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Week 20 Ireland

13 Aug

Hiya family and friends!


I made it here to Ireland safely! Wednesday was a very long day of travel! We rode a BUS for two hours! And let me tell you…. it was jerkier than the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland! Heads bobbing everywhere! haha But it allowed me to see a bit more of Scotland. We passed a few castles which was nice. And I saw the coast! BEAUTIFUL!! Then we boarded the Ferry! It was HUGE! Honestly I thought it was a cruise ship. We rode it for another two hours! It was set up really nice inside… just like a cruise ship haha. There was a cafeteria restaurant type thing so we got a good lunch. Then I fell asleep on a comfy bench! haha Not much to look at but the ocean. We ended up in Belfast wich is Northern Ireland. Then we got on ANOTHER bus that took us to a major bus station in Belfast. (These buses are coach buses… but whobbly ones haha) There we waited for a good hour! But some of the Belfast missionaries were there to entertain us (There were about 5 of us traveling) Then we rode a bus for TWO MORE HOURS!! I slept that whole ride haha. Then we ended up here in Dublin and let me tell you….. it is so BEAUTIFUL here! It is very different than Scotland.

Saying GOODBYE to Sister Ricks

Saying GOODBYE to my flat in East Kilbride Scotland

Traveling on the Ferry with another Sister who traveled with me

So I’m in Dublin!! Right in the middle of it! (I think) I’m not even in Finglas… that’s just the ward. Our area is the Baldoyle area… but we just say Dublin because that’s mainly where we are. I’m actually still confused about it. Dublin is a very busy city! And there are many tourist here! There are so many cool buildings and churches to look at. I don’t really like all the hustle and bustle but I’m getting used to it.

My new companion is Sister Brand! She is a lovely lady from Alaska! She is 21 and a FANTASTIC missionary! She is so bomb and stopping people on the street! I’ve already learned so much from her.


My new DIRECT address is:


14 Annesley Bridge Road.  Apt 2

Fairview, Dublin

Dublin 3





They don’t forward anything to Ireland anymore so if something gets sent there it’ll sit there until my zone leaders go over to Scotland.

So send all letters straight to me!

But DON’T SEND PACKAGES to my direct address!


Packages can be sent to:


c/o Alma Hygiene Ltd.

280 Bannow Road

Cabra, Dublin 7



(That one is on my blog under the “Write a Letter” tab 🙂


Yesterday was my first time at the Finglas ward! It’s a farely large ward and there a a lot of Americans in the ward as well! The Irish accent is sooo much different than the Scottish one!

We have a couple of investigators at the moment… Khanyo and Edith. Edith is from Nigeria and she has two beautiful little girls (2yrs and 9 months) and Khanyo has the cutest little boy! (18 months) The rule about not holding kids kinda makes me mad sometimes haha. I really don’t know anyone yet… or where anything is… It’s really hard to jump into a new area. But I have faith that it’ll all work out! We have Elders and a senior couple in the ward as well. In fact Elder and Sister McKendrick (senior couple) fed us lunch yesterday! Home made spaghetti. YUM!

On Saturday we went to Balbriggan. It’s a little town in our area but it’s really far away so we had the McKendricks give us a ride. Balbriggan is soooo cute and beautiful! The train station is right on the beach! I just stood and stared at the beauty that God has created!


I really don’t have too much time left… but I love you all so much and miss you like crazy!!

Have a good week and PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!!!!! I really need it right now!!


Love Sister Jones


Some amazing people that I will miss in East Kilbride Scotland. Thank you for all the memories!!!




Week 19 Scotland

11 Aug

Hiya Family and Friends,


Well things are about to change…. Our moves call was last night….






wait for it






It’s going to be












okay here it goes













Keep scrolling
















I’M MOVING TO IRELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!






So last night we got our moves call. Sister Ricks and I were NOT expecting this AT ALL!! If you’re staying in your area you get a call from your zone leaders and if you’re moving you get a call from the mission home. So we were patiently waiting for our call from the ZL’s. We were out chapping and all of a sudden the phone rang. It read “MISSION HOME” Ummmm what?!?! We looked at each other and were in so much shock that we almost forgot to answer the phone! haha so we answered and talked to President.

I am moving to the Finglas Area! And I will be with Sister Brand! She just finished training so she’s been out about 3 months. The Finglas ward is in the DUBLIN Zone! Isn’t that awesome?!?!? I am soooo excited!!!


But I am REALLY sad to leave Sister Ricks!!! She will be staying here and Sister Jackson will replace me. She just finished training as well. Siter Ricks and I sat on the ground while we talked with President and then sat even longer talking about how much we will miss each other. But the Lord needs me in IRELAND! AHH! It’ll be so great because I will be in Sister Robertson’s zone!! So I get to see her again! 🙂


Right after that we went to Sister Green’s so we could teach Brother Smith. It was SO sad when we told our Granny Green! She has been working on a surprise for me for the past few weeks and I have had no idea what it was! She was going to give it to me in a couple of days but after I told her I was leaving she said “I’ll go get something to cheer you up” So she went upstairs and got my gift. Then she sat me down and said “this was made with a lot of love” I opened it up and found a prayer pillow!!! She sewed and crocheted a prayer pillow for me!!! As soon as I saw it I just started BALLING!!!! She is sooo sweet and I am going to miss her so much! Then of course Sister Ricks started crying! And then two minutes later Brother Smith walked in and said “I’m sorry I don’t really know how to comfort people when they’re sad” hahahahaha We had a really good lesson with him but my mind was running a thousand miles a minute!!!! My life just DRASTICALLY changed!!

I’ll take a picture of the pillow with Sister Green and send it next week.


Crazy huh?! ALL of the sisters that have served here in EK have stayed for 9 months!! But then Sister Rob broke that when she left after 6. So I thought FOR SURE I would stay another transfer. Sister Ricks and I were only together 6 weeks!! It’ll be so hard to leave her! I called the bishops wife and she was shocked too! I’m sad to have to say goodbye to everyone in the ward! I’ll miss my wonderful Glasgow zone but I am excited for this new chapter!! I’ll be traveling ALLLL day longggggg to Ireland on Wednesday!! YAY!!!


So my favorite brown shoes are already falling apart!! There are HOLES in the soles! hahaha (funny right?) So I can’t wear them in the rain or else my feet will be soaked! Sad. But I still wear them on dry days.


Yesterday while we were on our way home for dinner we saw a man and thought it’d be a good idea to approach him. (He was walking towards us) So as we passed him Sister Ricks said “hiya how are y…” the man RAN!!! hahahahaha he actually RAN away!! Like totally booked it! hahahaha we laughed so hard! Why does this happen to us?! haha we have the strangest and BEST job ever!


A few days ago something sad and annoying happened….. we stopped a man on our way to an app and we did our usual approach and asked him about God and that sort of thing. He was an older guy. Long story short… he was the MEANEST man I have EVER met!!! Oh my gosh he was so rude!! He got right in our face and argued about every single thing we mentioned. He told us “we didnt’ KNOW anything” and that we have been “brain washed.” He asked us a ton of questions and we had all the answers but he wouldn’t listen. I made the mistake of raising my voice a tad while I was bearing testimony. I hate when people tell me I’m wrong because I’m not! It was so scary and totally disrespectful! Sister Ricks said “excuse me.. you’re being insulting… we need to go now” so we just walked away as he kept shouting and saying things like “you’re giving up!” Um no sir… you’re not listening!!! We felt so sick after and out blood was BOILING!! But as we walked away we could feel the presence of our beloved Savior beside us. I have never felt so close to Him before. I couldn’t help but think of Joseph Smith and Abinadi. NO one would believe them! While Abinadi was preaching to the priests they kept on asking questions but would not answer! Abinadi said “let me finish!!!”


