type of goal with God. That’s great and all but this hill was SO STEEP!!! Of course I ws the last one up there because I’m so out of shape haha. But you can see all of Edinburgh from up there! Pictures don’t do it justice! It’s sooo beautiful! Then we sang the song High On the Mountain Top which was awesome. Afterwords we went back to the mission home and had lasagna! YUM! (PS I got the two packages two hours before I left! Perfect! So I stuffed everything in my bags) Then once we were dressed in our missionary clothes we had some training then got our trainers! I got Sister Robertson!!!

Oh Sister Robertson. I love her! Her family lives in Texas, she’s 21, she went to the Preston MTC and she is awesome. She’s only been out 4 months! We are in East Kilbride. It’s about an hour and a half from Edinburgh. We took two trains to get here. It’s a lovely little town. It rains everyday but it’s nice. Our flat is… nice. haha. It’s small but perfect. All the flats here in Scotland (and I think Ireland) open up to doors. So when you walk in the front door there are more doors. One to the bathroom, kitchen, and living space. Make sense? We always keep our doors open. Our room is small but it totally works! S Robertson and I share a closet and I actually am able to fit everything! Surprising huh? I keep it organized well enough 🙂

Friday morning we had to do weekly planning which took alllll morning! We went through all the investigators, less actives, and recent converts. I had NO idea what S Robertson was saying but I went along with it haha. She tried to explain who everyone was but I really had no connection so it was hard to follow. Then I had to get a bus pass! Bus riding is very normal here. Not everybody has a car so they either walk or ride the bus or both. We ride the bus some places but other than that we walk EVERYWHERE!!! My body HURTS! And S Robertson always walks super fast. She’s always a good 10-15 feet ahead of me. But I’m getting faster! haha I’m just so dang short! (Thanks dad) I just walk through my pain! When we see people on the street we try to stop them but when they dont stop we just start walking with them! When S.R did that the first time I thought it was so weird haha. So far no one has been interested. Sad. I’ve only talked to one person… but not for long because she didn’t want to talk to us. Friday night we went to the McNally’s for dinner! They are members in our ward who have been feeding the missionaries every Friday night for 20 years! Awesome family! We had steak pie, mashed potatoes and brocolli. SO GOOD!!!! That night we taught Brother Smith. He has been an ivestigator for two years!!! He got baptized a while ago but then “messed up” before he got confirmed so the baptism wasn’t valid! Interesting huh? He is progressing well! He has a really bad stutter plus a strong accent. But I’ve actually done a really good job at understanding people! Scotish just makes sense to me! (Thank the Lord!)

Saturday we visited some less actives. Sister Graves is an old lady who wants to die just so she can be with her husband again. She is so cute! She forgets things quick so she repeated herself alot. She told me the story of how she met her husband. SO CUTE! “He was the love of my life! I fancied other men but never the way I fancied him!” hahaha. She reminded me alot of grandma 🙂 I forgot my list of things to write in my email so I can’t really remember what else we did that day haha

Sunday was eventful! We walked to church in the POURING rain! We were soaked! My red raincoat is such a lifesaver! It works so well! Only the bottom of my skirt was wet so that wasn’t too bad. Everyone in the ward is so sweet and welcoming! But there aren’t many people. Only 40 came to sacrament meeting… My heart BROKE! I can’t believe Vegas, of all places, has more people in one ward’s sunday school class than an entire area of members! Bishop asked me to say the opening prayer! It was fast Sunday so just about everyone was able to get up. There wasn’t much time for me. After Sacrament S.R and I went to primary to share a message with the weeuns. A total of 6 children! Three of them are the bishops kids. (There’s two in nursery, 2 young women and 1 yong man.) After we shared our message of “obeying your parents” we went into the youth sunday school (only the two YW) and taught them about the apostasy and JS. They’re sweet girls! They’re going to EFY in a few months and are stoked! After that we went to RS. That was a nice break haha. The lesson was on trials and how to overcome them. We watched a mormon message that made S.R and I ball like babies! “Mountains to Climb” LOOK IT UP!!! Everyone needs to watch it!!! In my prayer in sacrament mtg I thanked God for the beautiful weather even though it was raining hard. A brother in the ward that got up to bear his testimony and laughed at me a wee bit for saying that haha He was gratefull that someone here is thankful for things like that. So because of that…. the SUN came out after church!!!! (AHHHH) It was so wonderful and cozy and amazing! The sun comes out every once in a while which I LOVE! That night we taught two lessons. One to Brother Graham who is a recent convert. We invited him to bare his testimony to a friend this week! We taught him at Sister Blacks house. Then we taught Brother Smith again at Sister Greens house about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (Sister Black and Green are ward missionaries. Sister Green is like our grandma. She is so sweet and loving and cares so much for the sister missionaries. I like her house the best because it’s CLEAN and ORGANIZED! Sister Balck not so much. But I love Sister Black. Nicest lady ever)

