Week 15 Scotland

11 Aug

Hiya family and friends!


Oh where on planet earth do I begin! It has been kind of a crazy week for S. Ricks and I. As well as a very discouraging one… but we’re fine now!

Last Monday we had our usual FHE lesson. Of course it was only B. Smith and S. Green! Our star attenders! We did a priorities lesson! It’s something that S. Ricks showed me and I loved it so much I thought we should do it for FHE. So I was SUPER excited for S. Green and B. Smith to experience this but then we found out they’ve already done it. BUMMER! It’s really only a one time thing. But we did it anyway and it was still effective.

Tuesday was our district meeting and honestly… we were all a bit distracted! hahaha we still learned a lot but our district is just so awesome! We talked about keeping the commitments that President Brown and other leaders give us. Elder Jackson also tied that in to helping our investigators keep commitments. It’s pointless to invite someone to do something if you don’t follow up on it. Later that afternoon we met with our new investigator Pamela! She is so awesome and so prepared! She has two wee girls. Tallulah (8)Β and Mirrin (7). They both want to be taught so we gave them each their very own Book of Mormon! I’m really excited to meet with them again and help them along the straight and narrow! After that we decided to go visit a native of our ward. Jimmy Munro. He is about 90 years old and he is SO CUTE!! Greatest old man ever! He is our bishop’s wife’s grandpa. (There are a lot of that family in our ward) His daughter Ishbel (S. Munro) was there so we were able to go in and have a good blether. Oh it was so much fun! He told us his conversion story! Long story short his wife let the missionaries in one day and starting teaching them. Then when they joined the church they found out that the ward had been praying for a pianist and Jimmy’s wife was a pianist! Awesome! We had a good time looking at family pictures and talking about how cool his walking cane is. Oh he is just so sweet! I’ll try to get a picture with him soon.

Wednesday was probably the worst day ever! Ok I’m being dramatic… but still… it was straight up discouraging! It was a lovely day outside but everyone in it wasn’t so lovely! hahaha we started off the day by stopping a nice looking man who was pushing his baby daughter in a stroller. He was nice… but come to find out… he is kind of an atheist. He started rambling on about how Joseph Smith was a terrible person! UH! It was SO HARD to stand there and hear such terrible things about our beloved prophet. He said “he was accused of being a liar! and he was put in jail more than once! I could never trust someone like that! He’s a conman!” UMMMM excuse me sir but he went through all that because of people like you who don’t BELEIVE!! …..woo…. ok apparently I’m still upset about it hahaha. We didn’t argue with him. We just bore our testimonies and went on our way. One day when he meets Joseph Smith he’ll know πŸ™‚ So then EVERY SINGLE person after that was mean! At one point we got on a bus and S. Ricks sat by a lady and tried to spark up a conversation. Let’s just say she was a bit grumpy. But while we were on the bus NO ONE sat by me! Every person that walked on (take note the bus if full and there are only a few seats left… one of which being next to me!) would look at the seat, look at me, frown, look at the seat, read my badge and walk over to a different seat…. tear. I felt like a little kid on a school bus with no friends! When S. Ricks and I got off the bus we started talking about how rubbish our day had been thus far! hahaha we joked a bit about and tried to make light of it. Then later on while we were walking, I tried stopping a lady… I smiled brightly and said “hiya!” in a friendly voice and continued with some sort of approach. She glared at me, pointed her long skinny finger in my face and said “you get away from me!!” (still smiling the best I could) “ok have a nice day!” As soon as she walked away S. Ricks and I looked at each other and just starting laughing! What a terrible day we were having! Then from all this emotion I just starting BALLING!!! hahahaha crying and laughing, crying and laughing! S. Ricks and I LOVE being missionaries! This is only a part of our job! We HAVE to stay positive through all the trial because if we don’t we will be miserable!! We just have to move on! I just thought of Ellen DeGeneres “Laugh. Laugh as much as you can. Laugh until you cry. Cry until you laugh. Keep doing it even if people are passing you on the street saying, “I can’t tell if that person is laughing or crying but either way let’s walk faster.” hahahaha LITERALLY!!!! When days like this one happen I feel so much closer to my savior. He had to deal with nasty people everyday! But His testimony made Him the LIGHT and the TRUTH!