Jesus Christ was spit upon and rejected… but he stood strong in His testimony. All this crap that missionaries go through is terrible. But 1 Nephi 19:9 brings me a lot of comfort. “And the world, because of their iniquity, shall judge him to be a thing of naught; wherefore they scourge him, and he suffereth it; and they smite him, and he suffereth it. Yea, they spit upon him, and he suffereth it, because of his loving kindness and his long-suffering towards the children of men.”


There are mean and nasty people out there. But they are Heavenly Father’s children!! We must never depart from our testimony! “Wherefore the people of Nephi TRUSTED in thier God and ROCK of their salvation and became CONQUERORS of their enemies!” (Jacob 7:25)


I’m sad that Harry was so mean to us. But I’m even more sad that he is pulling further and further away from his eternal salvation. I will never deny my God and Savior. Sister Ricks and I did our part. We bore testimony and we did all we could to change his mind. But we all have our agency. The lamanites were preached to and saw ANGELS! Yet they denied the miraculous power of our Father in Heaven.


Ok sorry that was a bit depressing… on a lighter note… We have seen many miracles here in East Kilbride! We have been working hard and our numbers have increased! Fast and testimony meeting yesterday was so wonderful! I am really going to miss this ward! All the members are so great and have such strong testimonies. Sister Ricks and Sister Jackson will do so well here!


I hope I will do well over in Finglas Ireland! It’s where the Lord needs me to be! 🙂


Because of the big move I’m not so sure how post will work. I hate saying this… but hold off on sending any letters until next week! OR send them to the MISSION HOME!! They will forward them to me.


I love you all so very much! I miss you every second of every day but I honestly LOVE IT HERE!! The spirit I feel each day is indescribable. I’m realizing how much I really love everyone in this area. Even the mean people who run away from us or yell at us 🙂


I love this gospel so much and I am honored to serve HIM!!


Have a good week everyone! Pray for me on Wednesday! I have to ride the ferry :/


Love Sister Jones


Sister Ricks and I decided to send pictures of our everyday lives here in East Kilbride.




Week 18 Scotland

11 Aug

Hiya family and friends!!


Well today is such a GREAT day!!! #ilovebeinganauntie!!!!!


This week has been really good as well!! And again I’m sorry for not being very organized :/


I’m going to start with the All Scotland Conference! (Yes it was just that good!) Thursday morning we left for Edinburgh. It was raining. Surprise, surprise. ALL of the missionaries in Scotland were there. It was so great to see everyone! (Even though we had NO ONE to impress…. well maybe President but I don’t think he notices, Sister Ricks and I spent a good hour the night before trying to figure out what to wear hahaha) We started off with the big group picture. Elders were in charge….. that’s all I’ll say about that! hahaha We first heard from President Brown. Oh he is so prophetic! He is so spiritual and motivating! He talked to us about the standard of excellence and gave us some really good ideas and tips on how to increase our efforts. Then Sister Brown spoke about the angels that surround us each day! That was very touching and it makes me want to do the best I can so that the angels will WANT to stay by my side! Then we had the pleasure of learning from Elder Teixeira and his wife. I’m not completely sure on what his calling is… he is a general authority… one of the 70? He is over the Europe area missions… something like that. Anyway he was INCREDIBLE!!! He reminded me a lot of dad!! He told story after story after story and the BOOM! He made a major point that made all the stories go together that we weren’t even expecting! Him and his wife both spoke about how we can work harder! They are both converts to the church. Sister Teixeira was an investigator that the missionaries found and Elder Teixeira was a family member of an investigator. They’re whole point was about how we need to do all we can to find investigators to teach but then also work through them to find more! Like family! (I’m realizing now how hard this is to explain via email haha) It was just so good!!! Elder Teixeira also showed us the Mormon message “High Expectations” (or something like that) It’s from Elder Christensen’s (??) gen. conf. talk. It’s one of my favorites and very moving! Of course Sister Ricks and I cried! Sometimes the Lord needs to cut us down so we can grow they way He needs us to! The Lord has many expectations for us. Especially for us missionaries. We need to do our part to do all we can for Him! It was a very wonderful conference. We left totally pumped and motivated to get out there and do the work!!! Pure joy!!


The rest of the week great! Friday we had an appointment cancel so we had time to do some GQ (That means “golden question” which is just street contacting) This was the day after the conference so we were really excited to talk to EVERYONE! We had the option of taking a bus somewhere but we felt that maybe we needed to walk. So we did. Quite a distance but we were able to run into a few people. One being Gary JONES!! Yes!! I finally met a Jones! ahh so fun! haha so we stopped him and asked him about faith. He said he believes in God but his faith has faded a little. So we said “well we are teachers and we help people gain and strengthen their faith. Would you be interested in having us over to teach you sometime?” And you know what he said? YES!! WHAT?! Sister Ricks and I were so shocked! hahaha so we got his info and we’re seeing him on Tuesday! (Tomorrow) So cool huh? Then we said a prayer with him and he got so happy! He also told us we made his day “so much brighter!” SO NICE!!!


On Saturday night we met with Brother Hay (he is a YSA guy in our ward and is so awesome!) We read my FAVORITE!! 2 Nephi 4:15-35. The spirit was very strong and we talked about ways we can allow the Savior to be our ROCK and FOUNDATION. We also stopped by a less active to visit with him on his doorstep and he brought out his pet ferret! He is 8 weeks old and sooo cute! Of course I held him and made Sister Ricks take my picture haha. Not only was holding a ferret way fun but spending time with Brother Watson was very helpful. We got to know him a lot more and made good progress with him.

week 18 (1)


Last night we had some time to do some chapping so we chapped a street called Harrington Street. It’s a small cute street but once we got started we realized there were tons of houses all jammed into every corner hahaha. But it was good. No one was interested in hearing about the only true church on earth but at least we planted many seeds! There was one guy who made us so sick! He tried to tell us that “The Book of Moroni” (Yes… he said Moroni) was wrong and that we needed to check our facts. Ok sir first of all it’s the Book of MORMON and second IT IS SO TRUE!!!! It made Sister Ricks and I so sad that he felt like he was so sure of himself! AH! We just smiled and moved on. NO arguing! We just testified that we KNOW it’s true and left. But of course after we left we felt sick to our stomach! We HATE it when people deny something so marvelous! And we kept thinking of things we should’ve of said…. but what can you do?? Maybe one day we’ll go back! haha


Moves call is next Sunday! Can you believe this transfer is almost over?! I think I’ll stay here in East Kilbride. I hope I do! I’m not ready to leave Sister Ricks or our ward yet! Everyone is so awesome! This coming week we are so blessed to have dinner appointments!!


Cool…. I’m out of time 😦


Well I miss and love you all so so so very much!!!!! Keep up the missionary work!! Member missionaries are ESSENTIAL!!! You’re in my prayers each day and I can feel the prayers you send my way! Thank you for all the love you have for me! Being a missionary is an honor and a privilege! I love this work and I love my Savior!


Love Sister Jones


Week 17 Scotland

11 Aug

Hiya family and friends!


You know those moments when you sit down to type and email and your mind goes 100 miles a minute because you’re thinking of all of the things you want to say but just can’t seem to type fast enough even though you got an A in computer class??? Yea. That’s how I feel right now! There are just so many things I want to mention! So I will take time to apologize now for the UN-organization of this email…


To start off I would like to publicly congratulate Tenesia on her mission call!!!! WHOOT WOO!! Tempe Arizona won’t know what hit them!! She is so bomb and I know she will be a fantastic missionary!! (I hope all the family is taking note of the new pattern here…. who’s next? Travis??) hahaha missionary work is so awesome!!