I know there are more details that should be in all of that but I just cant rememeber them haha. Teaching has been a treat! The first go around I was a bit shy and didn’t say much but the second time I was able to open up and teach by the spirit with S.R. The other night I finally got overwhelmed and a bit home sick. I prayed so hard to get past it! I hate being sad as a missionary. It’s no fun. So I cry for just a minute (literally) and move on. I know I’m suppossed to be here! The Lord knows me better than anyone and I know I’m here for a reason! So far I’ve loved it! Siter Robertson is an awesome obedient missionary and has already taught me so much! I’m getting the hang of things slowly but surely. Even the Scotish lingo haha. (I’ll put some at the end)

Well it sounds like everyone is getting excited for baby Jones! I can’t wait to see picutres of him!! All the babies here are straight up adorable. I’m happy everyone is safe and happy! I love you all and miss you so much!! But I’m where I’m suppossed to be and I’m learning so much! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Love Sister Jones

Scotish words to English


Weeun=small child











skinnard=fed up (I’m skinnard!)

note=dollar bill

I can’t remeber any more haha my whole list is at home! I’ll bring it next time and send a whole list 🙂



21 Apr

Hello family and friends!

Oh my goodness I leave in less than 24 hours! INSANE! Its hitting me in a weird way. I kind of feel like I’m going home… not another country. So it’s weird. It’ll be a shock!

Last Tuesday night there was a devotional. Micheal Ringwood spoke! Dad do you know him? He talked about his mission in Korea and pointed out Pres. Till. Pretty cool! I don’t remember what he spoke on though… (crickets)

Sister Till was able to spend 30 minutes with me teaching me some cool stuff! We went over 2 Nephi 31 (I think) She had some awesome insights. I loved seeing Pres and Sis Till because they’re like family!

Here in the MTC we have to teach investigators. My teachers were 2 and then we had TRC investigators which are volunteers or paid staff. My teachers were “Matt” and “Andrea.” During our last lesson with Andrea she stopped us in the middle to tell us how bad we were doing haha. It was a good learning experience. Then on our last lesson with Matt we committed him to baptism!!! AWESOME! I wish it were real hahaha. Then we had Hely who is a lady who works here and our lessons with her went really well! (ps it is sooo difficult to go back through the week and remember every detail haha)

On Wednesday our new missionaries came!! It was such an awesome day! Sis Ashdown, the ZL’s (Elder Carlson and Elder Steel) and I got to take our new district on a tour and give them a brief orientaion about what the rules are and what to expect during the next week. They’re like our own little kids! It’s crazy to think we knew all that information in just a week! Sis Ashdown and I are in charge of the sisters so we’ve gotten to know them pretty well. They are great girls! They live just two doors down from us so we see them alll the time.