Thursday was much better! It was the 4th of July!! S. Ricks and I started off the day by saying the Pledge of Allegiance to our tiny American flag in our flat. We almost forgot the words hahahaha! It’s been a while. That night Sister Green made us a 4th of July dinner! She invited B. and S. Thomson (ward mission leader and wife) B. Hay and B. Smith. We had roast chicken and potatoes! So yummy! She had cute red white and blue decorations and B. Hay brought a big American flag. Then S. Green performed Yankee Doodle Dandee! hahaha she is so cute. Then she made S. Ricks and I sing all the America hymns! hahaha we had a blast! Oh and then all the other people sang us “Scotland the Brave” which goes to the tune of “Praise to the Man.” S. Ricks and I got so excited we started jumping up and down and clapping and totally forgot about America for a second! (sorry hahaha) It was a good day.

Friday S. Ricks and I did a good solid 3 hours of LA finding! It was so exhausting! But we got a lot accomplished. I always feel like a missionary when I’m walking around for hours at a time hahaha. Then of course we had a yummy meal with the McNallys πŸ™‚

Saturday we were able to meet with quite a few of our less acitves. I love them all! We even decided it was time to go out to dinner because 1. we were out of food. 2. we had rubbish day on Wed. and 3. we just deserved it ok?! hahaha we went to a Chinese restaurant in the town center and it was divine! Very much needed.

Sunday was the best!! We were so happy we ended the week on a good note! We were able to attend ward council which was wonderful! Bishop Cook also spent some time with us and gave us a better idea of what he wants us to do for the ward. He answered a lot of our questions and gave some good advice. Our bishop is so wonderful!!! Then after church we went to a lake here in EK! It was a beautiful HOT sunny day! So everyone was at the lake. Perfect for finding! We were there for about and hour. We make one loop around the lake and walked in the opposite direction of everyone else so that it’d be easier to stop them. We talked to a man who is a faithful Christian. We talked about how much we love Jesus and His teachings. But then he said he doesn’t agree with the BOM and doesn’t believe that Christ went to America. It hurt me heart! He is SO CLOSE to the truth! He already knows and love Christ but he is unwilling to accept more of His teachings! We were able to get very far with him but we definitely had an uplifting conversation! We said a prayer with him and afterwords he offered a prayer as wel. He prayed for us to have a good day. So nice πŸ™‚ A little more ways down the path we stopped another guy who said he saw God 26 years and 2 months ago and is now a prophet. Cool. It’s interesting to see the difference in the spirit you feel when Thomas S. Monson is speaking and when this guy and the lake was speaking…. signs of the last days people!!! Anyways we gave him a card about Joseph Smith and said “here’s someone you can relate to!” hahaha at least he has faith and believes in God!

So all in all this week was good. A bad day on Wednesday but Sunday’s beauty helped us feel much better. I love it when it is sunny here!

Being a missionary is the best job ever! S. Ricks and I remind ourselves each and every day to have FUN! I have a strong testimony and there is absolutely nothing that can shake it. It’s amazing to see how many different people there are and how many don’t have the FULLNESS of the gospel. Everyone has just a little piece of it. It’s hard to be rejected when you’re passing out MORE! But as long as we are giving everyone the opportunity the Lord will bless us AND the people we try to teach. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the ONLY TRUE church on the earth today. I want everyone to know that! As a missionary my testimony gets questioned each and every single day. I think “Is the Book of Mormon really true?” “Is our prophet actually called of God?” Then I think YES. YES these things are TRUE! There is NO WAY that they couldn’t be. I love the Book of Mormon and I desperately wish I had more time each day to study it. The gospel is all that matters here in this life. Who cares if we don’t have the best car. It doesn’t matter if your boss at work won’t give you a raise. It doesn’t matter if you get stressed about throwing a party or luncheon just to entertain and please your guests. The gospel of Jesus Christ is what our lives should be focused on. If we continue to center our lives around Jesus Christ, we will have a close relationship with our Father in Heaven and He will bless us in a way that we can not comprehend. I love my savior and I am so blessed to out here serving Him. Even when mean ladies tell me to get lost I don’t care. I have the Lord on my side and angels surrounding me. I’m not afraid to stand up for what I know to be true.

I love you all so very much and I pray for you all. I hope you all have a good week! Search for opportunities to share the gospel!!!!


Love Sister Jones


P.S Today S. Green is taking us tartan shopping!! I am sooooo excited!!! She is going to make me a scripture cover πŸ™‚




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