Next, I think it is so cool that there is a Scottish man in the Quail Ridge ward! You are so lucky to have him!! Soak up his accent because that’s what I hear every single day!! I hear Dundee is a wonderful place!! This past week Sister Ricks and I visited an elderly man from that ward. (His daughter is in our ward and he is staying with her for a couple of weeks and she asked us to go by and chat with him) His name is Alf and he is really old. I don’t remember his last name. He was nice. Anyway hopefully he can tell you all you need to know about Scotland! The place I love 🙂

It has bee VERY HOT here this past week! Sister Ricks and I are complete with watch and shoe tan lines!! Well more like burnt… but it’s not too bad! haha It’s a whole lot cooler today so maybe our summer only lasted a week! I’m used to the heat but I’m not used to walking around in it all day! So I am grateful for the Sottish weather! I won’t come back tan but at least I won’t come back sweaty!

We had a challenging week because most of our appointments fell through. Mostly because people have been sick or away on holiday. No one has been home or outside either so finding as a back up wasn’t very effective. One morning our plans didn’t work out and we actually ran out of things to do! It was 11 in the morning and Sister Ricks and I were standing outside in the hot hot heat and stared at our map. We had already tried all of the finding ideas and no one was outside to talk to. It’s hard to explain haha but when a missionary has nothing to do it is terrible! We said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father what He needed us to do. That of course brought us to tears because we hated the idea that we had to ask. We finally decided to go home and eat lunch, drink loads of water, and take a nap. We just needed to restart the day. I don’t remember what happened that day but we got a lot accomplished.

We have gone through our area book and have organized which former investigators we want to try by. We’ve called a few and have tried by some. We want to see if the seeds that were planted years ago are ready to be blossomed! One actually invited us back! We will see him this week and hopefully pick up where the other missionaries left off.

We are busy looking for service opportunities! We went to the local hospital and talked to a woman about volunteering on the spiritual team! haha it’s still strange to me but it is a chance for us to interact with people. That’s what we need! Service is hard to find here… but we are working on it!

Remember that street I told you about when we only used family history? Well that night a lady that we chapped into told us about her family and was really nice… well Tuesday we were out walking trying to find someone to approach and we saw her! We went up to her and she was so nice! She was out walking her dog. Long story short, her name is Silvia and she let us walk with her while she told us more about her family history. Turns out her grandpa was a member! It’s really hard for me to emphasize how cool it was to run into her again! She invited us to stop by any time! She wants us to help her with family search .org so she can have more information about her grandpa. When the walk was over and we had to leave she gave us both a hug! So not only did we hear a way awesome story about her and her family but we made a new friend! And let me just tell you…. if had chapped that street and approached her with something else like the Book of Mormon or the restoration and what have you, then she probably wouldn’t have talked to us! And then she wouldn’t have let us walk with her! It would have just been awkward like “hiya…. (yep we’ve chapped into you before and you said no, ok bye)” hahaha I really hope all of that made sense. So now we will go visit her another time and help her with family history! And once we have that trust we will be able to bring up the gospel! Isn’t it cool how that works?:)

Yesterday we had a really great meeting with Bishop Cook. After church we had a few questions to ask him that we thought would only take a few minutes… an hour later we finally left! hahaha we talked about missionary work and how we can help the ward and all that good stuff! Bishop Cook is so so great!

Oh and Sister Ricks spoke in church!! She did an excellent job! Her topic was “How she learns from the Holy Ghost.” It was really really good! Our sweet Sister Black wasn’t at church yesterday because no one picked her up :/ oops… it was so sad! We saw her last night and she went on and on about how annoyed and sad she was that she had to miss church. So Sister Ricks sat beside her and read her talk to her! Sister Black was so happy! haha it was so cute! Then she asked for a copy of it! (Yes… Sister Ricks is THAT good!) Lesson for everyone to learn…. Make sure you are aware of everyone in your ward! Every member deserves a friend and a phone call and BE SURE to pick them up if they don’t have a car!! hahaha That is what wards are for! If he just had to be members and not have to worry about anyone then we wouldn’t have a ward! HELLO! God gave us wards so we can GATHER His sheep! hahaha Ok now I’m ranting…

I am in Mosiah at the moment and it is SO GOOD!!!! ahhhh I just love the Book of Mormon! It is so fun to read and there is so much I am learning from it!

We have another all Scotland Conference this Thursday!!!!!! I am soooo excited!!! They are usually every three months or so but for some reason we’re having another one. It’s gonna be a good one because President asked us all to study page 4 of PMG to prepare… oh yeah!! Sister Ricks and I are really excited to go to Edinburgh again! 🙂 I’ll let you all know how that goes.

I really love this work! Yesterday I got SUPER homesick… wanna know why? Because I ate oatmeal. OATMEAL!!! Wanna know why oatmeal, of all things, makes me homesick? Because I only ate it when mom made it… aw geez I’m getting choked up just emailing about it! AND we listened to the MOTAB which reminded me of dad… uh!! Note to self: NEVER eat oatmeal again!!! hahaha and I was thinking about Grandma… I hope she is doing ok. But don’t worry about me! I cried it out during sacrament while everyone just assumed I was feeling the spirit… which I was. But I am ok 🙂

I love it here and I love serving the Lord. I have learned so much! I can barely keep up with all of the information I receive everyday! I don’t even want to think about how the prophets brain works!

Keep doing serving others! Share the gospel with EVERYONE!! Time is flying by! I am almost 4 months out! Sister Ricks and I are working really well together. I just love her! We start off each day feeling the spirit by singing a hymn… we harmonize really well together which gives me chills. I love the hymns! We are currently a little obsessed with “Brightly Beams, Our Father’s Mercy.” UH! So good!!! We go through tough times all the time but we know blessings always come after.

I love you all so very much! Have a good week! 🙂


Love Sister Jones


Week 16 Scotland

11 Aug

Hiya family and friends,


Well another week has come and gone. I’m not even sure what holiday it was yesterday. There are a lot of holidays here that don’t really have a purpose other than getting a day off work.


Last Monday we had an awesome day in Glasgow! Sister Green drove Sister Ricks and I to Glasgow and we went to a tartan shop!! Mandors is a huge fabric store in Glasgow. So Sister Ricks and I picked out our favorite tartan (because our names don’t have their own) so that Sis Green could make scripture covers for us! Christine, a member from our ward, was also with us. I picked the Scott (weathered) tartan. I’m sure you could look it up and see. It is so pretty! After we purchased our tartan, Sis Green bought us all lunch! We stopped into Greggs and got yummy sandwiches and Irn Bru. Remember that orange drink we had at the Youngs? That’s Irn Bru. It is so yummy and it is HUGE here. We were right where all the hustle and bustle was so Sis Ricks and I popped down on the ground to have our meal. It was such a nice day! After we ate Sis Green told Christine to take us around to the shops and look around a bit. So off we went with Christine! There is an American candy/snack store here that we went into. It made us miss America SO BAD! Who knew cheetos could do that?? hahaha we showed Christine all our favorite things and then bought a blow pop for her because she hadn’t ever had one! We walked around and saw all the big shops. We were at the major shopping center. We even saw a bagpipe player! I’ve been looking for one this whole time! We found a small Scottish shop that made Sis Ricks and I soooo excited! I got a mini purse that has the Scottish flag on it as well as a pin with the Scottish and American flag on it. So cute! We had a lot of fun seeing everything and truly experiencing Glasgow. Sister Green made our covers and they turned out sooo good! I love mine so much!

