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WEEK 10 Scotland

8 Jun

Hiya family and friends!!

I’m an AUNTIE!!!!! I am so so so excited and happy!!! Alison texted me Thursday night to let me know and as soon as I read the text I started balling! Right there in the middle of nightly planning hahaha Sister Rob had to say the closing prayer because I was sooo beside myself haha. But they were tears of joy! I already love him so much! Baby Beckham is PERFECT and SO CUTE!!! I have a whole new reason for serving! He is my motivation to keep moving forward!

We stayed at Granny Green’s home Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. It was like a mini vacation! We’re back at our flat now and our new bathroom is awesome! SOO much better than the old one. I’ll send before and after pictures next week because our floor isn’t down yet. It’s just floor boards at the moment.

We were taught to teach alot of lessons this week! We were challenged by our Zone Leaders to find two potentials a day! Sister Rob and I did a pretty good job if I don’t say so myself. Our investigators are doing great and progressing well!

I’ve been reading in 2 Nephi and I’ve come across some really amazing scriptures that have touched me in ways I never thought possible. I won’t lie… I went through such a tough time last week! It was awful! But the encouraging emails from everyone helped me so much! Not only did you as a family help but Nephi helped me to! Remember the song that was sung at my farewell by the boys? “I Love the Lord.” It’s a summary of Nephi’s words in chapter 4. 2 Ne 4:15-35 brought me so much comfort! Nephi expresses so much and shared it with all of us! I found alot of peace when I read those verses. There’s also a talk that our ward mission leader told us to read titled “Will you? Implementing the Mission of our Church” by V. Dallas Merrell. (CES talk) It’s all about inviting other to come unto Christ. (Perfect right?) I would recommend everyone to read it! (Especially Dad and Bishop Durham should read it… wink wink) Towards the end he states “Everyone who has come to earth has already responded positively to the Father’s plan in the premortal world. We must give them the opportunity to respond positively again. As you teach and invite, remember this: The Savior has promised that His spirit will go before your face, His spirit will be in your heart. His words will come forth from your mouth. Angels will be round about you to bear you up. The veil of heaven will be penetrated tenderly and the Holy Spirit will whisper to the one invited to remember from Heaven’s days the truths you speak. Heavenly Father will help the person feel the earlier heavenly decision and encourage him or her to say yes to your invitation.” Awesome right?! It’s easier said than done my friends… but the Lord has PROMISED us this! We just need to act on it! I have a really really hard time opening my mouth while we go finding. It’s not my favorite activity. But we NEED to find people to invite! These are God’s children and we all, as member’s of the church, have a responsibility to shard His gospel.

I love and miss you all so much but I am happy to be here as a misisonary. I love my baby nephew and I will do all I can to show him that I love the Lord!

Love Sister Jones

Ps in the new Ensign (the conference one) there is a picture of some elders from my mission standing next to the “How great thou art” stone thing here in Scotland! It’s pretty cool!

Week 10 (1)

Oo I forgot to mention!! Tomorrow we go to Edinburgh!! I am soo excited! Tonight Sister Robertson and I are spending the night with the sisters in Knightswood. It only takes an hour to get to Edinburgh from there so it’ll be better than waking up at 5am! haha and then Thursday we’re going on exchanges and I’ll be in charge! ahhhh! Sister Parks is coming to East Kilbride to stay with me for two days. I hope I’ll be able to do it! I always just follow Sister Rob haha. But I think I know the area well enough so I think it’ll work out. And it’s POSSIBLE that I’ll be training a new sister in 4 weeks! :/ We’ll see what happens….

Love Sista J


WEEK 9 Scotland

8 Jun

Family and Friends,

Well this week was…. challenging. Very challenging. It honestly just wasn’t very good. But a new week has begun and there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

Last Tuesday after District Meeting, in Glasgow, I was Kabaptized!! That’s just a phrase missionaries use. Scotland is famous for their kababs. It’s just lamb meat with lettuce in a pitta type bread pocket thing haha. Greek restaurants make them but they’re way better here! It was so yummy! Sister Rob and I went with 6 others Elders and one of them was being kabaptized as well. So it was a memorable moment!

