21 Apr

Hello family and friends!

Oh my goodness I leave in less than 24 hours! INSANE! Its hitting me in a weird way. I kind of feel like I’m going home… not another country. So it’s weird. It’ll be a shock!

Last Tuesday night there was a devotional. Micheal Ringwood spoke! Dad do you know him? He talked about his mission in Korea and pointed out Pres. Till. Pretty cool! I don’t remember what he spoke on though… (crickets)

Sister Till was able to spend 30 minutes with me teaching me some cool stuff! We went over 2 Nephi 31 (I think) She had some awesome insights. I loved seeing Pres and Sis Till because they’re like family!

Here in the MTC we have to teach investigators. My teachers were 2 and then we had TRC investigators which are volunteers or paid staff. My teachers were “Matt” and “Andrea.” During our last lesson with Andrea she stopped us in the middle to tell us how bad we were doing haha. It was a good learning experience. Then on our last lesson with Matt we committed him to baptism!!! AWESOME! I wish it were real hahaha. Then we had Hely who is a lady who works here and our lessons with her went really well! (ps it is sooo difficult to go back through the week and remember every detail haha)

On Wednesday our new missionaries came!! It was such an awesome day! Sis Ashdown, the ZL’s (Elder Carlson and Elder Steel) and I got to take our new district on a tour and give them a brief orientaion about what the rules are and what to expect during the next week. They’re like our own little kids! It’s crazy to think we knew all that information in just a week! Sis Ashdown and I are in charge of the sisters so we’ve gotten to know them pretty well. They are great girls! They live just two doors down from us so we see them alll the time.

I finally got sick of the food! …Literally. I woke up in the middle of Thursday night SUPER SICK! I went back to bed thinking I would be fine once morning came. Then Friday morning I still felt awful. To the point where I could barely move. So I went on an adventure to the doctors! (Theres a huge health clinic here) My sweet comp Sis Ashdown helped me walk across campus and got me there safely. I felt like I had a raging fever but when they checked I was only at 97 (I still think they did it wrong) Dr Morrison is a really nice calm old man. He had the nurse stick a super long skinny stick up my nose to see if I had the flu. That came back negative so he gave me medicine for nausea and some gatorade to hydrate myself. After that I had to call my branch president and let him know I was sick. Then Sis Ashdown and I went back to our room to sleep for a few hours. I hadn’t been homesick AT ALL until those few hours 😦 Usually when I have a stomach ache my moma is there! So, to make me feel better, Sis Ashdown told me stories about all her boyfriends she’s had until I fell asleep. Friday was “In-feild Orientaion” day. Which is a meeting that lasts 8 hours! Whaaaaat?! So I think we were lucky we got to miss half of it haha. Around noon I got myself up and ready and went to the second half. I felt a ton better after that medicine. Doc told me I couldnt eat for the rest of the day so when dinner came around I was starving! I ate what I could and gradually over the next two days I got back to normal. It’s no fun feeling crummy.

Conference was AMAZING!! I loved it! It was weird not being in my pjs all day but it was alright. But conference was ALL we did! Wake up-conference. Lunch-conference. Dinner-conference. The Sunday morning session I think was my favorite. I loved the talks about missionaries and thought of all of you crying in our family room hahaha. I especially loved the talks about marriage and families. My goodness it made me want a husband so bad!! haha mission first. It definitely makes me want to work extra hard!

Sunday morning we got to listen to/watch the spoken word which was outstanding! Then Sunday night… guess what? BYU VOCAL POINT CAME!!! AHHHH!!! I love them like a little girl loves JB! hahaha. I’ve been missing the CD like crazy! It was so nice to hear their angelic voices again! It was a great fireside.

Everyone here has at least one breakdown. I had a major one last week (I dont remember the day) but it was during class and my teacher asked one simple question which lead me to go on a huge tangent about every feeling and frustration I’ve had while being here. It was bad. So my zone teacher (who was in the room when this happened) took me into another room and helped me sort out my thoughts. He gave me a few sriptures to read and then left me alone to pray. Everything changed in that moment. I can’t even describe it! Missionary work is frustrating and hard and everyone gets upset about it. But we learn from our mistakes and experiences and move on. I’ve been doing really good thus far!!

(Ahhhh there are SO many more details I’ve left out about this past week but it’s just so much!! haha it’s hard to go back and remeber every moment. So I’m sorry!)

Last night Sis Ashdown and I said goodbye to our roommates!! (Sis Callister, Sis Bundy, Sis Stuki, and Sis Daybell) They left at 4 this morning for Nashville Tennessee! I miss them so much already!! We all bonded so well! Saying goodbye to friends at the MTC is alot worse than saying goodbye to family! I’m aboslutely dreading saying goodbye to the Elders from our district tonight!! 😦 WE ARE FAMILY!!! I know I’m going to cry so much! Our elders are AMAZING!!!!! No joke! Our district sings together! We harmonize like no ones buisness! On Saturday in between conference sessions, the 8 of us just sat in our classroom singing hymns! Awesome huh! I got chills everytime!

This morning my district and I went to the temple for the last time! (I had a hard time staying awake… we went at 7am! But I got through it.) It’s such a beautiful temple! It’s been rainging allll day! I was hoping I would get one last sunny warm day before I went to the land of constant rain. So we got soaked while walking back the the MTC! We took an awesome picture of us all drenched.

I’ll send pictures via email next week! The store here ran out of the usb thing that we can send pictures on so I cant send any this week.

I’m sorry I dont have much more time! I have to go pack!!!! buuuuhhhhhh! It’s a good thing they have a scale here! haha.

I’m so happy I get to talk to everyone tomorrow!!!!!! I bought a call card today! I only get to call three times and only in the US! So I’ll for sure call from SLC in the morning and then hopefully again in Chicago… maybe. The times are still the same. The paper I printed with all the time differences on it should still be on the “mission moments” plaque. Anyway I’ll call you sometime in the moring!!! ahhhhh!!!!!

I love you all so so so so much!! Thank you all for the love and letters! They mean so much!


Quote of the week….

Sis Ashdown, Elder Limb, Elder Winters, and I while walking to the cafeteria for dinner (side note:Elder Winters is SUPER obedient…. strictly)

Me: hey elders, if you see my friend that I always talk to let me know because I need to take a picture with her.

E. Winters: ok which friend?

Me: Hermana Alicea. The only other person I talk to beside all of you…

E. Winters: I can’t remember… what does she look like?

Me: she had pretty blonde curly hair, pretty blue eyes, gorgeous smile, pretty tan skin… She’s really pretty.

E. Winters: Well….. I wont be able to tell if she’s pretty.

E. Limb: WHAT??!!

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! We’re still laughing about it….I don’t know if anyone else but missionaries will think that’s funny but just know it’s hilarious hahahaha

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Love, Sister Chalyse Jones


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