Tuesday we had Zone Meeting and our zone leaders committed us to make a goal for baptism invitations. Our companionship goal was 7 and our zone goal was 76. We had to do it by Sunday! Sister Ricks and I worked really hard and we did it! No one said yes but at least we were able to invite them. Our zone ended the week with 79 invites!! Way to go zone!!! Tuesday night we taught Alison about the Law of Chastity… it went so well! She has NO problem with that one hahaha. After our lesson with her we had to do some chapping. When we got to the street we decided to make it all about family history. People were so much nicer and much more receptive when we started off with family history. A lady even told us about her ancestor to went to America and then back to Ireland! There are so many ways to approach people and this way worked!

Wednesday we did some chapping in the morning and we chapped into the SCARIEST man I have ever seen!!! It was a bit of a dodgy area but we felt ok. However this man made us step back a bit. It was like one of those times when if mom saw us chapping she would be like “come home now!” hahaha. It was really sad to see him in such a terrible state. We gave him a card and moved on. It took a while for Sister Ricks and I to compose ourselves. We are so grateful for the things we have!! After we walked on a nice lady came up to us and told us to have a good day and be safe. JUST what we needed at that very moment!! God is so good!!!

That afternoon we went to Cambuslang and tried by a former investigator. She was on her way out and didn’t seem too interested. While we were walking around we ran into a guy that was so nice! His name is Alan and he gave us a much needed laugh. He told us that his cousin is a member and we figured out that is cousin is Sister McGlashin from our ward! hahaha it was so fun to make the connection! Alan is a hoot and we had a good time talking with him. He told us that we made his day and he was going to go home and pray 🙂 How sweet! On Sunday Sis McGlashin told us Alan told her he met us and she thanked us because now she can talk to him more about that church. Awesome huh?

Thursday we had interviews with President Brown!! We had to travel to Motherwell to see him. I love President Brown and I wish I could have more time with him. He is such a wonderful man. My time with him was very short but very precious. It’s almost like getting to sit down with a general authority! hahahaha but really. That night we had a dinner appointment with Shona in Eaglesham! We had such a good time with her and we talked about a friend that she has that sometimes asks about the church. I love talking with members about missionary work!

Friday we met with Sister Smith like usual and she has made the goal to stop smoking! YES! She is so so so awesome! She is such a strong woman and is so determined to get Satan out of her life! She was reactivated on Sunday! 🙂 HOLLAAAA!!! Then we had dinner with the McNally’s. We had crum chicken… oh so good. We had a BLAST because for some reason everyone had the funny bones. We ended the evening by sharing a missionary work scripture with them. They are a fantastic family!

Saturday was an interesting day. Our lovely Sister Graves was in the hospital so we weren’t able to visit her. I think that’s why Saturday got all messed up. Well most of our appointments fell through so we had to rely on our back ups which worked out fine. Remember our investigator Sean? Well we hadn’t heard much from him so we dropped by his house to see if he was home. Turns out he isn’t very interested right now. Darn. But he was very honest and very nice about it. It just wasn’t the right time. Seed planted!! We were able to visit Brother and Sister Humphreys that night!! Our lesson with them went really well. We talked about pray and how essential it is to KNOW that the gospel is true.

After the Humphreys we went to see S. Proctor! She is so cool! We love going to visit her! When we got to her house I was STARVING!! So I humbly asked for a snack hahaha. She was so sweet and offered me just about everything! Even a glass of milk! haha I am so grateful for her! We read the beginning of Mosiah 4 with her. Mosiah 4 is my favorite!!!

Sunday was Jakes birthday! I made funeral potatoes! The ingredients here are a wee bit different so I was curious to see how they’d trun out but they were so good! We had a blast at the party! Jake was sooo cute and all of Alison’s family and friends were so nice and wonderful! We had such a good time and ate lots of food 🙂

The weather here has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! and soooooo HOT!!!! Yes it’s HOT here!!! No tights needed! The heat makes people sick though because they’re not used to it. I’m in paradise! hahaha but it started to cool back down which is nice.

Well I’m out of time yet again… I hate it when that happens. I love it here and I love doing this work! I wish I could tell you more! When really awesome things happen Sister Ricks and I can only talk to each other about it hahaha we wish we could just call everyone and tell them how awesome or rubbish our day was. I am so grateful I have this time to email all of you! I love you all so much and I miss you everyday! But the Lord is blessing us so much and I know He is blessing all of you! Keep doing missionary work! Until next week….


Love Sister Jones


Week 15 Scotland

11 Aug

Hiya family and friends!


Oh where on planet earth do I begin! It has been kind of a crazy week for S. Ricks and I. As well as a very discouraging one… but we’re fine now!

Last Monday we had our usual FHE lesson. Of course it was only B. Smith and S. Green! Our star attenders! We did a priorities lesson! It’s something that S. Ricks showed me and I loved it so much I thought we should do it for FHE. So I was SUPER excited for S. Green and B. Smith to experience this but then we found out they’ve already done it. BUMMER! It’s really only a one time thing. But we did it anyway and it was still effective.

Tuesday was our district meeting and honestly… we were all a bit distracted! hahaha we still learned a lot but our district is just so awesome! We talked about keeping the commitments that President Brown and other leaders give us. Elder Jackson also tied that in to helping our investigators keep commitments. It’s pointless to invite someone to do something if you don’t follow up on it. Later that afternoon we met with our new investigator Pamela! She is so awesome and so prepared! She has two wee girls. Tallulah (8) and Mirrin (7). They both want to be taught so we gave them each their very own Book of Mormon! I’m really excited to meet with them again and help them along the straight and narrow! After that we decided to go visit a native of our ward. Jimmy Munro. He is about 90 years old and he is SO CUTE!! Greatest old man ever! He is our bishop’s wife’s grandpa. (There are a lot of that family in our ward) His daughter Ishbel (S. Munro) was there so we were able to go in and have a good blether. Oh it was so much fun! He told us his conversion story! Long story short his wife let the missionaries in one day and starting teaching them. Then when they joined the church they found out that the ward had been praying for a pianist and Jimmy’s wife was a pianist! Awesome! We had a good time looking at family pictures and talking about how cool his walking cane is. Oh he is just so sweet! I’ll try to get a picture with him soon.

Wednesday was probably the worst day ever! Ok I’m being dramatic… but still… it was straight up discouraging! It was a lovely day outside but everyone in it wasn’t so lovely! hahaha we started off the day by stopping a nice looking man who was pushing his baby daughter in a stroller. He was nice… but come to find out… he is kind of an atheist. He started rambling on about how Joseph Smith was a terrible person! UH! It was SO HARD to stand there and hear such terrible things about our beloved prophet. He said “he was accused of being a liar! and he was put in jail more than once! I could never trust someone like that! He’s a conman!” UMMMM excuse me sir but he went through all that because of people like you who don’t BELEIVE!! …..woo…. ok apparently I’m still upset about it hahaha. We didn’t argue with him. We just bore our testimonies and went on our way. One day when he meets Joseph Smith he’ll know 🙂 So then EVERY SINGLE person after that was mean! At one point we got on a bus and S. Ricks sat by a lady and tried to spark up a conversation. Let’s just say she was a bit grumpy. But while we were on the bus NO ONE sat by me! Every person that walked on (take note the bus if full and there are only a few seats left… one of which being next to me!) would look at the seat, look at me, frown, look at the seat, read my badge and walk over to a different seat…. tear. I felt like a little kid on a school bus with no friends! When S. Ricks and I got off the bus we started talking about how rubbish our day had been thus far! hahaha we joked a bit about and tried to make light of it. Then later on while we were walking, I tried stopping a lady… I smiled brightly and said “hiya!” in a friendly voice and continued with some sort of approach. She glared at me, pointed her long skinny finger in my face and said “you get away from me!!” (still smiling the best I could) “ok have a nice day!” As soon as she walked away S. Ricks and I looked at each other and just starting laughing! What a terrible day we were having! Then from all this emotion I just starting BALLING!!! hahahaha crying and laughing, crying and laughing! S. Ricks and I LOVE being missionaries! This is only a part of our job! We HAVE to stay positive through all the trial because if we don’t we will be miserable!! We just have to move on! I just thought of Ellen DeGeneres “Laugh. Laugh as much as you can. Laugh until you cry. Cry until you laugh. Keep doing it even if people are passing you on the street saying, “I can’t tell if that person is laughing or crying but either way let’s walk faster.” hahahaha LITERALLY!!!! When days like this one happen I feel so much closer to my savior. He had to deal with nasty people everyday! But His testimony made Him the LIGHT and the TRUTH!

