21 Apr

Hello family and friends!!!

Oh my goodness I LOVE it here! There are good days and bad days but everything goes so fast that it just seems good all the time! I love everyones email but I literally have 20 minutes and 10 seconds until I get kicked off! I’ll try my best to get everything in!

There is so much I want to tell you all! The MTC is like huge family. Especially my district. We are all brothers and sisters! We get along so well and laugh at eachother when we start to get silly. Elder Carlson, Elder Steel, Elder Winters and Elder Limb are going to England and Sister Ricks, Sister Steed, Sister Ashdown and I are going to… well… my mission (the best mission there is!)

Elder Limb is our mail man so we always attack him hahaha. Our district does EVERYTHING together! We eat together, we study together, we prayer together, we walk together. It’s good that we get along haha.

I don’t even know where to start about what I’ve been leaning…. It’s all gone by SO FAST! Tomorrow will be half way!!!! AHHHH!!! We’ve already starting teaching our investigatiors (which are our teachers that role play) At first I thought it was pretty silly and embarassing but it really works! The spirit is stron even when you’re talking to a fake person haha. We’ve been focusing on “Our Purpose” which is to bring other unto Christ. I never realized that missionaries NEED to teach by the spirit. It’s God that talks to those people…not us. (AH I’m so scattered!)

The food isn’t bad! It’s actually pretty good and there is something different everyday and tons of choices. I’m not sick of it yet.

I haven’t found Jeff yet but I see Cassandra a bunch! I also found Tanner Henrie today in the laundry room! Carissa is TWO DOORS DOWN FROM ME!!!! AHHHHH!!! I chat with her every night haha. She is awesome and way good at spanish.

Sister Ashdown and I weren’t really getting along and would clash like no one elses buisness! So we had “companionship inventory” which is where you basically tell the other person everything that bugs you haha. We are SO MUCH better now! Our relationship with up like 20 notches! We set goals to better ourselves and our companionship and I know it will really help us.

My birthday was amazing!! Best easter Sunday yet! It was a LONGGGGGG day though! Sister Ashdown and I are the Coordinating Sisters in our branch so we had three meetings to go to! It was fast Sunday because next Sunday is conference so we didn’t eat until dinner and let me tell you… we PIGED out hahaha. They pasted the sacrament to all 3000 missionaries! Crazy huh? There were two devotionals as well. During one of them we sang Called to Serve! We started out soft and then got louder and louder and then during the last verse we stood up and just sang with all our might! AWESOME!!!!! (Oo I just got chills all over again) We also got to go on our temple walk which was so fun because it was so beautiful yesterday. Perfect weather AND it was Easter AND it was my birthday! PERFECT! Thank you mom and dad for my package! I really appreciate it!

I’ve only cried once! haha at one point during the second day it all just hit me and I got super overwhelmed and just broke down! But then my teacher Sister Taylor said some sweet things and I wiped my tears and got over it. Other than that I’ve be TOTALLY FINE!!!

I’m really sorry about this but…. I don’t miss you… yet! haha I know I will but I just haven’t had time to think about it! haha Aubrey don’t cry anymore!! I’m doing such a wonderful thing for our savior! 18 months will go by so quick!

(omg 5 mins!)

The spirit is so strong here!! I love it! I’m learning things I never knew exsisted!

UHHH I need to get off! I’ll write you a letter during personal time this afernoon.

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Sister Jones

mtc 2mtc



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