WEEK 4 Scotland

22 Apr
Hiya family and friends!
Oh my goodness first of all CONGRATS to Courtney K!!!! AHHH I am so thrilled for her!! I was wondering when her call was coming! A sister in my district at the MTC is from there! I’m so excited for the Courtneys to serve!!
This past week was a good week! It was challenging but good. Last Monday after we emailed we traveled to Glasgow to play dodge ball with our zone. So I got to meet all the elders! I didn’t play because I once had a bad experience with dodge ball haha. So I just sat there and said “on your mark, get set, go” haha that was fun. Glasgow is just like Boston! (which btw oh my gosh about the bombs!! SO SAD!)
Wednesday was an amazing day!!! The APs invited all the new missionaries to invite someone to be baptized by the following Sunday…. that was only a few days! I never got the opportunity to do it because we didn’t see any of our investigators during those days. So Elder Jackson, our district leader, told me to invite someone by Wednesday. Still only a few days! I was a bit worried because I didn’t think I could do it! We didn’t have any investigators scheduled so I was going to have to do it on the street! ahhh! So Wednesday we had a lunch app with a woman named Jill. Jill is a less active and her partner (partner: bf or gf that lives with you) Robert is an investigator. She is so sweet and nice! Robert is never home for our lunch apps so we planned to share a scripture with Jill after we ate. However, when we got there we were greeted by Robert at the door! Once we got inside Sister Rob leaned over to me and whispered “our next lesson with him is the plan of salvation. You’re going to invite him to be baptized” uhhhhhhh ok? hahaha So we ate a lovely lunch of sandwhiches, cake and hot chocolate. Then we bagan our lesson. S. R. lead with the POS and I put in my two cents every so often. Robert understood most of it and agreed with everything. He didn’t have many questions so it was hard to know what he was thinking. Then towards the end of the lesson he told us he doesn’t really believe in God. After he said that I thought “oh great… I can’t ask him to be baptized because he’ll say no.” So then S.Rob and I bore testimony about the POS and it really touched him. I thought we were done after that. Then S.Rob whispered to me “baptism! ask him!” So then I proceeded bare more testimony and asked him! Then guess what…. he said YES!!!!! (angel choir singing hallelujah) ahhhhh!!! The spirit was SO STRONG!! My heart was pounding! I have no idea what I said to him but I know I bore testimony about families and the love our Father has for us. I was crying, S.Rob was crying, Jill was crying and even Robert was teary eyed! Such an amzing experience!! I really hope it goes well! I can totally see him getting baptized!! You also should know that Robert is NEVER at our lunch dates with Jill AND when SRob and her last comp taught him the first lesson they felt like they shouldn’t ask him to be baptized. The Lord just KNOWS!! haha it was amzing. We walked out of their house singing The Spirit of God 🙂
Wednesday night we taught the Watson family! The husband and oldest daughter are less actives. They have two younger children that are quite rambunctious. We wanted to share a message about forgiveness but the two little ones were being distracting. So I whipped out my awesome nanny skills and got them to be so reverent! I focused on the the two kids while SRob spoke with the parents. When we left SRob said “oh my gosh those kids have NEVER been quiet during a lesson and we’ve never been able to have a solid conversation with the dad!” She thanked me for being so good with kids! So being a nanny paid off 🙂 hahaha
Thursday we went to Glasgow again for district teaching and president interviews! I got to meet with president again which was nice. He is such a wonderful man! Then Sister Brown gave us a brief lesson on Mormon. org and how we need to start spreading it around. EVERYONE needs to post mormon messages and mormon. org profiles on their FB! It’ll really help spread the gospel! Then president taught all of our district about the different levels of motivation. It was so great! Level 1 feels like a job (Servant D&C 1:17). Level 2 makes us feel like we have to prove ourselves to God (Son D&C 121:7) and Level 3 is when we thank God for the work we get to do (Friend D&C 98:1). Our goal is to be a level 3 missionary!
Friday was a PERFECT day! The SUN was out ALL DAY LONG!! Not a single cloud in sight. Not the slightest breeze. It was amazing. I was singing “There is Sunshine in my Soul Today” allllllll day haha. However Friday was a little dissapointing. ALL of our appointments canceled!! Except for Alison! We taught Alison in the morning. Alison is so wonderful! She takes really good care of us! She is one of our investigators. Her little boy Jake is SO CUTE!! After we taught her she took us to McDonalds. SRob and I had been craving an Amercian cheeseburger! It was a real treat haha.
mission 2
We didn’t know what we were going to do the rest of the day! We were in our flat feeling pretty sorry for ourselves. Then we realized that God gave us good weather to find people! We knew we needed to be outside!
So we chapped Park Terrace (Chap means knock. So we “chap doors” or “go chapping”) Park Terrace is a super long street close by our flat. We started at one end and start chapping away. We took turns taking the lead. There were alot of people who are happy to be a part of the church of Scotland and aren’t willing to change. We only got the church shut in our face once. So that was niche haha. Long story short… We placed 4 coping of the Book of Mormon! FOUR!! 4! And from those 4 we have TWO potential investigators!!!! Happy sisters in Scotland! haha Hopefully it’ll work out and we’ll be able to teach them! We stopped half way down the street because we ran out of BOM copies! We slipped pass along cards in all the doors that didn’t answer! And we always leave a card on the bus seats haha.
Yesterday,Sunday, I spoke in church!! Bishop called me late Saturday night and asked if I would. Just a five minute talk to introduce myself and breifly speak on a topic. I talked about sutying by faith. It went well! There were alot more people at church this week! Even alot of less actives were there and two of our investigators were there! Great day! Then the McNallys fed us lunch. Sausage! I actually like it here haha.
Last night I got super homesick!!!! First time! haha I finally had a good cry about it. I just miss you all so much!! But I’m a whole lot better now 🙂 I just needed to get it out of my system and pray for comfort.
I hope everyone is doing great! I miss you all but I am so happy to be here in East Kilbride! It’s SO HARD! But every rewarding 🙂 The good days make up for all the bad.
The church is TRUE!!!! I know it! And I LOVE it so much! I’m happy to be a missionary.
Love Sister Jones

One Response to “WEEK 4 Scotland”

  1. Ruth Bushman April 27, 2013 at 7:32 pm #

    I love reading this! Following your blog adds so much of the Spirit to my life, Chalyse and it makes me miss you. I love Sister Rob and her little whispering to you, and Robert’s powerful reaction! I can’t believe you are using words like “chapping” and “flat” like they are second nature and I love learning about that stuff. I think it is fun how you sing hymns/hymns-of-the-day as you go. Thank you for blogging/putting up pictures so that those who love you can stay connected to your life and hear your wisdom and the powerful spirit here. AWESOME blog, Sister Jones! I miss you! I love you!

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