Thursday was much better! It was the 4th of July!! S. Ricks and I started off the day by saying the Pledge of Allegiance to our tiny American flag in our flat. We almost forgot the words hahahaha! It’s been a while. That night Sister Green made us a 4th of July dinner! She invited B. and S. Thomson (ward mission leader and wife) B. Hay and B. Smith. We had roast chicken and potatoes! So yummy! She had cute red white and blue decorations and B. Hay brought a big American flag. Then S. Green performed Yankee Doodle Dandee! hahaha she is so cute. Then she made S. Ricks and I sing all the America hymns! hahaha we had a blast! Oh and then all the other people sang us “Scotland the Brave” which goes to the tune of “Praise to the Man.” S. Ricks and I got so excited we started jumping up and down and clapping and totally forgot about America for a second! (sorry hahaha) It was a good day.

Friday S. Ricks and I did a good solid 3 hours of LA finding! It was so exhausting! But we got a lot accomplished. I always feel like a missionary when I’m walking around for hours at a time hahaha. Then of course we had a yummy meal with the McNallys 🙂

Saturday we were able to meet with quite a few of our less acitves. I love them all! We even decided it was time to go out to dinner because 1. we were out of food. 2. we had rubbish day on Wed. and 3. we just deserved it ok?! hahaha we went to a Chinese restaurant in the town center and it was divine! Very much needed.

Sunday was the best!! We were so happy we ended the week on a good note! We were able to attend ward council which was wonderful! Bishop Cook also spent some time with us and gave us a better idea of what he wants us to do for the ward. He answered a lot of our questions and gave some good advice. Our bishop is so wonderful!!! Then after church we went to a lake here in EK! It was a beautiful HOT sunny day! So everyone was at the lake. Perfect for finding! We were there for about and hour. We make one loop around the lake and walked in the opposite direction of everyone else so that it’d be easier to stop them. We talked to a man who is a faithful Christian. We talked about how much we love Jesus and His teachings. But then he said he doesn’t agree with the BOM and doesn’t believe that Christ went to America. It hurt me heart! He is SO CLOSE to the truth! He already knows and love Christ but he is unwilling to accept more of His teachings! We were able to get very far with him but we definitely had an uplifting conversation! We said a prayer with him and afterwords he offered a prayer as wel. He prayed for us to have a good day. So nice 🙂 A little more ways down the path we stopped another guy who said he saw God 26 years and 2 months ago and is now a prophet. Cool. It’s interesting to see the difference in the spirit you feel when Thomas S. Monson is speaking and when this guy and the lake was speaking…. signs of the last days people!!! Anyways we gave him a card about Joseph Smith and said “here’s someone you can relate to!” hahaha at least he has faith and believes in God!

So all in all this week was good. A bad day on Wednesday but Sunday’s beauty helped us feel much better. I love it when it is sunny here!

Being a missionary is the best job ever! S. Ricks and I remind ourselves each and every day to have FUN! I have a strong testimony and there is absolutely nothing that can shake it. It’s amazing to see how many different people there are and how many don’t have the FULLNESS of the gospel. Everyone has just a little piece of it. It’s hard to be rejected when you’re passing out MORE! But as long as we are giving everyone the opportunity the Lord will bless us AND the people we try to teach. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the ONLY TRUE church on the earth today. I want everyone to know that! As a missionary my testimony gets questioned each and every single day. I think “Is the Book of Mormon really true?” “Is our prophet actually called of God?” Then I think YES. YES these things are TRUE! There is NO WAY that they couldn’t be. I love the Book of Mormon and I desperately wish I had more time each day to study it. The gospel is all that matters here in this life. Who cares if we don’t have the best car. It doesn’t matter if your boss at work won’t give you a raise. It doesn’t matter if you get stressed about throwing a party or luncheon just to entertain and please your guests. The gospel of Jesus Christ is what our lives should be focused on. If we continue to center our lives around Jesus Christ, we will have a close relationship with our Father in Heaven and He will bless us in a way that we can not comprehend. I love my savior and I am so blessed to out here serving Him. Even when mean ladies tell me to get lost I don’t care. I have the Lord on my side and angels surrounding me. I’m not afraid to stand up for what I know to be true.

I love you all so very much and I pray for you all. I hope you all have a good week! Search for opportunities to share the gospel!!!!


Love Sister Jones


P.S Today S. Green is taking us tartan shopping!! I am sooooo excited!!! She is going to make me a scripture cover 🙂



Week 14 Scotland

11 Aug

Hiya family and friends!


Longest week of my life!!! But it was such a great one! Oh I’m so excited to tell you all about it…


On Tuesday Sis Rob and I had lunch with Alison and she gave us cute BFF bracelets! Then she gave Sis Rob some cute gifts and we just talked about how much we’re going to miss her! Then later that night, Alison dropped us off at the train station. Alison cried! It was so sad to see Sis Rob go! Sister Rob and I went to Glasgow to stay with the Knightswood sisters so that Sis Rob could travel to Edinburgh the next morning. Sister Watt was with the KW sisters so there were 5 of us that night! We had a good time hahaha we ordered pizza and danced to silly Mormon songs… of course we were bed by 10:30 🙂


So Wednesday morning came and I said my goodbyes to Sis Rob 😦 So sad! Then Sister Watt and I went to the stake center to pick up our new companions!! Sister Ricks and I are having so much fun here in East Kilbride! We get along so great!

Thursday we went out after weekly planning to take the progress report to our ward mission leader. So while we were in that area we were looking for people to talk to on the street. As soon as we saw someone we raced over to stop them (hahah missionary creepers) We stopped a guy and did the usual “hiya we’re missionaries sharing a message blah blah blah” and he said “sorry I can’t talk, I’m in the middle of a panic attack” so we just said “ok here’s a card that shares a website, have a good day” then he stopped and asked “are you from America?” Then we ended up talking for like ten minutes! We gave him a Book of Mormon and asked if he would like to know more. He said yes! So we got his information and set up a time!


On Friday we helped Alison move to her new house! It was so much fun! and her house is SO CUTE!! I want it! hahaha someone from the ward came to help out and some of her family was there. It was so fun to be a part of her exciting time! She is doing so well and I never want to leave her!! Plus she shows me cute pictures of Beckham 🙂

Later that day we did some chapping. I think chapping is a lot of fun now. I really don’t mind doing it… but it’s really not what missionaries should be doing! (refer to “The Work of Salvation” broadcast!) hahaha Anyway, We found a potential and we’re really excited to try by again!