I finally got sick of the food! …Literally. I woke up in the middle of Thursday night SUPER SICK! I went back to bed thinking I would be fine once morning came. Then Friday morning I still felt awful. To the point where I could barely move. So I went on an adventure to the doctors! (Theres a huge health clinic here) My sweet comp Sis Ashdown helped me walk across campus and got me there safely. I felt like I had a raging fever but when they checked I was only at 97 (I still think they did it wrong) Dr Morrison is a really nice calm old man. He had the nurse stick a super long skinny stick up my nose to see if I had the flu. That came back negative so he gave me medicine for nausea and some gatorade to hydrate myself. After that I had to call my branch president and let him know I was sick. Then Sis Ashdown and I went back to our room to sleep for a few hours. I hadn’t been homesick AT ALL until those few hours 😦 Usually when I have a stomach ache my moma is there! So, to make me feel better, Sis Ashdown told me stories about all her boyfriends she’s had until I fell asleep. Friday was “In-feild Orientaion” day. Which is a meeting that lasts 8 hours! Whaaaaat?! So I think we were lucky we got to miss half of it haha. Around noon I got myself up and ready and went to the second half. I felt a ton better after that medicine. Doc told me I couldnt eat for the rest of the day so when dinner came around I was starving! I ate what I could and gradually over the next two days I got back to normal. It’s no fun feeling crummy.

Conference was AMAZING!! I loved it! It was weird not being in my pjs all day but it was alright. But conference was ALL we did! Wake up-conference. Lunch-conference. Dinner-conference. The Sunday morning session I think was my favorite. I loved the talks about missionaries and thought of all of you crying in our family room hahaha. I especially loved the talks about marriage and families. My goodness it made me want a husband so bad!! haha mission first. It definitely makes me want to work extra hard!

Sunday morning we got to listen to/watch the spoken word which was outstanding! Then Sunday night… guess what? BYU VOCAL POINT CAME!!! AHHHH!!! I love them like a little girl loves JB! hahaha. I’ve been missing the CD like crazy! It was so nice to hear their angelic voices again! It was a great fireside.

Everyone here has at least one breakdown. I had a major one last week (I dont remember the day) but it was during class and my teacher asked one simple question which lead me to go on a huge tangent about every feeling and frustration I’ve had while being here. It was bad. So my zone teacher (who was in the room when this happened) took me into another room and helped me sort out my thoughts. He gave me a few sriptures to read and then left me alone to pray. Everything changed in that moment. I can’t even describe it! Missionary work is frustrating and hard and everyone gets upset about it. But we learn from our mistakes and experiences and move on. I’ve been doing really good thus far!!

(Ahhhh there are SO many more details I’ve left out about this past week but it’s just so much!! haha it’s hard to go back and remeber every moment. So I’m sorry!)

Last night Sis Ashdown and I said goodbye to our roommates!! (Sis Callister, Sis Bundy, Sis Stuki, and Sis Daybell) They left at 4 this morning for Nashville Tennessee! I miss them so much already!! We all bonded so well! Saying goodbye to friends at the MTC is alot worse than saying goodbye to family! I’m aboslutely dreading saying goodbye to the Elders from our district tonight!! 😦 WE ARE FAMILY!!! I know I’m going to cry so much! Our elders are AMAZING!!!!! No joke! Our district sings together! We harmonize like no ones buisness! On Saturday in between conference sessions, the 8 of us just sat in our classroom singing hymns! Awesome huh! I got chills everytime!

This morning my district and I went to the temple for the last time! (I had a hard time staying awake… we went at 7am! But I got through it.) It’s such a beautiful temple! It’s been rainging allll day! I was hoping I would get one last sunny warm day before I went to the land of constant rain. So we got soaked while walking back the the MTC! We took an awesome picture of us all drenched.

I’ll send pictures via email next week! The store here ran out of the usb thing that we can send pictures on so I cant send any this week.

I’m sorry I dont have much more time! I have to go pack!!!! buuuuhhhhhh! It’s a good thing they have a scale here! haha.

I’m so happy I get to talk to everyone tomorrow!!!!!! I bought a call card today! I only get to call three times and only in the US! So I’ll for sure call from SLC in the morning and then hopefully again in Chicago… maybe. The times are still the same. The paper I printed with all the time differences on it should still be on the “mission moments” plaque. Anyway I’ll call you sometime in the moring!!! ahhhhh!!!!!

I love you all so so so so much!! Thank you all for the love and letters! They mean so much!


Quote of the week….

