Week 16 Scotland

11 Aug

Hiya family and friends,


Well another week has come and gone. I’m not even sure what holiday it was yesterday. There are a lot of holidays here that don’t really have a purpose other than getting a day off work.


Last Monday we had an awesome day in Glasgow! Sister Green drove Sister Ricks and I to Glasgow and we went to a tartan shop!! Mandors is a huge fabric store in Glasgow. So Sister Ricks and I picked out our favorite tartan (because our names don’t have their own) so that Sis Green could make scripture covers for us! Christine, a member from our ward, was also with us. I picked the Scott (weathered) tartan. I’m sure you could look it up and see. It is so pretty! After we purchased our tartan, Sis Green bought us all lunch! We stopped into Greggs and got yummy sandwiches and Irn Bru. Remember that orange drink we had at the Youngs? That’s Irn Bru. It is so yummy and it is HUGE here. We were right where all the hustle and bustle was so Sis Ricks and I popped down on the ground to have our meal. It was such a nice day! After we ate Sis Green told Christine to take us around to the shops and look around a bit. So off we went with Christine! There is an American candy/snack store here that we went into. It made us miss America SO BAD! Who knew cheetos could do that?? hahaha we showed Christine all our favorite things and then bought a blow pop for her because she hadn’t ever had one! We walked around and saw all the big shops. We were at the major shopping center. We even saw a bagpipe player! I’ve been looking for one this whole time! We found a small Scottish shop that made Sis Ricks and I soooo excited! I got a mini purse that has the Scottish flag on it as well as a pin with the Scottish and American flag on it. So cute! We had a lot of fun seeing everything and truly experiencing Glasgow. Sister Green made our covers and they turned out sooo good! I love mine so much!

Tuesday we had Zone Meeting and our zone leaders committed us to make a goal for baptism invitations. Our companionship goal was 7 and our zone goal was 76. We had to do it by Sunday! Sister Ricks and I worked really hard and we did it! No one said yes but at least we were able to invite them. Our zone ended the week with 79 invites!! Way to go zone!!! Tuesday night we taught Alison about the Law of Chastity… it went so well! She has NO problem with that one hahaha. After our lesson with her we had to do some chapping. When we got to the street we decided to make it all about family history. People were so much nicer and much more receptive when we started off with family history. A lady even told us about her ancestor to went to America and then back to Ireland! There are so many ways to approach people and this way worked!

Wednesday we did some chapping in the morning and we chapped into the SCARIEST man I have ever seen!!! It was a bit of a dodgy area but we felt ok. However this man made us step back a bit. It was like one of those times when if mom saw us chapping she would be like “come home now!” hahaha. It was really sad to see him in such a terrible state. We gave him a card and moved on. It took a while for Sister Ricks and I to compose ourselves. We are so grateful for the things we have!! After we walked on a nice lady came up to us and told us to have a good day and be safe. JUST what we needed at that very moment!! God is so good!!!

That afternoon we went to Cambuslang and tried by a former investigator. She was on her way out and didn’t seem too interested. While we were walking around we ran into a guy that was so nice! His name is Alan and he gave us a much needed laugh. He told us that his cousin is a member and we figured out that is cousin is Sister McGlashin from our ward! hahaha it was so fun to make the connection! Alan is a hoot and we had a good time talking with him. He told us that we made his day and he was going to go home and pray 🙂 How sweet! On Sunday Sis McGlashin told us Alan told her he met us and she thanked us because now she can talk to him more about that church. Awesome huh?

Thursday we had interviews with President Brown!! We had to travel to Motherwell to see him. I love President Brown and I wish I could have more time with him. He is such a wonderful man. My time with him was very short but very precious. It’s almost like getting to sit down with a general authority! hahahaha but really. That night we had a dinner appointment with Shona in Eaglesham! We had such a good time with her and we talked about a friend that she has that sometimes asks about the church. I love talking with members about missionary work!

Friday we met with Sister Smith like usual and she has made the goal to stop smoking! YES! She is so so so awesome! She is such a strong woman and is so determined to get Satan out of her life! She was reactivated on Sunday! 🙂 HOLLAAAA!!! Then we had dinner with the McNally’s. We had crum chicken… oh so good. We had a BLAST because for some reason everyone had the funny bones. We ended the evening by sharing a missionary work scripture with them. They are a fantastic family!

Saturday was an interesting day. Our lovely Sister Graves was in the hospital so we weren’t able to visit her. I think that’s why Saturday got all messed up. Well most of our appointments fell through so we had to rely on our back ups which worked out fine. Remember our investigator Sean? Well we hadn’t heard much from him so we dropped by his house to see if he was home. Turns out he isn’t very interested right now. Darn. But he was very honest and very nice about it. It just wasn’t the right time. Seed planted!! We were able to visit Brother and Sister Humphreys that night!! Our lesson with them went really well. We talked about pray and how essential it is to KNOW that the gospel is true.

After the Humphreys we went to see S. Proctor! She is so cool! We love going to visit her! When we got to her house I was STARVING!! So I humbly asked for a snack hahaha. She was so sweet and offered me just about everything! Even a glass of milk! haha I am so grateful for her! We read the beginning of Mosiah 4 with her. Mosiah 4 is my favorite!!!

Sunday was Jakes birthday! I made funeral potatoes! The ingredients here are a wee bit different so I was curious to see how they’d trun out but they were so good! We had a blast at the party! Jake was sooo cute and all of Alison’s family and friends were so nice and wonderful! We had such a good time and ate lots of food 🙂

The weather here has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! and soooooo HOT!!!! Yes it’s HOT here!!! No tights needed! The heat makes people sick though because they’re not used to it. I’m in paradise! hahaha but it started to cool back down which is nice.

Well I’m out of time yet again… I hate it when that happens. I love it here and I love doing this work! I wish I could tell you more! When really awesome things happen Sister Ricks and I can only talk to each other about it hahaha we wish we could just call everyone and tell them how awesome or rubbish our day was. I am so grateful I have this time to email all of you! I love you all so much and I miss you everyday! But the Lord is blessing us so much and I know He is blessing all of you! Keep doing missionary work! Until next week….


Love Sister Jones



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