Week 12 Scotland

11 Aug

Hiya family and friends!

This week was very long… and eventful… and tiring… and awesome. Geez it’s just a roller coaster haha. At the end of each day I wish I could just call all of you and tell you what happened. But Monday emails will just have to do! I made notes throughout the week so I don’t leave anything good out!

Monday I got my hair did!!!! I dont have ashy brown mouse roots anymore! hahaha Sister Kelly in our ward did it. She’s a young mom who does hair just as a side job. Sis Rob got some highlights too! oo la la… wait…

Tuesday we had a dinner appointment in Cambuslang with Sis Lloyd. She always gets us pizza! We have a really good time with her because she has some really great stories. Plus she tells us all the ins and outs about the UK haha.

Wednesday was the LONGEST day ever! I don’t even know why but I had a headache allllll day! We had lunch at the Thomsons and then afterwords we just had to go home a take a nap because we had NO energy! The nap helped but I still had a throbbing headache. Then we had dinner at the Rodgers! They fed us spicy pasta which was really good! We taught some lessons in between the meals but I was so out of it I don’t really even remember haha oops.

Thursday was Sis Rob’s 6th month mark! Ya who! We had dinner at the McNally’s which was so weird! It threw us and them way off because we usually go over there on Fridays… so the whole day we all thought it was Friday haha. After we ate Steven (there middle son… he’s about 23 I think) gave us some of his African music! (He served his mish there a year ago)

Side note: um I’m totally not surprised that Wesley is AP! That is SO awesome! Good for him! 🙂

Ok back to the story. So we have some African music now that we are borrowing and it’s in that clicky language! what! So cool.

Friday we went to Cambuslang again to have dinner with Kirsty and her two friends! Kirsty is a girl in our ward. I think she’s about 32. She is so much fun! She goes to America all the time and she is OBSESSED with Bath and Body Works and Target. My kinda girl. Her boyfriend lives in Cali. Anyway she had us over at her super cute flat and her two friends Mara and Rachel were there. We had baked macaroni and cheese which was delicious! Our appointment canceled so we stayed over at Kirsty just a bit longer and played a game with them. It was like a straight up girls night. I TOTALLY forgot how to “hang out” with people. I was definitely that awkward missionary hahahaha but it wasn’t toooo bad. hahahaha. We played “stop the bus” which is basically Scatagories just more made up. It was a whole lot of fun!

Saturday Sis Rob was sooo sick! A cold started a few days prior but Saturday morning she was awful. Sis Rob is a super tough cookie and doesn’t like to take breaks or let anything stop her from doing the work. That’s great… but when you’re sick in Scotland you are SICK! So I MADE her stay in bed! HA! I gave her all the pills I could find in my trusty first aid kit and made her put vicks under her nose. I canceled our morning appointments. We had planned to do some chapping for a few hours in the afternoon. She slept for a good few hours then when she woke up she thought she felt alot better…. ok I guess. So we got ready and went about our day. It was around 2 I think. I told her she needed to stay in bed. The weather was AWFUL! Cold windy rain… with a cold? um I think not. But like I said. She’s “tough.” As soon as we started walking outside to go chapping she said “I hate it when you’re right” hahaha so we went to a less actives house real quick and then went back home. She made some soup which made her feel much much better. I drugged her up some more and then we went back out to go to our appointments.

First we went to Sister Blacks home to teach our investigator B. Smith. It was the Word of Wisdom lesson! He’s had the lesson many times so we wanted to do something different. I thought of a great idea! We did a role paly with him! I was “temptation” and Sis Rob was the Holy Ghost. We wanted B. Smith to see what it would be like to resist temptation with the power of the Holy Ghost. So first we did it without. I poured him a glass of peach juice and sat right in front of him. I told him it was an “alcoholic drink.” Then he asked what kind hahaha. His favorite is Malaboo so we pretended it was that. I told him to practice saying no. So me being “tempatation” I did EVERYTHING I could to get him to take the drink! I made him feel awful about himself and I really tried hard to talk him into it. He got a bit frustrated because he had to keep saying no no no! He would say things like “no I’m not in the mood” or “no I’m not allowed to drink.” He did so good! I ended the scene and we gave him a high five. Even Sister Black was getting excited haha. Then we told him that Sis Rob would be the Holy Ghost and we were going to show him what it would be like after he was baptized to say no to alcohol. So we did it again. Only this time Sis Rob would whisper things like “you’re better than that” “Heavenly Father wants you to be healthy” “bear your testimony about the Word of Wisdom” and so forth. There was a complete change in him! He was able to say no to me with pure confidence saying things like “no thank you I’d rather not do that” “I believe in the word of wisdom and I want to follow it” “I’m Mormon and I don’t drink” “no I really don’t want it”. It was so awesome! And So fun! B. Smith got so excited! And we were soo happy for him! Then we went through a pros and cons list of drinking. Ok… I’m so glad I don’t drink! hahaha. Even though we were having fun the spirit was there. We then made him sign a “declaration of independence” stating that he would never drink again! Sweeeeet! I hope and pray he will be able to do it!