On Thursday we went to lunch with Alison! She is so so wonderful and we love meeting with her! Alison is currently having wonderful blessings being poured out to her! She KNOWS it’s because she has been reading the Book of Mormon and living life in a righteous way. We are so happy for her and her successes!

Friday morning I woke up with terrible stomach pain! I felt sooo sick! (Geez… I’ve been sick three times in 9 weeks) I stayed in bed for most of the morning and early afternoon. Then I finally felt well enough to go out. So we were able to accomplish what we planned for.

I still didn’t feel very good on Saturday so I call Sister Brown to ask her what to do. She advised me to go to the pharmacist and find out what medicine I could take. The pharmacist helped and I’m feeling much better now! I think I’ve just made myself physically sick from all my struggles of being a missionary!

Sunday we were able to teach Ian the restoration. It went really well! The spirit was strong and he asked alot of great questions. Sister Rob is really good at throwing out doctrine so that helped haha.

We have had absolutely the most beautiful weather this past week!! I never thought it was possible! Summer is here! Kind of! haha however yesterday, Monday, it rained ALL DAY!! I swear it never stopped! So Sister Rob and I stayed in our flat for our pday activities because we didn’t want to be in the rain haha.

Next week there is an all Scotland conference!! I am so excited!! It’s when all the missionaries in Scotland go to Edinburgh for some training. This time will be Family History! I can’t wait!

Our bathroom in our flat is getting redone! WHOO! So we have to stay at Sister Green’s home for a few days. It’s almost like a mini vacation haha. I’ll send the before and after pictures 🙂

Well I’m sorry this is so short!! Not alot happened this week! We have been challenged to find two potential investigators each day this week! I’ll let you know how that goes!

I love and miss you all so much!!

Love Sister Jones

Fun facts:

Eggs are not refrigerated here… So who’s got it wrong??

Pancakes are made then packaged and not eaten for breakfast. They’re like desserts here.

“Mingin”= dirty/smelly/gross (Ex: “That house was mingin!!”)


Total missionaries in the Scot/Ire mission: 171

Total in Scotland: 107 (75 Elders & 32 Sisters)

Total in Ireland: 64 (54 Elders & 10 Sisters)

Week 8 Scotland

8 Jun

Hiya Family and Friends,

Well this week was a loooooong week! But that’s because of moves. Our pday was on Wednesday so we were just all mixed up! It was a good week though.

Monday night we had our usual FHE at Sister Green’s home. Sister Rob and I decided to switch things up and have a hymn night! We were so excited! We invited everyone we could and committed them to come! It was a great turn out! Brother McCafferty has a new girlfriend named Darcy who isn’t a member. We talked him into bringing her and it was so great! She is a lovely woman and it was so nice to finally meet her.  We went around the room and each person told us what their favorite hymn was and why. Then we sang it! Sister Green played on her keyboard and it was a lot of fun. Even Darcy picked one! I ended the evening with one of my favorite hymns “Families Can Be Together Forever” then bore testimony about the plan of salvation. The spirit was so strong and I knew Darcy needed to hear about the Lords plan for us. She enjoyed the night and we invited her to keep coming!

Tuesday didn’t start out to great. There is a recent convert in our ward who we usually visit on occasion. However the past few weeks she has been ignoring our calls and texts. So we thought we’d pop by her house and say hello. She didn’t like that very much. She told us to stop calling her so much and to stop having ward members ask how she’s doing. She got really annoyed and quite honestly ticked off. We apologized the best we could but she just didn’t understand where we were coming from and how much we really care for her! The whole experience made Sister Rob and I’s stomache drop. We’ve made it a goal to try not to annoy people with our calls and texts. We don’t want to drive anyone else away! The rest of Tuesday was good! We taught a lesson about the importance of scripture reading! I love the scriptures! We can learn so much from them!