On Saturday we taught Sean! WHAAATTTT!! ALL of our potentials thus far haven’t ever gotten that far! SOoooooo Sean is our NEW INVESTIGATOR!!!! What what!!! hahhaha I feel like I say what alot in my emails… hahaha! We taught him at the Thomson (our ward mission leader and his wife) because they live a street away from Sean! He is 22 years old and is pretty dorky and awkward but he is so nice! He is very interesting in the gospel and is excited to read the Book of Mormon! Our lesson with him went really well! We asked him why he even agreed to meet with us and he said “Remember the day I met you? Well I was having a panic attack and as soon as I started talking to you two I completely calmed down and forgot about all my problems and you seemed really nice a genuine.” AWWWW!! That’s the spirit for ya!!!! I love it! When Sister Ricks and I walked away from the house she said “so that means we have a new investigator!” I stopped in my tracks and said “whhhaaaat?!” hahaha I’ve never been that far with a potential before so I’ve never had a new investigator. I got so excited that I started jumping up and down! But my jumps had too much excitement because the strap on my bag broke… aw. But I was still happy!


Yesterday (Sunday) all the missionaries got to see the mission president training broadcast. SO AWESOME!!! I want to watch it again! It got us all so pumped up to go out there and DO THE WORK!!!


I really really really love being a missionary! Spreading the gospel is such an honor! I want to do everything I possibly can for the Lord. He has given me so much and I want to give back as much as I can! I can see the blessings happening in my family and it only wants me to work harder! I pray for you all each and every night! I miss you loads but I’ll be back in a second! This is my time to do what the Lord needs me to do! I love it out here and I love the people!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!!!


Love Sister Jones


Week 13 Scotland

11 Aug

Hiya family and friends!!


I have BIG NEWS!!! Are you ready for this??


We got our moves call last night….. and……


…drunroll please…




Sister Robertson is moving to Clonsilla IRELAND! ahhhhh!!! I am soooo sad she is leaving me!!! She will be training again and will be white washing! Meaning she is opening the area. Basically starting from scratch. But Clonsilla Ireland is “The Promised Land” because it has the strongest ward in the whole mission! Crazy cool huh?! She is so excited to go to Ireland!


As for me…..




I am staying here in East Kilbride and my companion will be Sister Ricks!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was in my MTC district! I am so excited to serve with her! She is so great! Plus we are already friends 🙂

Moves happen this Wednesday!


I’m going to miss Sis Rob so so much but I know this next chapter of my mission will be a good one! I know the area pretty well now and I’m confident that I’ll be able to show Sister Ricks around and we’ll be able to work well together! Sis Rob and I have found many potentials so now it’s up to Sis Ricks and I to teach them! yay!! 🙂


Well this week was a really good week!! Sister Rob and I taught a total of 21 lessons! We beat our goal better than we had hoped! We’ve been finding people left and right! We are being so blessed!

Last Monday we hung out with Alison for our Pday! It was so nice to just chill with her and gain an even stronger friendship! Alison cried last night when we told her Sis Rob is leaving! But I know she will like Sis Ricks!

On Tuesday after zone meeting, Sis Rob and I went to lunch with Sis Cuff and Sis Fairbanks in Glasgow! We went to a really yummy Indian restaurant! It was so much fun because we got to know them even more! I just love sister bonding hahaha

That night we had dinner at our bishops home. His three young kids are the cutest! The oldest one is 7 and she is sooooo smart!! She knows more about the scriptures than I do! haha she even told us that she is talking to her school teacher about the church and invited her to church! Amazing huh?! She is SEVEN!

Wednesday was the relief society activity! That was way fun! We took Alison so she could get to know the other sisters better. Alison had a good time and so did we! It was a dessert night so we ate and ate and ate dessert! Chocolate cake here and lemon truffles there… oh! it was so good. Sis Rob and I felt sick after because we had so many sweets haha.

Friday we did some more chapping. We talked to a man that told us we should just go home because we won’t be successful… um excuse me…. no! hahaha it was a perfect opportunity for us to bear our testimonies! We told him we’re doing this because we know it’s what God NEEDS us to do (clearly…) We also chapped into a man named Richard! Richard is a married man with kids but I don’t know how many. He told us that recently he had been thinking about reading the Bible. (Spirit!) So we gave him a BOM and invited him to read it! We talked alot about prophets and a light sparked in his eye when we told him we have one today! He was really nice and sincerely interested! I hope we will be able to teach him and his family! He even has a “bishop handshake” hahaha such great potential!!!

Saturday we had our normal visit with Sister Graves… gosh she is so cute! I just love that old woman! She tells us the best stories and she loves the gospel! We then chapped some more of Juniper Ave. We found Lynn! Lynn is a young mom. Her daughter Abby was there in the doorway with her. She is 7 and when we asked Lynn to take a BOM, Abby said “say yes mum, say yes!!” haha so cute! You see… young children understand!!!! We’re going back to teach them this Thursday!

Yesterday was a great day at church. All the talks and lessons were very well done! Alison came to sacrament meeting and then afterwords we took some fun pictures. I love Alison! One of our less actives, Sister Smith, came to church!!!!!!! She is such an awesome woman and we visit her and her daughter every Friday. She has promised us every week that she will go to church but then she never shows up. So this time we helped her figure out how she can actually get out the door. So Sunday morning I prayed sooo hard that she would come. And guess who came? AHHH I was soo happy when I saw her!! And she was happy to! She LOVES church! It’s just hard for her to take the physical steps there because Satan is so dang annoying. Not anymore my friend!!!! Sista Smith is back on track! WHATWHAT!

Long story short I’m just happy. Happy to be a missionary here in East Kilbride, happy to serve my Savior, and happy to help people find Christ. I can see and feel the blessings that are being poured out! It’s amazing what the Lord can do.

I love you all so much and I can feel your prayers! I pray for you all every night! Have a good week!!!


Love Sister Jones


Ensign quote of the week:

“The restored gospel of Jesus Christ blesses lives not just when we believe it but much more when we live it. It is in the application of gospel principles that individuals are uplifted and families are strengthened. It is our privilege and responsibility not just to talk the talk but also to walk the walk.”

-Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Ensign talk “Four Titles”



Week 12 Scotland

11 Aug

Hiya family and friends!

This week was very long… and eventful… and tiring… and awesome. Geez it’s just a roller coaster haha. At the end of each day I wish I could just call all of you and tell you what happened. But Monday emails will just have to do! I made notes throughout the week so I don’t leave anything good out!

Monday I got my hair did!!!! I dont have ashy brown mouse roots anymore! hahaha Sister Kelly in our ward did it. She’s a young mom who does hair just as a side job. Sis Rob got some highlights too! oo la la… wait…

Tuesday we had a dinner appointment in Cambuslang with Sis Lloyd. She always gets us pizza! We have a really good time with her because she has some really great stories. Plus she tells us all the ins and outs about the UK haha.

Wednesday was the LONGEST day ever! I don’t even know why but I had a headache allllll day! We had lunch at the Thomsons and then afterwords we just had to go home a take a nap because we had NO energy! The nap helped but I still had a throbbing headache. Then we had dinner at the Rodgers! They fed us spicy pasta which was really good! We taught some lessons in between the meals but I was so out of it I don’t really even remember haha oops.

Thursday was Sis Rob’s 6th month mark! Ya who! We had dinner at the McNally’s which was so weird! It threw us and them way off because we usually go over there on Fridays… so the whole day we all thought it was Friday haha. After we ate Steven (there middle son… he’s about 23 I think) gave us some of his African music! (He served his mish there a year ago)

Side note: um I’m totally not surprised that Wesley is AP! That is SO awesome! Good for him! 🙂

Ok back to the story. So we have some African music now that we are borrowing and it’s in that clicky language! what! So cool.

Friday we went to Cambuslang again to have dinner with Kirsty and her two friends! Kirsty is a girl in our ward. I think she’s about 32. She is so much fun! She goes to America all the time and she is OBSESSED with Bath and Body Works and Target. My kinda girl. Her boyfriend lives in Cali. Anyway she had us over at her super cute flat and her two friends Mara and Rachel were there. We had baked macaroni and cheese which was delicious! Our appointment canceled so we stayed over at Kirsty just a bit longer and played a game with them. It was like a straight up girls night. I TOTALLY forgot how to “hang out” with people. I was definitely that awkward missionary hahahaha but it wasn’t toooo bad. hahahaha. We played “stop the bus” which is basically Scatagories just more made up. It was a whole lot of fun!

Saturday Sis Rob was sooo sick! A cold started a few days prior but Saturday morning she was awful. Sis Rob is a super tough cookie and doesn’t like to take breaks or let anything stop her from doing the work. That’s great… but when you’re sick in Scotland you are SICK! So I MADE her stay in bed! HA! I gave her all the pills I could find in my trusty first aid kit and made her put vicks under her nose. I canceled our morning appointments. We had planned to do some chapping for a few hours in the afternoon. She slept for a good few hours then when she woke up she thought she felt alot better…. ok I guess. So we got ready and went about our day. It was around 2 I think. I told her she needed to stay in bed. The weather was AWFUL! Cold windy rain… with a cold? um I think not. But like I said. She’s “tough.” As soon as we started walking outside to go chapping she said “I hate it when you’re right” hahaha so we went to a less actives house real quick and then went back home. She made some soup which made her feel much much better. I drugged her up some more and then we went back out to go to our appointments.

First we went to Sister Blacks home to teach our investigator B. Smith. It was the Word of Wisdom lesson! He’s had the lesson many times so we wanted to do something different. I thought of a great idea! We did a role paly with him! I was “temptation” and Sis Rob was the Holy Ghost. We wanted B. Smith to see what it would be like to resist temptation with the power of the Holy Ghost. So first we did it without. I poured him a glass of peach juice and sat right in front of him. I told him it was an “alcoholic drink.” Then he asked what kind hahaha. His favorite is Malaboo so we pretended it was that. I told him to practice saying no. So me being “tempatation” I did EVERYTHING I could to get him to take the drink! I made him feel awful about himself and I really tried hard to talk him into it. He got a bit frustrated because he had to keep saying no no no! He would say things like “no I’m not in the mood” or “no I’m not allowed to drink.” He did so good! I ended the scene and we gave him a high five. Even Sister Black was getting excited haha. Then we told him that Sis Rob would be the Holy Ghost and we were going to show him what it would be like after he was baptized to say no to alcohol. So we did it again. Only this time Sis Rob would whisper things like “you’re better than that” “Heavenly Father wants you to be healthy” “bear your testimony about the Word of Wisdom” and so forth. There was a complete change in him! He was able to say no to me with pure confidence saying things like “no thank you I’d rather not do that” “I believe in the word of wisdom and I want to follow it” “I’m Mormon and I don’t drink” “no I really don’t want it”. It was so awesome! And So fun! B. Smith got so excited! And we were soo happy for him! Then we went through a pros and cons list of drinking. Ok… I’m so glad I don’t drink! hahaha. Even though we were having fun the spirit was there. We then made him sign a “declaration of independence” stating that he would never drink again! Sweeeeet! I hope and pray he will be able to do it!

After that we went over to Sister Proctor’s home. She is a less active. When we got there she had her TV on and it was showing the “Trooping of the Colour.” It’s huge ceremony thing for the Queen’s birthday. It was so cool! We watched it for just a wee bit 🙂 It was like a marching band hahaha. Look it up!

Sunday I spoke in church! I forgot to mention that last week! Aub and I spoke on the same day! My topic was “How can I know and follow the truth.” I think it went pretty well! I got all emotional at the end because I told the ward that I loved them and it wasn’t until then that I realized that I actually do love them! We have such a great ward here in East Kilbride. It’s small but everyone in it is so wonderful! My talk made Alison cry! haha! She was like “what’s wrong with me?!” “What’s happening?!” So told her she was feeling the spirit! Gosh I love the Holy Ghost!!!!

Ok awesome story time…. Sunday’s are our new golden day. Sis Rob and I have made a goal to get one more lesson each week than the last. Last week we had 16 lessons! So this week we needed 17. We had alot of time to chap! Weeks ago we picked a street called Juniper Avenue. It’s a loooong street so we go there often. (That’s where we met Penny last Sunday) So we went back again and we met Pamela! Pamela said she met with missionaries before a couple of years ago and said she’d love to meet with us again! She has 6 kids and we’re going back again on Friday! When we got home we checked our area book for her record. We found it! There wasn’t a bad reason for the missionaries to stop teaching her. It just wasn’t the right timing! But get this!!!! Weeks and weeks ago I pulled out the area book during some free time and went through all of the Former Investigator forms. We have a BUNCH!!! Missionaries sometimes write things like “try agin in the future.” So I marked THREE that we wanted to try by. THREE!! Out of like 100! When we found Pamela’s record…. it was MARKED!!!! WHHHHAAAATTTT??!!!! hahahaha the spirit is real!!!!! AND whenever we choose a street to chap we pray and then look at the map… we picked Juniper Ave not even knowing that that was the street of a person we marked in our area book! WHAT?! SO GREAT! I don’t even know if any of that made sense but I really hope it did because it was awesome! Ok so after we met Pamela we chapped another door and met Lisa! Lisa is a young mother who doesn’t even believe in God and doesn’t think there in a purpose in life. Welllll…. we are here to tell that there IS a purpose! At first she wasn’t interested AT ALL! Then we just kept being persistent and kept talking to her about families. We talked about the afterlife and asked her if she would like to know that she could live with her family again. Something completely changed in her eyes! All of a sudden she had an open heart and was totally interested! THEN! in district meeting this past Tuesday we talked about FHE as an approach. So while we were talking to Lisa I mentioned FHE and asked her if we could come back and talk about activities she can do with her kids to better strengthen their relationship. She said yes!! So we are going back to see her on Friday! AWESOME!!!! I can’t say it enough!!!! We also had two other lessons with ladies name Alice and Isabelle. They don’t want to know more but we had really great conversations with them and gave them pamphlets and a BOM. Soooooo….. we had a total of (drum roll please) 18 LESSONS!!! Chaching! hahahaha Sis Rob and I were so happy!!!! As soon as we left the street we said a prayer. And we aren’t even done chapping it! Juniper will be successful! I just know it!

So Peter didn’t work out… hahaha I’m totally embarrassed about it but whatevs. We just couldn’t get a hold of him. But he is still a potential! Thank you for all the prayers!!! 🙂

I’ve been reading the Ensign this week! I love it! I’m reading the priesthood session talks. Gosh they’re good…. Something I really really loved was the talk titled “Your Sacred Duty to Minister” by David L. Beck. He said “To minister means to love and care for others. It means to attend to their physical and spiritual needs. Out simply, it means to do what the Savior would do if He were there. Minister everyday. Opportunities are all around you. Look for them. Ask the Lord to help you recognize them. You will find that most consist of small, sincere acts that help others become followers of Jesus Christ. As you strive to be worthy of the spirit, you will recognize thoughts and feelings prompting you to minister. As you act on these promptings, you will receive more of them and your opportunities and ability to minister will increase and expand.” I LOVE that! that goes for EVERYONE!!! The Lord needs all of His children to minister to ALL!

HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD AND KYLE!!!!! Your cards are on the way… sorry they’re late 🙂

I love you all so very much!!!

LOVE Sister Jones

My cute Flat

Grand Central Station where we take the train

Beautiful Scenery

We were so tired we had to lay down for 5 mins to take a rest

Week 11 Scotland

11 Aug

Hiya family and friends!!!


This week has been SO AMAZING!! Definitely the best yet! Let me tell you why….

