Week 6 Scotland

8 Jun

Hiya family and friends!

My goodness what a week…. or the lack of haha! This week was awfully slow and a little discouraging. Wednesday I got SICK! The weather finally got the best of me I guess. It started out with a little sore throat Tuesday night. I took medicine thinking I could beat it. Then when I woke up Wednesday morning I felt like crum. So Sister Robertson decided it would probably be best if we stayed in so I wouldn’t get any worse. So back to bed I went! I slept most of the day. I felt so bad for Sister Rob! She was so bored! haha but she took really good care of me! I also felt bad because we had to cancel all of our appointments. Staying inside all day as a missionary is the worst… we can’t do anything! haha usually when I sick I watch movies or browse pinterest for a few hours. Not as a missionary! It just made us more motivated to work hard on healthy days haha. By Thursday I felt alot better so we went out! We saw Alison again! She is doing so great! We love teaching her! On Thursdays we do weekly planning which takes about 3ish hours. It takes away our proselyting time but it’s necessary. Then Thursday night we “organized” Sister Lewis’ kitchen. We thought we were going to do so good! Her kitchen is tiny so we thought we could do it quick. No. Each cabinet was crammed full!! hahaha there was no way we would be able to do it without taking EVERYTHING out and changing it all. Sister Lewis left us in there by ourselves so Sister Rob and I ended up eating alot of biscuits and fixing ONE cabinet hahaha It was fun though because we were joking around and telling each other really pointless jokes hahaha. Fun night.

Friday morning I felt sick again… bleh! It went down into my chest and I started coughing alot. I slept an extra hour to see if I could shake this silly sickness. Again I felt really bad that Sister Rob had to just sit and wait for me haha. But after another hour of rest I felt ok enough to finally get up and get ready for the day. My cough wasn’t too severe but I just didn’t feel good. We had lunch at a member’s house. Jill (Robert’s partner) She fed us hot soup and a yummy wrap. That made me feel so much better! It was just what I needed! We love going to Jill’s! She gives us light healthy delicious food and she has two cats 🙂 hahaha I like to sit and pet them haha.

Saturday morning  we went to visit Sister Graves like we always do. (the little old lady that reminds me of Grandma) When we got to her flat she didn’t answer the door. Ummmm what? She NEVER leaves her flat! She only goes to an old folks home to play games on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sister Rob and I FREAKED! We were so worried she was dead! AH! So knocked and knocked and shouted through the mail slot. So we called a member of our ward and asked if she’d call around to see if they knew where she was. We found out she was in the hospital! Chest pain I think… She’s fine though! PHEW! Sister Robertson and I seriously were about to break down the door and we thought we were going to have to say a final goodbye to our little Sister Graves! How sad right?! She WANTS to die so bad though because she just wants to be with her man! Cute! But she’s ok 🙂 hahaha

Saturday afternoon we went all the way to Eagleshem to visit with Shona. She’s a member of our ward. She is so awesome! She’s in her 30s and just a bundle of joy! She isn’t married… yet! Her flat was so cute! And she made us dinner. Then we got to sit with her and get to know her better. We want her to come teaching with us! Saturday night we taught Robert our investigator. He is progressing now! We’re so excited! This lesson we just read the BOM with him so he can better understand it. Reading with investigators is so helpful because it brings up alot of questions. His partner, Jill, is active again! She is such a great example to Robert. Did I mention they have two foster kids? Lewis (9) and Christopher (11). They are just the cutest little family!

Sunday night we taught the Watson family. We planned to go over the restoration with them but as soon as we sat down Sister Rob and I looked at each other and knew the restoration is not what the Lord needed us to go over. We didn’t have a back up plan! We both said a wee prayer in our heads to try and figure out what they needed to hear. The first thing I thought of was Alma 32. This family needed to learn more about faith! So we turned to the scriptures. I lead the lesson and decided we needed to read the whole thing. The kids were routy so, again, I whipped out my nanny skills and got them involved. We each read a verse and Sister Rob and I whispered to the kids the words of a verse for them to “read” out loud. Things were moving a bit slow so Sister Rob and I did most of the reading. We kept stopping after a few verses to discuss what the analogy was and what we can do to strengthen our faith. It was a very powerful lesson and I think it really helped Brother Watson. The spirit was there and the children were reverent… especially after I gave them my pamphelts to look through haha.

We met a lady on the bus! She’s really old but super sweet! She didn’t want to hear about our religion but she loved talking to us. We got her information and asked if we could come visit her! (Then we’d slip in a little restoration here and a little plan of salvation there haha) So yesterday we stopped by. We only had a few minutes and she said she was busy. So we talked on the door step for a few moments and were able to give her a book of mormon and say a prayer with her. It was wonderful!

This week was slow and had it’s ups and downs. But I was sick! haha blame it on the weather… But I’m feeling much much better and we’re excited for this week! I can’t wait to SKYPE HOME!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! Sunday can’t come sooner!!!

I love you all so much! I love hearing about your weeks and knowing everything that is going on. Thank you Quail Ridge Ward for fasting! We NEED it! Missionary work is awesome and very rewarding. It’s hard. But it’s needed. My testimony grows each day. I’m learning things I never thought were possible.


Love Sister Jones


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