Week 11 Scotland

11 Aug

Hiya family and friends!!!


This week has been SO AMAZING!! Definitely the best yet! Let me tell you why….

Monday our zone leaders told us we need to spend the night with the Knightswood sisters so that we could travel with them to Edinburgh the following morning. Sis Rob and I weren’t too happy because we didn’t want to pack our stuff and travel all over the place. But we ended up LOVING it! Sister Cuff and Sister Fairbanks are amazing sisters! We all got along so well! We split up in their area for a wee bit. I went with Sis Fairbanks to visit a less active but she wasn’t home so we went to the train station to get times for the morning. There we had a really good conversation about the church with the ticket lady. That night the four of us stayed up a wee bit late…. (don’t tell president) we wanted to get to know each other more. Long story short we’re good friends now!

Tuesday was the All Scotland Conference in Edinburgh!! I hadn’t been there since the day I arrived! We all woke up around 6 to get ready and make our train by 7:30. The train ride was about an hour and a half to Edinburgh. Along the way Elder Lewis and Elder Jackson joined us on the train. Once we got to Edinburgh we had no idea where to go! hahaha surprised? So we waited there until we spotted more missionaries. Once we found some that knew where we were going we followed. It was so fun to walk around the city with a huge group of missionaries! It was about a 25 minute walk to the mission home. (btw is was a BEAUTIFUL day!!!! The SUN was SHINING!!!) Once we got to the mission home we were greeted by all the 100 missionaries or however much it was! It was so fun! I didn’t really know the other missionaries besides the two other sisters from my district in the MTC. It was nice to see Sister Ashdown again! The conference was so good!! The first half was about Family History! A man and a woman (I forgot their names) spoke and gave us some counsel on how to use family history as an approach to talk to people. We did some role plays within our zone and practiced on binging the subject up. Then we were fed lunch! So goo! Pulled pork sandwiches, corn on the cob, fresh watermelon and cake with whip cream….. America. Then the second half we received some counsel from the AP’s on language and how to better simplify the things we teach. Then President Brown talked to us about referrals! It got us so motivated! Referrals are SO IMPORTANT!! All you people out there reading this…. give missionaries referrals of EVERYONE you can think of!!! President challenged us to ask EVERYONE for a referral. Even the people who don’t want to talk to us. Sis Rob and I have taken that challenge and, must I say so myself, we rock at it! We haven’t gotten any yet but at least we’re asking! After the conference we had our travel home. Sis Rob and I went with Sis Cuff and Sis Fairbanks back to their area so we could get our stuff. We were unsure what train to get on. Then we found some elders from our zone. We thought it’d be a good idea trust their opinion… I won’t say any names but Elder Waters was one of them hahaha. So we got on the WRONG train!! Bleh. After about an hour we realized it! So we got off at the next stop and got on ANOTHER train back to the sister’s area. Once we got there sis Rob and I went to their flat to grap our things and say our goodbyes. (btw their flat was like a hotel. SO MUCH better than ours!!! hahah but we still love our wee home) So then we got on another train that went to Glasgow central. Once we got there we got on another train to East Kilbride. What was supposed to be a 2 hour journey turned into a 5 hour journey!!!! What?! haha needless to say we were VERY TIRED!! But as soon as we got home we dropped our things and ran to Sister Blacks home to teach our investigator Ian (B. Smith… I can’t remember what I call him in emails haha)

Wednesday we stopped by a little old ladies house. We chapped into her a couple of weeks ago and she told us her daughter just died. When we stopped by on Wednesday she invited us in and we shared a comforting scripture with her. She is super cute and said we could stop by any time! Hopefully she’ll be more interested in our message!

Thursday I got grandmas letter…. SWEETEST thing I have ever read!! She repeated herself like 4 times! hahaha Oh I miss her!!! I read it to Sis Rob and she loved it! hahaha it reminded us of a lady we visit. SO CUTE!

Thursday afternoon we went on exchanges! We exchanged with the Hamilton sisters. Sister Parks came here to East Kilbride. It was all on ME to plan the day and know where to go! hahaha I think I did pretty well!! It was a two day exchange so she stayed two nights. Sister Parks goes home in 2 weeks! Her 18 months is up! It was SO great to learn from her. She gave me all the advice she could! I took many mental notes haha. It was hard not to compare myself to her, which made me feel like a rubbish missionary, but I know I know I’ll get better!

Friday we were able to see alot of people during our exchange! She came with me to visit our less actives and do some service for a member. It was all in all a great exchange. The weather has been absolutely PERFECT!! In fact I got some sun on my cheeks! Everyone here gets BURNT if the sun is out hahaha it’s so funny. I love the warm sun! We were even HOT… but I’m not complaining hahaha.

Saturday afternoon Sis Rob came back! We missed each other alot… That night Sis Rob and I did some chapping. But first let me back up a wee bit. Our DL Elder Jackson called us all Friday night and asked us to sacrifice one thing on Saturday to find the faith for a miracle. I had NO idea what to sacrifice! So Saturday night when we were about to chap I decided to sacrifice my fear of talking to people. All of a sudden it was, dare I say it…. fun. Bleh that tastes bad… but it was!!! I actually liked it! And it was so much easier! I know that Lord helped me so much during that time! We talked to people on their doorstep and no one was interested but they were all so nice! How weird! Then that night our district had a conference call. Elder Jackson asked us how our day went then we said a district pray. Sis Rob and I knelt by my bed and we listened to the prayer over the phone. It was a very powerful experience because even though all 8 of us weren’t together, we were all praying together asking our Heavenly Father to help us. It was just so cool!

Sunday was great because we went to church! I love church. That evening we had a lesson with B. Smith at the Thomsons home (B. Thomson our ward mission leader) We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Chirst. It went really well! (he’s had the lessons before so we just review them) The spirit was very strong and his prayer at the end was so touching! After we left the Thomson’s Sis Rob and I chapped a street right by their house. Sis Rob and I wanted to improve our weekly goals. Last week we taught 15 lessons so this week we wanted 16. We were just two short when we started chapping! Alot of people shut the door on us but we didn’t care. We were being nice and I was in a good mood since I like chapping now (weird) The last door on the street was a woman named Penny! She invited us in to sit and we talked about the BOM! She was so so so nice! Mostly because she is from the Pacific Islands. She wasn’t interested in learning more because she has a strong faith in her religion. But we gave her a BOM and she said she’d read it then pass it on to a friend haha. So that was one lessons… we just needed one more! And we had 30 minutes for we had to be in for the night. We said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help us find one more person. We got on the bus and thought we’d talk to someone there. No one was on the bus! Dangit. Finally a lady walked on! I recognized her…. we talked about shoes once! So we ended up getting off at the same stop. Sis Rob and I panned to go a certain way to try and find someone. Then I feel a stron impression to follow the shoe lady. I grabbed Sis Rob and then ran up to the lady. We introduced ourselves as missionaries instead of shoe lovers. Come to find out she is a JW missionary! Soooo she wasn’t interested haha dangit!! (15 minutes left till 9) So I thought WHY did I get that impression?! As we were approaching a circle area that is right before our flat Sis Rob and I decided we would walk around the circle three times (this is so hard to explain haha) until we found someone. We were DETERMINED to get another lesson!!! THEN!!!!!! we ran into a young man. Peter. We talked about church and BOM and he was SO INTERESTED!!! He soaked in everything we said and asked really great questions. He was so grateful that we gave him a BOM annnnndddddd he gave us his info and we set up a time to meet with him!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!! If hadn’t followed the JW we wouldn’t have run into Peter. It was a completely different route. Say what?! Yeah… we were excited. As soon as we walked away Sis Rob and I knelt in prayer right there in the circle place and thanked Heavenly Father for Peter. We are teaching Peter on Wednesday! So everyone please pray! hahah we need it!!

When we act on our faith and try our hardest the Lord WILL provide away!!!! I finally learned that lesson!

I LOVE being a missionary!!! I love you all so much! Have a good week 🙂


Love Sister Jones



sorry no pictures this week :/


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