Wednesday was our pday and since we emailed the previous Monday, we had time to go to Glasgow! We went to the stake center and played dodge ball and chair football with the elders. It was a lot of fun! My zone leader, Elder Topp, is trying to get me to get over my fear of dodge ball. I don’t like to play but he made me on Wednesday and I can honestly say it wasn’t that bad! Baby steps…

We rode the bus to and from Glasgow because we didn’t have money for the train. It’s about an hour ride but on the way back there was really bad traffic so it was an hour and a half. When Sister Rob and I got on the bus we realized it was PACKED! There were no two seats next to eachother available. So we had to sit separate. (We sat on the second level… have I mentioned that 90% of the busses are double decor?) So I sat next to an old man and as soon as I sat down he looked at my tag and said “what is it that your labeled as?” (Me thinking “awesome! I’m about to teach the first lesson!”) So I said “Oh I’m Sister Jones! I’m a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints” then he said “well I’m a practicing atheist so I don’t think we’ll have much in common” hahahaha! So I just smiled and said “ya probably not” then sat back. Then all of sudden he said “where’s your proof?!!” So naturally I pulled out my Book of Mormon and said “right here!” (biggest smile on my face I could manage hoping he wouldn’t spit on me) He said it was a bunch of rubbish haha. Loooong story short…. we had a full hour and a half conversation about the gospel. He asked me all sorts of questions and tried to tell me I was wrong. I was able to back everything up with doctrine and bare testimony of what I know to be true. I decided from the beginning that I wasn’t going to argue with him. So I didn’t. I spoke with him as if he were my grandpa and we had a really great conversation! We shared our opinions and talked about God. The spirit filled my mouth with everything that I needed to say. I tried to give him a Book of Mormon but he wouldn’t take it. Then I felt prompted to talk about his family. He has a wife and son that he loves very much but doesn’t believe he’ll see them after he dies. So I whipped out my POS pamphlet and read it with him. I was able to talk him into taking it. He laughed and said “you’re very persuasive” hahaha I found out his name is Andrew. Then I asked if I could say a prayer with him. He agreed and so right there on the bus I prayed. He thanked me for everything it and said he appreciates what I’m doing. We said our goodbyes and Sister Rob sat next to me. She heard the whole thing and said EVERYONE on the bus was staring and listening to every word I said. SOMEONE on that bus needed to hear about the gospel! It was such a neat experience!!!! (Side note…. Andrew was WASTED! hahaha his breath was SOAKED in alcohol… but that doesn’t change his beliefs haha)

On Friday we did some service for Sister Lewis. We moed her lawn! Lawn moers here are electic! YES! You plug them in! haha they are like vacuums! You use them like a vacuum. Back and forth back and forth hahaha I’ll send pictures.

That night we went to cambuslang and had dinner with Sister Andrew and her friend Grace. We had SO MUCH FUN! They are two funny ladies and they’ve been to the US a bunch. So we talked about the US and it made us miss home haha but it was fun.

Sunday was stake conference! It actually felt like a ward from home. ALOT more people! It was so nice! It was a broadcast and it was delightful! Richard G Scott talked about how awesome woman are. I would suggest every living human male should read it hahaha.

I looked up on that the St George temple does Sign Language sessions! I really want you all to go to it! It was an amanzing exerience for me!

Just so you know… next Monday is another UK holiday so I will be emailing on Tuesday.

I love you all so much and miss you! I hope everyone has a good week!! I love all the emails I get and I’m sorry I don’t have time to write more… I wish I could. I’m safe and dry and mostly happy hahaha ok I’m happy 🙂 LOVE YOU!!!!

Love Sister Jones

PS I am SO excited for my nephew to come to the world!!!!! My guess is May 25th or June 2nd. Good luck Heather! 🙂

Week 7 Scotland

8 Jun

Hiya family and friends,

Oh I just LOVED talking to you yesterday!!! It made me so so happy!

This week was a breeze because we traveled to Glasgow a bunch. Tuesday was the usual district meeting. But on Wednesday we went to Glasgow for Smart Starts. New missionaries and their trainers go to Smart Starts with our Zone Leaders. We do role plays and go over the basic lessons and invitations that we give to people. It was fun! Sister Robertson made it sound like it was going to be dreadful but we actually had a good time! Just 4 other sisters were there. One being Sister Ricks from my MTC district! It was so nice to see her again and hear about how she is doing!!! She is in the Edinburgh zone.

Thursday we had a dinner appointment in Cambus Lang. Since it’s so far we like to get there early and chap for find less actives. We didn’t have much success but while we were there we went through a park and found an awesome and beautiful area! So of course, me being who I am, I insisted on a photo shoot hahaha it looked like straight up Leap Year! Sister Rob and I kept saying “now THIS is what I googled” hahaha. It was fun to take a five minute break and run around the stone walls. I took my coat off for the pictures so it may look warm… just know it was freezing! But for the sake of a good picture I was able to handle it hahaha

We ate pizza at Sister Llyods house that night. She is a memeber in our ward and she is awesome! She served her mission in London many years ago and shared some stories with us. She also explained the UK government to us! hahaha it was so interesting!! She told us about the Queen and her family and what not.

Sunday was Ward Conference so there were a ton of poeple there! SO GREAT! Two of our investigatiors weren’t there… sad, but hopefull they’ll be able to attend Stake Conference next week in Glasgow! In RS during WC the lesson was on temples. It made me miss the temple SO MUCH!! I want to go so badly! I’m sad I have to wait a whole year and a half! But at least I get to go the rest of my life!

Not a whole lot happened this week… sorry I’m not very interesting hahaha

It’s moves week this week! That means I made it through my first transfer. It was only five weeks this time becuase of my MTC schedule. Moves are usually six weeks. So from here on out they’ll be six. Our Zone Leaders called us this morning to tell us who will be leaving and joining our zone and Elder Waters will be in my zone!!!! Cool huh?! I’m excited to see him and have someone to relate to about Vegas haha I can’t remember who he is paring up with or which area he’ll be in but I’ll find out when I see him next week. Another set of Sisters will be joining our Zone as well! So there will be six of us all together. I’m going to find out the answers to all of dad’s questions. I’d like to know the statistics myself hahaha.

East Kilbride is a lovely area. It’s just a bit gray… Sister Robertson and I are excited to get our ward motivated and get the work moving! We’re going to try and find more investigators to teach! Tonight we have FHE and we’ve planned a hymn night! We’re really excited about it! We’re going to play name that tune and then sing our favorites and read the scriptures that go with that scripture. It should be fun! We have FHE at Sister Greens home and usually recent converts and less actives come. Our investigators Ian comes as well. We’re going to try and find more people to come. It’s a good time!

Well I love you all so much and I miss you all a great deal! I’ve been struggling with desires to go home but I know I need to be here to serve our Lord! I can see the blessings in my life because of this great work. I love the scriptures with all my heart and I wish I had more time each morning to study them. God loves His children so much and wants the very best for EVERYONE! We just need to find His children that need reminding. I love this gospel and I know that this is the only true church. I’m so grateful for everything the Lord has given me. Isn’t it cool that He loves us SO much He has provided a way for all of us to learn of the truth? I think it’s awesome. I hope the very best for everyone and I love you all!

Love Sister Jones

Week 6 Scotland

8 Jun

Hiya family and friends!

My goodness what a week…. or the lack of haha! This week was awfully slow and a little discouraging. Wednesday I got SICK! The weather finally got the best of me I guess. It started out with a little sore throat Tuesday night. I took medicine thinking I could beat it. Then when I woke up Wednesday morning I felt like crum. So Sister Robertson decided it would probably be best if we stayed in so I wouldn’t get any worse. So back to bed I went! I slept most of the day. I felt so bad for Sister Rob! She was so bored! haha but she took really good care of me! I also felt bad because we had to cancel all of our appointments. Staying inside all day as a missionary is the worst… we can’t do anything! haha usually when I sick I watch movies or browse pinterest for a few hours. Not as a missionary! It just made us more motivated to work hard on healthy days haha. By Thursday I felt alot better so we went out! We saw Alison again! She is doing so great! We love teaching her! On Thursdays we do weekly planning which takes about 3ish hours. It takes away our proselyting time but it’s necessary. Then Thursday night we “organized” Sister Lewis’ kitchen. We thought we were going to do so good! Her kitchen is tiny so we thought we could do it quick. No. Each cabinet was crammed full!! hahaha there was no way we would be able to do it without taking EVERYTHING out and changing it all. Sister Lewis left us in there by ourselves so Sister Rob and I ended up eating alot of biscuits and fixing ONE cabinet hahaha It was fun though because we were joking around and telling each other really pointless jokes hahaha. Fun night.

Friday morning I felt sick again… bleh! It went down into my chest and I started coughing alot. I slept an extra hour to see if I could shake this silly sickness. Again I felt really bad that Sister Rob had to just sit and wait for me haha. But after another hour of rest I felt ok enough to finally get up and get ready for the day. My cough wasn’t too severe but I just didn’t feel good. We had lunch at a member’s house. Jill (Robert’s partner) She fed us hot soup and a yummy wrap. That made me feel so much better! It was just what I needed! We love going to Jill’s! She gives us light healthy delicious food and she has two cats 🙂 hahaha I like to sit and pet them haha.

Saturday morning  we went to visit Sister Graves like we always do. (the little old lady that reminds me of Grandma) When we got to her flat she didn’t answer the door. Ummmm what? She NEVER leaves her flat! She only goes to an old folks home to play games on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sister Rob and I FREAKED! We were so worried she was dead! AH! So knocked and knocked and shouted through the mail slot. So we called a member of our ward and asked if she’d call around to see if they knew where she was. We found out she was in the hospital! Chest pain I think… She’s fine though! PHEW! Sister Robertson and I seriously were about to break down the door and we thought we were going to have to say a final goodbye to our little Sister Graves! How sad right?! She WANTS to die so bad though because she just wants to be with her man! Cute! But she’s ok 🙂 hahaha

Saturday afternoon we went all the way to Eagleshem to visit with Shona. She’s a member of our ward. She is so awesome! She’s in her 30s and just a bundle of joy! She isn’t married… yet! Her flat was so cute! And she made us dinner. Then we got to sit with her and get to know her better. We want her to come teaching with us! Saturday night we taught Robert our investigator. He is progressing now! We’re so excited! This lesson we just read the BOM with him so he can better understand it. Reading with investigators is so helpful because it brings up alot of questions. His partner, Jill, is active again! She is such a great example to Robert. Did I mention they have two foster kids? Lewis (9) and Christopher (11). They are just the cutest little family!

Sunday night we taught the Watson family. We planned to go over the restoration with them but as soon as we sat down Sister Rob and I looked at each other and knew the restoration is not what the Lord needed us to go over. We didn’t have a back up plan! We both said a wee prayer in our heads to try and figure out what they needed to hear. The first thing I thought of was Alma 32. This family needed to learn more about faith! So we turned to the scriptures. I lead the lesson and decided we needed to read the whole thing. The kids were routy so, again, I whipped out my nanny skills and got them involved. We each read a verse and Sister Rob and I whispered to the kids the words of a verse for them to “read” out loud. Things were moving a bit slow so Sister Rob and I did most of the reading. We kept stopping after a few verses to discuss what the analogy was and what we can do to strengthen our faith. It was a very powerful lesson and I think it really helped Brother Watson. The spirit was there and the children were reverent… especially after I gave them my pamphelts to look through haha.

We met a lady on the bus! She’s really old but super sweet! She didn’t want to hear about our religion but she loved talking to us. We got her information and asked if we could come visit her! (Then we’d slip in a little restoration here and a little plan of salvation there haha) So yesterday we stopped by. We only had a few minutes and she said she was busy. So we talked on the door step for a few moments and were able to give her a book of mormon and say a prayer with her. It was wonderful!

This week was slow and had it’s ups and downs. But I was sick! haha blame it on the weather… But I’m feeling much much better and we’re excited for this week! I can’t wait to SKYPE HOME!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! Sunday can’t come sooner!!!

I love you all so much! I love hearing about your weeks and knowing everything that is going on. Thank you Quail Ridge Ward for fasting! We NEED it! Missionary work is awesome and very rewarding. It’s hard. But it’s needed. My testimony grows each day. I’m learning things I never thought were possible.


Love Sister Jones

WEEK 5 Scotland

8 Jun

Hiya family and friends!

This week went by so fast! Not too much happened though so this might be short!

I can’t believe I’ve already been out one month! Crazy isn’t it? Mission life moves so fast! Pretty soon I’ll be home hahaha but I’m happy to be here!

Tuesday we went into Glasgow for our District Meeting. Elder Jackson related our lesson to marriage…. rude. hahaha it made us all want to go home and get married! hahaha but it was a really good lesson! It was making commitments and being dedicated. All the Elders in my zone that are leaving in a few weeks. After our meeting we went on exchanges! We switched with the other pair of sisters! So I went to Hamilton with Sister Parks. Sister Parks has been out over a year! Their area, Hamilton, is a white wash area. Meaning that there haven’t been missionaries there in a long time so they have to start fresh! That would be so hard! Hamiliton is a nice little town! We did a little chapping but not much. I stayed the night in their flat and then Sister Robertson came (with Sister Watt) to pick me up. It was so nice to see her! We missed each other so much! And I hated being away from my flat! But Sister Parks is wonderful! I learned so much from her! She gave me really good advice!

Thursday we taught Alison again. Oh she is so lovely! She is so sweet to us! And every time we’re with her she comments on how awesome Aubrey is haha. We extended a baptismal date to her! She knows the gospel is true and she wants to be committed to it! Alison is just such an awesome person and she cares so much for us! Thursday night we traveled all the way to Cambis Lang! (yes… it’s in our area) We went to Sister McGlashin’s home for dinner. She is a TINY lady in our ward! She went on a mission to New Mexico and she is so so sweet! Her house is so cute and perfect! She also has cream carpet…. When Sister Rob and I got there be both need to use the bathroom. As we were walking up the stairs I noticed Sister Rob’s boots were leaving BLACK muddy footprints on each step!! I quickly siad “Stop walking!!!” hahaha when Sister Rob stopped and saw what she did we both just started laughing! So she sat down, mid stairway, and took her boots off. She handed them to me to take down the stairs but then I slipped and fell like I always do on a staircase! hahaha we were laughing SO HARD! but trying to be quiet so that Sister McGlashin wouldn’t hear. So Sister Rob went down and got a wet rag from Sister McGlashin only saying “there’s just a wee spot on your carpet” hahahaha so she srubbed it all up! Thank goodness it came off!

Friday we went to Sister Lewis’ home to help her move some things up her stairs. Then she asked if we would organize one of her kitchen cabinets (UM YEAH!) haha. We then realized that her whole kitchen needs to be reorganized so we offered to come back and do the whole thing! She agreed! So we get to organize! I am literally so excited!!!! hahahaha Speaking of organizing…. I have transformed our entire flat hahahaha. Sister Rob loves it though! (I’m a blessing) Friday night the McNallys fed us as usual. We had Crum Chicken. SO GOOD!!! They are such a sweet family! After we ate we sat around the table just taking and language got brought up! We went through all the scotish slang and phrases. hahaha it was so funny because Sister Rob and I were trying to say it with an accent and the McNallys were laughing at us hahaha. It was a good night.

Saturday we went all the way back to Cambis Lang to try by our AUF. (Address Unknown File) Basically what we do it we get an AUF and then go to it to find out the details. Its a record of a member of the Church that no one has heard from in a long time. So we go to the last known address and ask if they still live there and find out why they haven’t been to church. Then we chap ten doors on each side! We found out that the person moved. Sad. Then we chapped! No one was interested but it gave us good practice. The weather was PERFECT! (I love it when the weather is good) The street we were on was SO CUTE! It looked like what I googled. It was Scotland hahaha. We want to move there!

In our flat we have been listening to the Wicked soundtrack! haha it’s so fun! We also listen to The Prince of Egypt soundtrack. That’s a goooood one! However, I’m extremely excited to get my CDs from Aubs!

One night I lost my name badge! It was like a part of me was missing! I was soooo sad about it! So I had to call the mission home and order another one… I still had another one but I like to have two. One for my coat and one for my shirt/sweater or whatever I’m wearing. Then a couple days later a member of our ward called and said they found it on the ground near one of the bus stops!! I jumped for joy! (really… I did) So I got it back at church! And now I have another one on the way hahaha so I’ll have three and be better prepared if it ever happens again haha.

Our investigators are progressing well!! Teaching is so fun! As long as we focus on the spirit, it goes well. I love being a missionary! One thing that is a bit interesting is when you’re a missionary you know EVERYTHING about EVERYONE! We could easily be a certified therapist hahahaha. We do our very best to take care of everyone and answer any questions they may have.

I’m so excited for my friends that are going to serve! Being on a mission is life changing and so so wonderful! I just wished I read my scriptures more…

I love you all SO VERY MUCH!!! Don’t forget to remember me 🙂

Love Sister Jones

Ps Happy Birthday to Courtney Kochevar!!! (Yesterday)