Sis Ashdown, Elder Limb, Elder Winters, and I while walking to the cafeteria for dinner (side note:Elder Winters is SUPER obedient…. strictly)

Me: hey elders, if you see my friend that I always talk to let me know because I need to take a picture with her.

E. Winters: ok which friend?

Me: Hermana Alicea. The only other person I talk to beside all of you…

E. Winters: I can’t remember… what does she look like?

Me: she had pretty blonde curly hair, pretty blue eyes, gorgeous smile, pretty tan skin… She’s really pretty.

E. Winters: Well….. I wont be able to tell if she’s pretty.

E. Limb: WHAT??!!

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! We’re still laughing about it….I don’t know if anyone else but missionaries will think that’s funny but just know it’s hilarious hahahaha

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Love, Sister Chalyse Jones


21 Apr

Hello family and friends!!!

Oh my goodness I LOVE it here! There are good days and bad days but everything goes so fast that it just seems good all the time! I love everyones email but I literally have 20 minutes and 10 seconds until I get kicked off! I’ll try my best to get everything in!

There is so much I want to tell you all! The MTC is like huge family. Especially my district. We are all brothers and sisters! We get along so well and laugh at eachother when we start to get silly. Elder Carlson, Elder Steel, Elder Winters and Elder Limb are going to England and Sister Ricks, Sister Steed, Sister Ashdown and I are going to… well… my mission (the best mission there is!)

Elder Limb is our mail man so we always attack him hahaha. Our district does EVERYTHING together! We eat together, we study together, we prayer together, we walk together. It’s good that we get along haha.

I don’t even know where to start about what I’ve been leaning…. It’s all gone by SO FAST! Tomorrow will be half way!!!! AHHHH!!! We’ve already starting teaching our investigatiors (which are our teachers that role play) At first I thought it was pretty silly and embarassing but it really works! The spirit is stron even when you’re talking to a fake person haha. We’ve been focusing on “Our Purpose” which is to bring other unto Christ. I never realized that missionaries NEED to teach by the spirit. It’s God that talks to those people…not us. (AH I’m so scattered!)

The food isn’t bad! It’s actually pretty good and there is something different everyday and tons of choices. I’m not sick of it yet.

I haven’t found Jeff yet but I see Cassandra a bunch! I also found Tanner Henrie today in the laundry room! Carissa is TWO DOORS DOWN FROM ME!!!! AHHHHH!!! I chat with her every night haha. She is awesome and way good at spanish.

Sister Ashdown and I weren’t really getting along and would clash like no one elses buisness! So we had “companionship inventory” which is where you basically tell the other person everything that bugs you haha. We are SO MUCH better now! Our relationship with up like 20 notches! We set goals to better ourselves and our companionship and I know it will really help us.

My birthday was amazing!! Best easter Sunday yet! It was a LONGGGGGG day though! Sister Ashdown and I are the Coordinating Sisters in our branch so we had three meetings to go to! It was fast Sunday because next Sunday is conference so we didn’t eat until dinner and let me tell you… we PIGED out hahaha. They pasted the sacrament to all 3000 missionaries! Crazy huh? There were two devotionals as well. During one of them we sang Called to Serve! We started out soft and then got louder and louder and then during the last verse we stood up and just sang with all our might! AWESOME!!!!! (Oo I just got chills all over again) We also got to go on our temple walk which was so fun because it was so beautiful yesterday. Perfect weather AND it was Easter AND it was my birthday! PERFECT! Thank you mom and dad for my package! I really appreciate it!

I’ve only cried once! haha at one point during the second day it all just hit me and I got super overwhelmed and just broke down! But then my teacher Sister Taylor said some sweet things and I wiped my tears and got over it. Other than that I’ve be TOTALLY FINE!!!

I’m really sorry about this but…. I don’t miss you… yet! haha I know I will but I just haven’t had time to think about it! haha Aubrey don’t cry anymore!! I’m doing such a wonderful thing for our savior! 18 months will go by so quick!

(omg 5 mins!)

The spirit is so strong here!! I love it! I’m learning things I never knew exsisted!

UHHH I need to get off! I’ll write you a letter during personal time this afernoon.

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Sister Jones

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