After that we went over to Sister Proctor’s home. She is a less active. When we got there she had her TV on and it was showing the “Trooping of the Colour.” It’s huge ceremony thing for the Queen’s birthday. It was so cool! We watched it for just a wee bit 🙂 It was like a marching band hahaha. Look it up!

Sunday I spoke in church! I forgot to mention that last week! Aub and I spoke on the same day! My topic was “How can I know and follow the truth.” I think it went pretty well! I got all emotional at the end because I told the ward that I loved them and it wasn’t until then that I realized that I actually do love them! We have such a great ward here in East Kilbride. It’s small but everyone in it is so wonderful! My talk made Alison cry! haha! She was like “what’s wrong with me?!” “What’s happening?!” So told her she was feeling the spirit! Gosh I love the Holy Ghost!!!!

Ok awesome story time…. Sunday’s are our new golden day. Sis Rob and I have made a goal to get one more lesson each week than the last. Last week we had 16 lessons! So this week we needed 17. We had alot of time to chap! Weeks ago we picked a street called Juniper Avenue. It’s a loooong street so we go there often. (That’s where we met Penny last Sunday) So we went back again and we met Pamela! Pamela said she met with missionaries before a couple of years ago and said she’d love to meet with us again! She has 6 kids and we’re going back again on Friday! When we got home we checked our area book for her record. We found it! There wasn’t a bad reason for the missionaries to stop teaching her. It just wasn’t the right timing! But get this!!!! Weeks and weeks ago I pulled out the area book during some free time and went through all of the Former Investigator forms. We have a BUNCH!!! Missionaries sometimes write things like “try agin in the future.” So I marked THREE that we wanted to try by. THREE!! Out of like 100! When we found Pamela’s record…. it was MARKED!!!! WHHHHAAAATTTT??!!!! hahahaha the spirit is real!!!!! AND whenever we choose a street to chap we pray and then look at the map… we picked Juniper Ave not even knowing that that was the street of a person we marked in our area book! WHAT?! SO GREAT! I don’t even know if any of that made sense but I really hope it did because it was awesome! Ok so after we met Pamela we chapped another door and met Lisa! Lisa is a young mother who doesn’t even believe in God and doesn’t think there in a purpose in life. Welllll…. we are here to tell that there IS a purpose! At first she wasn’t interested AT ALL! Then we just kept being persistent and kept talking to her about families. We talked about the afterlife and asked her if she would like to know that she could live with her family again. Something completely changed in her eyes! All of a sudden she had an open heart and was totally interested! THEN! in district meeting this past Tuesday we talked about FHE as an approach. So while we were talking to Lisa I mentioned FHE and asked her if we could come back and talk about activities she can do with her kids to better strengthen their relationship. She said yes!! So we are going back to see her on Friday! AWESOME!!!! I can’t say it enough!!!! We also had two other lessons with ladies name Alice and Isabelle. They don’t want to know more but we had really great conversations with them and gave them pamphlets and a BOM. Soooooo….. we had a total of (drum roll please) 18 LESSONS!!! Chaching! hahahaha Sis Rob and I were so happy!!!! As soon as we left the street we said a prayer. And we aren’t even done chapping it! Juniper will be successful! I just know it!

So Peter didn’t work out… hahaha I’m totally embarrassed about it but whatevs. We just couldn’t get a hold of him. But he is still a potential! Thank you for all the prayers!!! 🙂

I’ve been reading the Ensign this week! I love it! I’m reading the priesthood session talks. Gosh they’re good…. Something I really really loved was the talk titled “Your Sacred Duty to Minister” by David L. Beck. He said “To minister means to love and care for others. It means to attend to their physical and spiritual needs. Out simply, it means to do what the Savior would do if He were there. Minister everyday. Opportunities are all around you. Look for them. Ask the Lord to help you recognize them. You will find that most consist of small, sincere acts that help others become followers of Jesus Christ. As you strive to be worthy of the spirit, you will recognize thoughts and feelings prompting you to minister. As you act on these promptings, you will receive more of them and your opportunities and ability to minister will increase and expand.” I LOVE that! that goes for EVERYONE!!! The Lord needs all of His children to minister to ALL!

HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD AND KYLE!!!!! Your cards are on the way… sorry they’re late 🙂

I love you all so very much!!!

LOVE Sister Jones

My cute Flat

Grand Central Station where we take the train

Beautiful Scenery

We were so tired we had to lay down for 5 mins to take a rest


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