Monday our zone leaders told us we need to spend the night with the Knightswood sisters so that we could travel with them to Edinburgh the following morning. Sis Rob and I weren’t too happy because we didn’t want to pack our stuff and travel all over the place. But we ended up LOVING it! Sister Cuff and Sister Fairbanks are amazing sisters! We all got along so well! We split up in their area for a wee bit. I went with Sis Fairbanks to visit a less active but she wasn’t home so we went to the train station to get times for the morning. There we had a really good conversation about the church with the ticket lady. That night the four of us stayed up a wee bit late…. (don’t tell president) we wanted to get to know each other more. Long story short we’re good friends now!

Tuesday was the All Scotland Conference in Edinburgh!! I hadn’t been there since the day I arrived! We all woke up around 6 to get ready and make our train by 7:30. The train ride was about an hour and a half to Edinburgh. Along the way Elder Lewis and Elder Jackson joined us on the train. Once we got to Edinburgh we had no idea where to go! hahaha surprised? So we waited there until we spotted more missionaries. Once we found some that knew where we were going we followed. It was so fun to walk around the city with a huge group of missionaries! It was about a 25 minute walk to the mission home. (btw is was a BEAUTIFUL day!!!! The SUN was SHINING!!!) Once we got to the mission home we were greeted by all the 100 missionaries or however much it was! It was so fun! I didn’t really know the other missionaries besides the two other sisters from my district in the MTC. It was nice to see Sister Ashdown again! The conference was so good!! The first half was about Family History! A man and a woman (I forgot their names) spoke and gave us some counsel on how to use family history as an approach to talk to people. We did some role plays within our zone and practiced on binging the subject up. Then we were fed lunch! So goo! Pulled pork sandwiches, corn on the cob, fresh watermelon and cake with whip cream….. America. Then the second half we received some counsel from the AP’s on language and how to better simplify the things we teach. Then President Brown talked to us about referrals! It got us so motivated! Referrals are SO IMPORTANT!! All you people out there reading this…. give missionaries referrals of EVERYONE you can think of!!! President challenged us to ask EVERYONE for a referral. Even the people who don’t want to talk to us. Sis Rob and I have taken that challenge and, must I say so myself, we rock at it! We haven’t gotten any yet but at least we’re asking! After the conference we had our travel home. Sis Rob and I went with Sis Cuff and Sis Fairbanks back to their area so we could get our stuff. We were unsure what train to get on. Then we found some elders from our zone. We thought it’d be a good idea trust their opinion… I won’t say any names but Elder Waters was one of them hahaha. So we got on the WRONG train!! Bleh. After about an hour we realized it! So we got off at the next stop and got on ANOTHER train back to the sister’s area. Once we got there sis Rob and I went to their flat to grap our things and say our goodbyes. (btw their flat was like a hotel. SO MUCH better than ours!!! hahah but we still love our wee home) So then we got on another train that went to Glasgow central. Once we got there we got on another train to East Kilbride. What was supposed to be a 2 hour journey turned into a 5 hour journey!!!! What?! haha needless to say we were VERY TIRED!! But as soon as we got home we dropped our things and ran to Sister Blacks home to teach our investigator Ian (B. Smith… I can’t remember what I call him in emails haha)

Wednesday we stopped by a little old ladies house. We chapped into her a couple of weeks ago and she told us her daughter just died. When we stopped by on Wednesday she invited us in and we shared a comforting scripture with her. She is super cute and said we could stop by any time! Hopefully she’ll be more interested in our message!

Thursday I got grandmas letter…. SWEETEST thing I have ever read!! She repeated herself like 4 times! hahaha Oh I miss her!!! I read it to Sis Rob and she loved it! hahaha it reminded us of a lady we visit. SO CUTE!

Thursday afternoon we went on exchanges! We exchanged with the Hamilton sisters. Sister Parks came here to East Kilbride. It was all on ME to plan the day and know where to go! hahaha I think I did pretty well!! It was a two day exchange so she stayed two nights. Sister Parks goes home in 2 weeks! Her 18 months is up! It was SO great to learn from her. She gave me all the advice she could! I took many mental notes haha. It was hard not to compare myself to her, which made me feel like a rubbish missionary, but I know I know I’ll get better!

Friday we were able to see alot of people during our exchange! She came with me to visit our less actives and do some service for a member. It was all in all a great exchange. The weather has been absolutely PERFECT!! In fact I got some sun on my cheeks! Everyone here gets BURNT if the sun is out hahaha it’s so funny. I love the warm sun! We were even HOT… but I’m not complaining hahaha.

Saturday afternoon Sis Rob came back! We missed each other alot… That night Sis Rob and I did some chapping. But first let me back up a wee bit. Our DL Elder Jackson called us all Friday night and asked us to sacrifice one thing on Saturday to find the faith for a miracle. I had NO idea what to sacrifice! So Saturday night when we were about to chap I decided to sacrifice my fear of talking to people. All of a sudden it was, dare I say it…. fun. Bleh that tastes bad… but it was!!! I actually liked it! And it was so much easier! I know that Lord helped me so much during that time! We talked to people on their doorstep and no one was interested but they were all so nice! How weird! Then that night our district had a conference call. Elder Jackson asked us how our day went then we said a district pray. Sis Rob and I knelt by my bed and we listened to the prayer over the phone. It was a very powerful experience because even though all 8 of us weren’t together, we were all praying together asking our Heavenly Father to help us. It was just so cool!

Sunday was great because we went to church! I love church. That evening we had a lesson with B. Smith at the Thomsons home (B. Thomson our ward mission leader) We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Chirst. It went really well! (he’s had the lessons before so we just review them) The spirit was very strong and his prayer at the end was so touching! After we left the Thomson’s Sis Rob and I chapped a street right by their house. Sis Rob and I wanted to improve our weekly goals. Last week we taught 15 lessons so this week we wanted 16. We were just two short when we started chapping! Alot of people shut the door on us but we didn’t care. We were being nice and I was in a good mood since I like chapping now (weird) The last door on the street was a woman named Penny! She invited us in to sit and we talked about the BOM! She was so so so nice! Mostly because she is from the Pacific Islands. She wasn’t interested in learning more because she has a strong faith in her religion. But we gave her a BOM and she said she’d read it then pass it on to a friend haha. So that was one lessons… we just needed one more! And we had 30 minutes for we had to be in for the night. We said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help us find one more person. We got on the bus and thought we’d talk to someone there. No one was on the bus! Dangit. Finally a lady walked on! I recognized her…. we talked about shoes once! So we ended up getting off at the same stop. Sis Rob and I panned to go a certain way to try and find someone. Then I feel a stron impression to follow the shoe lady. I grabbed Sis Rob and then ran up to the lady. We introduced ourselves as missionaries instead of shoe lovers. Come to find out she is a JW missionary! Soooo she wasn’t interested haha dangit!! (15 minutes left till 9) So I thought WHY did I get that impression?! As we were approaching a circle area that is right before our flat Sis Rob and I decided we would walk around the circle three times (this is so hard to explain haha) until we found someone. We were DETERMINED to get another lesson!!! THEN!!!!!! we ran into a young man. Peter. We talked about church and BOM and he was SO INTERESTED!!! He soaked in everything we said and asked really great questions. He was so grateful that we gave him a BOM annnnndddddd he gave us his info and we set up a time to meet with him!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!! If hadn’t followed the JW we wouldn’t have run into Peter. It was a completely different route. Say what?! Yeah… we were excited. As soon as we walked away Sis Rob and I knelt in prayer right there in the circle place and thanked Heavenly Father for Peter. We are teaching Peter on Wednesday! So everyone please pray! hahah we need it!!

When we act on our faith and try our hardest the Lord WILL provide away!!!! I finally learned that lesson!

I LOVE being a missionary!!! I love you all so much! Have a good week 🙂


Love Sister Jones



sorry no pictures this week :/