Week 13 Scotland

11 Aug

Hiya family and friends!!


I have BIG NEWS!!! Are you ready for this??


We got our moves call last night….. and……


…drunroll please…




Sister Robertson is moving to Clonsilla IRELAND! ahhhhh!!! I am soooo sad she is leaving me!!! She will be training again and will be white washing! Meaning she is opening the area. Basically starting from scratch. But Clonsilla Ireland is “The Promised Land” because it has the strongest ward in the whole mission! Crazy cool huh?! She is so excited to go to Ireland!


As for me…..




I am staying here in East Kilbride and my companion will be Sister Ricks!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was in my MTC district! I am so excited to serve with her! She is so great! Plus we are already friends 🙂

Moves happen this Wednesday!


I’m going to miss Sis Rob so so much but I know this next chapter of my mission will be a good one! I know the area pretty well now and I’m confident that I’ll be able to show Sister Ricks around and we’ll be able to work well together! Sis Rob and I have found many potentials so now it’s up to Sis Ricks and I to teach them! yay!! 🙂


Well this week was a really good week!! Sister Rob and I taught a total of 21 lessons! We beat our goal better than we had hoped! We’ve been finding people left and right! We are being so blessed!

Last Monday we hung out with Alison for our Pday! It was so nice to just chill with her and gain an even stronger friendship! Alison cried last night when we told her Sis Rob is leaving! But I know she will like Sis Ricks!

On Tuesday after zone meeting, Sis Rob and I went to lunch with Sis Cuff and Sis Fairbanks in Glasgow! We went to a really yummy Indian restaurant! It was so much fun because we got to know them even more! I just love sister bonding hahaha

That night we had dinner at our bishops home. His three young kids are the cutest! The oldest one is 7 and she is sooooo smart!! She knows more about the scriptures than I do! haha she even told us that she is talking to her school teacher about the church and invited her to church! Amazing huh?! She is SEVEN!

Wednesday was the relief society activity! That was way fun! We took Alison so she could get to know the other sisters better. Alison had a good time and so did we! It was a dessert night so we ate and ate and ate dessert! Chocolate cake here and lemon truffles there… oh! it was so good. Sis Rob and I felt sick after because we had so many sweets haha.

Friday we did some more chapping. We talked to a man that told us we should just go home because we won’t be successful… um excuse me…. no! hahaha it was a perfect opportunity for us to bear our testimonies! We told him we’re doing this because we know it’s what God NEEDS us to do (clearly…) We also chapped into a man named Richard! Richard is a married man with kids but I don’t know how many. He told us that recently he had been thinking about reading the Bible. (Spirit!) So we gave him a BOM and invited him to read it! We talked alot about prophets and a light sparked in his eye when we told him we have one today! He was really nice and sincerely interested! I hope we will be able to teach him and his family! He even has a “bishop handshake” hahaha such great potential!!!

Saturday we had our normal visit with Sister Graves… gosh she is so cute! I just love that old woman! She tells us the best stories and she loves the gospel! We then chapped some more of Juniper Ave. We found Lynn! Lynn is a young mom. Her daughter Abby was there in the doorway with her. She is 7 and when we asked Lynn to take a BOM, Abby said “say yes mum, say yes!!” haha so cute! You see… young children understand!!!! We’re going back to teach them this Thursday!

Yesterday was a great day at church. All the talks and lessons were very well done! Alison came to sacrament meeting and then afterwords we took some fun pictures. I love Alison! One of our less actives, Sister Smith, came to church!!!!!!! She is such an awesome woman and we visit her and her daughter every Friday. She has promised us every week that she will go to church but then she never shows up. So this time we helped her figure out how she can actually get out the door. So Sunday morning I prayed sooo hard that she would come. And guess who came? AHHH I was soo happy when I saw her!! And she was happy to! She LOVES church! It’s just hard for her to take the physical steps there because Satan is so dang annoying. Not anymore my friend!!!! Sista Smith is back on track! WHATWHAT!

Long story short I’m just happy. Happy to be a missionary here in East Kilbride, happy to serve my Savior, and happy to help people find Christ. I can see and feel the blessings that are being poured out! It’s amazing what the Lord can do.

I love you all so much and I can feel your prayers! I pray for you all every night! Have a good week!!!


Love Sister Jones


Ensign quote of the week:

“The restored gospel of Jesus Christ blesses lives not just when we believe it but much more when we live it. It is in the application of gospel principles that individuals are uplifted and families are strengthened. It is our privilege and responsibility not just to talk the talk but also to walk the walk.”

-Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Ensign talk “Four Titles”




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