Week 14 Scotland

11 Aug

Hiya family and friends!


Longest week of my life!!! But it was such a great one! Oh I’m so excited to tell you all about it…


On Tuesday Sis Rob and I had lunch with Alison and she gave us cute BFF bracelets! Then she gave Sis Rob some cute gifts and we just talked about how much we’re going to miss her! Then later that night, Alison dropped us off at the train station. Alison cried! It was so sad to see Sis Rob go! Sister Rob and I went to Glasgow to stay with the Knightswood sisters so that Sis Rob could travel to Edinburgh the next morning. Sister Watt was with the KW sisters so there were 5 of us that night! We had a good time hahaha we ordered pizza and danced to silly Mormon songs… of course we were bed by 10:30 🙂


So Wednesday morning came and I said my goodbyes to Sis Rob 😦 So sad! Then Sister Watt and I went to the stake center to pick up our new companions!! Sister Ricks and I are having so much fun here in East Kilbride! We get along so great!

Thursday we went out after weekly planning to take the progress report to our ward mission leader. So while we were in that area we were looking for people to talk to on the street. As soon as we saw someone we raced over to stop them (hahah missionary creepers) We stopped a guy and did the usual “hiya we’re missionaries sharing a message blah blah blah” and he said “sorry I can’t talk, I’m in the middle of a panic attack” so we just said “ok here’s a card that shares a website, have a good day” then he stopped and asked “are you from America?” Then we ended up talking for like ten minutes! We gave him a Book of Mormon and asked if he would like to know more. He said yes! So we got his information and set up a time!


On Friday we helped Alison move to her new house! It was so much fun! and her house is SO CUTE!! I want it! hahaha someone from the ward came to help out and some of her family was there. It was so fun to be a part of her exciting time! She is doing so well and I never want to leave her!! Plus she shows me cute pictures of Beckham 🙂

Later that day we did some chapping. I think chapping is a lot of fun now. I really don’t mind doing it… but it’s really not what missionaries should be doing! (refer to “The Work of Salvation” broadcast!) hahaha Anyway, We found a potential and we’re really excited to try by again!


On Saturday we taught Sean! WHAAATTTT!! ALL of our potentials thus far haven’t ever gotten that far! SOoooooo Sean is our NEW INVESTIGATOR!!!! What what!!! hahhaha I feel like I say what alot in my emails… hahaha! We taught him at the Thomson (our ward mission leader and his wife) because they live a street away from Sean! He is 22 years old and is pretty dorky and awkward but he is so nice! He is very interesting in the gospel and is excited to read the Book of Mormon! Our lesson with him went really well! We asked him why he even agreed to meet with us and he said “Remember the day I met you? Well I was having a panic attack and as soon as I started talking to you two I completely calmed down and forgot about all my problems and you seemed really nice a genuine.” AWWWW!! That’s the spirit for ya!!!! I love it! When Sister Ricks and I walked away from the house she said “so that means we have a new investigator!” I stopped in my tracks and said “whhhaaaat?!” hahaha I’ve never been that far with a potential before so I’ve never had a new investigator. I got so excited that I started jumping up and down! But my jumps had too much excitement because the strap on my bag broke… aw. But I was still happy!


Yesterday (Sunday) all the missionaries got to see the mission president training broadcast. SO AWESOME!!! I want to watch it again! It got us all so pumped up to go out there and DO THE WORK!!!


I really really really love being a missionary! Spreading the gospel is such an honor! I want to do everything I possibly can for the Lord. He has given me so much and I want to give back as much as I can! I can see the blessings happening in my family and it only wants me to work harder! I pray for you all each and every night! I miss you loads but I’ll be back in a second! This is my time to do what the Lord needs me to do! I love it out here and I love the people!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!!!


Love Sister Jones



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