Week 17 Scotland

11 Aug

Hiya family and friends!


You know those moments when you sit down to type and email and your mind goes 100 miles a minute because you’re thinking of all of the things you want to say but just can’t seem to type fast enough even though you got an A in computer class??? Yea. That’s how I feel right now! There are just so many things I want to mention! So I will take time to apologize now for the UN-organization of this email…


To start off I would like to publicly congratulate Tenesia on her mission call!!!! WHOOT WOO!! Tempe Arizona won’t know what hit them!! She is so bomb and I know she will be a fantastic missionary!! (I hope all the family is taking note of the new pattern here…. who’s next? Travis??) hahaha missionary work is so awesome!!

Next, I think it is so cool that there is a Scottish man in the Quail Ridge ward! You are so lucky to have him!! Soak up his accent because that’s what I hear every single day!! I hear Dundee is a wonderful place!! This past week Sister Ricks and I visited an elderly man from that ward. (His daughter is in our ward and he is staying with her for a couple of weeks and she asked us to go by and chat with him) His name is Alf and he is really old. I don’t remember his last name. He was nice. Anyway hopefully he can tell you all you need to know about Scotland! The place I love πŸ™‚

It has bee VERY HOT here this past week! Sister Ricks and I are complete with watch and shoe tan lines!! Well more like burnt… but it’s not too bad! haha It’s a whole lot cooler today so maybe our summer only lasted a week! I’m used to the heat but I’m not used to walking around in it all day! So I am grateful for the Sottish weather! I won’t come back tan but at least I won’t come back sweaty!

We had a challenging week because most of our appointments fell through. Mostly because people have been sick or away on holiday. No one has been home or outside either so finding as a back up wasn’t very effective. One morning our plans didn’t work out and we actually ran out of things to do! It was 11 in the morning and Sister Ricks and I were standing outside in the hot hot heat and stared at our map. We had already tried all of the finding ideas and no one was outside to talk to. It’s hard to explain haha but when a missionary has nothing to do it is terrible! We said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father what He needed us to do. That of course brought us to tears because we hated the idea that we had to ask. We finally decided to go home and eat lunch, drink loads of water, and take a nap. We just needed to restart the day. I don’t remember what happened that day but we got a lot accomplished.

We have gone through our area book and have organized which former investigators we want to try by. We’ve called a few and have tried by some. We want to see if the seeds that were planted years ago are ready to be blossomed! One actually invited us back! We will see him this week and hopefully pick up where the other missionaries left off.

We are busy looking for service opportunities! We went to the local hospital and talked to a woman about volunteering on the spiritual team! haha it’s still strange to me but it is a chance for us to interact with people. That’s what we need! Service is hard to find here… but we are working on it!

Remember that street I told you about when we only used family history? Well that night a lady that we chapped into told us about her family and was really nice… well Tuesday we were out walking trying to find someone to approach and we saw her! We went up to her and she was so nice! She was out walking her dog. Long story short, her name is Silvia and she let us walk with her while she told us more about her family history. Turns out her grandpa was a member! It’s really hard for me to emphasize how cool it was to run into her again! She invited us to stop by any time! She wants us to help her with family search .org so she can have more information about her grandpa. When the walk was over and we had to leave she gave us both a hug! So not only did we hear a way awesome story about her and her family but we made a new friend! And let me just tell you…. if had chapped that street and approached her with something else like the Book of Mormon or the restoration and what have you, then she probably wouldn’t have talked to us! And then she wouldn’t have let us walk with her! It would have just been awkward like “hiya…. (yep we’ve chapped into you before and you said no, ok bye)” hahaha I really hope all of that made sense. So now we will go visit her another time and help her with family history! And once we have that trust we will be able to bring up the gospel! Isn’t it cool how that works?:)

Yesterday we had a really great meeting with Bishop Cook. After church we had a few questions to ask him that we thought would only take a few minutes… an hour later we finally left! hahaha we talked about missionary work and how we can help the ward and all that good stuff! Bishop Cook is so so great!

Oh and Sister Ricks spoke in church!! She did an excellent job! Her topic was “How she learns from the Holy Ghost.” It was really really good! Our sweet Sister Black wasn’t at church yesterday because no one picked her up :/ oops… it was so sad! We saw her last night and she went on and on about how annoyed and sad she was that she had to miss church. So Sister Ricks sat beside her and read her talk to her! Sister Black was so happy! haha it was so cute! Then she asked for a copy of it! (Yes… Sister Ricks is THAT good!) Lesson for everyone to learn…. Make sure you are aware of everyone in your ward! Every member deserves a friend and a phone call and BE SURE to pick them up if they don’t have a car!! hahaha That is what wards are for! If he just had to be members and not have to worry about anyone then we wouldn’t have a ward! HELLO! God gave us wards so we can GATHER His sheep! hahaha Ok now I’m ranting…

I am in Mosiah at the moment and it is SO GOOD!!!! ahhhh I just love the Book of Mormon! It is so fun to read and there is so much I am learning from it!

We have another all Scotland Conference this Thursday!!!!!! I am soooo excited!!! They are usually every three months or so but for some reason we’re having another one. It’s gonna be a good one because President asked us all to study page 4 of PMG to prepare… oh yeah!! Sister Ricks and I are really excited to go to Edinburgh again! πŸ™‚ I’ll let you all know how that goes.

I really love this work! Yesterday I got SUPER homesick… wanna know why? