WEEK 5 Scotland

8 Jun

Hiya family and friends!

This week went by so fast! Not too much happened though so this might be short!

I can’t believe I’ve already been out one month! Crazy isn’t it? Mission life moves so fast! Pretty soon I’ll be home hahaha but I’m happy to be here!

Tuesday we went into Glasgow for our District Meeting. Elder Jackson related our lesson to marriage…. rude. hahaha it made us all want to go home and get married! hahaha but it was a really good lesson! It was making commitments and being dedicated. All the Elders in my zone that are leaving in a few weeks. After our meeting we went on exchanges! We switched with the other pair of sisters! So I went to Hamilton with Sister Parks. Sister Parks has been out over a year! Their area, Hamilton, is a white wash area. Meaning that there haven’t been missionaries there in a long time so they have to start fresh! That would be so hard! Hamiliton is a nice little town! We did a little chapping but not much. I stayed the night in their flat and then Sister Robertson came (with Sister Watt) to pick me up. It was so nice to see her! We missed each other so much! And I hated being away from my flat! But Sister Parks is wonderful! I learned so much from her! She gave me really good advice!

Thursday we taught Alison again. Oh she is so lovely! She is so sweet to us! And every time we’re with her she comments on how awesome Aubrey is haha. We extended a baptismal date to her! She knows the gospel is true and she wants to be committed to it! Alison is just such an awesome person and she cares so much for us! Thursday night we traveled all the way to Cambis Lang! (yes… it’s in our area) We went to Sister McGlashin’s home for dinner. She is a TINY lady in our ward! She went on a mission to New Mexico and she is so so sweet! Her house is so cute and perfect! She also has cream carpet…. When Sister Rob and I got there be both need to use the bathroom. As we were walking up the stairs I noticed Sister Rob’s boots were leaving BLACK muddy footprints on each step!! I quickly siad “Stop walking!!!” hahaha when Sister Rob stopped and saw what she did we both just started laughing! So she sat down, mid stairway, and took her boots off. She handed them to me to take down the stairs but then I slipped and fell like I always do on a staircase! hahaha we were laughing SO HARD! but trying to be quiet so that Sister McGlashin wouldn’t hear. So Sister Rob went down and got a wet rag from Sister McGlashin only saying “there’s just a wee spot on your carpet” hahahaha so she srubbed it all up! Thank goodness it came off!

Friday we went to Sister Lewis’ home to help her move some things up her stairs. Then she asked if we would organize one of her kitchen cabinets (UM YEAH!) haha. We then realized that her whole kitchen needs to be reorganized so we offered to come back and do the whole thing! She agreed! So we get to organize! I am literally so excited!!!! hahahaha Speaking of organizing…. I have transformed our entire flat hahahaha. Sister Rob loves it though! (I’m a blessing) Friday night the McNallys fed us as usual. We had Crum Chicken. SO GOOD!!! They are such a sweet family! After we ate we sat around the table just taking and language got brought up! We went through all the scotish slang and phrases. hahaha it was so funny because Sister Rob and I were trying to say it with an accent and the McNallys were laughing at us hahaha. It was a good night.

Saturday we went all the way back to Cambis Lang to try by our AUF. (Address Unknown File) Basically what we do it we get an AUF and then go to it to find out the details. Its a record of a member of the Church that no one has heard from in a long time. So we go to the last known address and ask if they still live there and find out why they haven’t been to church. Then we chap ten doors on each side! We found out that the person moved. Sad. Then we chapped! No one was interested but it gave us good practice. The weather was PERFECT! (I love it when the weather is good) The street we were on was SO CUTE! It looked like what I googled. It was Scotland hahaha. We want to move there!

In our flat we have been listening to the Wicked soundtrack! haha it’s so fun! We also listen to The Prince of Egypt soundtrack. That’s a goooood one! However, I’m extremely excited to get my CDs from Aubs!

One night I lost my name badge! It was like a part of me was missing! I was soooo sad about it! So I had to call the mission home and order another one… I still had another one but I like to have two. One for my coat and one for my shirt/sweater or whatever I’m wearing. Then a couple days later a member of our ward called and said they found it on the ground near one of the bus stops!! I jumped for joy! (really… I did) So I got it back at church! And now I have another one on the way hahaha so I’ll have three and be better prepared if it ever happens again haha.

Our investigators are progressing well!! Teaching is so fun! As long as we focus on the spirit, it goes well. I love being a missionary! One thing that is a bit interesting is when you’re a missionary you know EVERYTHING about EVERYONE! We could easily be a certified therapist hahahaha. We do our very best to take care of everyone and answer any questions they may have.

I’m so excited for my friends that are going to serve! Being on a mission is life changing and so so wonderful! I just wished I read my scriptures more…

I love you all SO VERY MUCH!!! Don’t forget to remember me 🙂

Love Sister Jones

Ps Happy Birthday to Courtney Kochevar!!! (Yesterday)


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