Week 7 Scotland

8 Jun

Hiya family and friends,

Oh I just LOVED talking to you yesterday!!! It made me so so happy!

This week was a breeze because we traveled to Glasgow a bunch. Tuesday was the usual district meeting. But on Wednesday we went to Glasgow for Smart Starts. New missionaries and their trainers go to Smart Starts with our Zone Leaders. We do role plays and go over the basic lessons and invitations that we give to people. It was fun! Sister Robertson made it sound like it was going to be dreadful but we actually had a good time! Just 4 other sisters were there. One being Sister Ricks from my MTC district! It was so nice to see her again and hear about how she is doing!!! She is in the Edinburgh zone.

Thursday we had a dinner appointment in Cambus Lang. Since it’s so far we like to get there early and chap for find less actives. We didn’t have much success but while we were there we went through a park and found an awesome and beautiful area! So of course, me being who I am, I insisted on a photo shoot hahaha it looked like straight up Leap Year! Sister Rob and I kept saying “now THIS is what I googled” hahaha. It was fun to take a five minute break and run around the stone walls. I took my coat off for the pictures so it may look warm… just know it was freezing! But for the sake of a good picture I was able to handle it hahaha

We ate pizza at Sister Llyods house that night. She is a memeber in our ward and she is awesome! She served her mission in London many years ago and shared some stories with us. She also explained the UK government to us! hahaha it was so interesting!! She told us about the Queen and her family and what not.

Sunday was Ward Conference so there were a ton of poeple there! SO GREAT! Two of our investigatiors weren’t there… sad, but hopefull they’ll be able to attend Stake Conference next week in Glasgow! In RS during WC the lesson was on temples. It made me miss the temple SO MUCH!! I want to go so badly! I’m sad I have to wait a whole year and a half! But at least I get to go the rest of my life!

Not a whole lot happened this week… sorry I’m not very interesting hahaha

It’s moves week this week! That means I made it through my first transfer. It was only five weeks this time becuase of my MTC schedule. Moves are usually six weeks. So from here on out they’ll be six. Our Zone Leaders called us this morning to tell us who will be leaving and joining our zone and Elder Waters will be in my zone!!!! Cool huh?! I’m excited to see him and have someone to relate to about Vegas haha I can’t remember who he is paring up with or which area he’ll be in but I’ll find out when I see him next week. Another set of Sisters will be joining our Zone as well! So there will be six of us all together. I’m going to find out the answers to all of dad’s questions. I’d like to know the statistics myself hahaha.

East Kilbride is a lovely area. It’s just a bit gray… Sister Robertson and I are excited to get our ward motivated and get the work moving! We’re going to try and find more investigators to teach! Tonight we have FHE and we’ve planned a hymn night! We’re really excited about it! We’re going to play name that tune and then sing our favorites and read the scriptures that go with that scripture. It should be fun! We have FHE at Sister Greens home and usually recent converts and less actives come. Our investigators Ian comes as well. We’re going to try and find more people to come. It’s a good time!

Well I love you all so much and I miss you all a great deal! I’ve been struggling with desires to go home but I know I need to be here to serve our Lord! I can see the blessings in my life because of this great work. I love the scriptures with all my heart and I wish I had more time each morning to study them. God loves His children so much and wants the very best for EVERYONE! We just need to find His children that need reminding. I love this gospel and I know that this is the only true church. I’m so grateful for everything the Lord has given me. Isn’t it cool that He loves us SO much He has provided a way for all of us to learn of the truth? I think it’s awesome. I hope the very best for everyone and I love you all!

Love Sister Jones


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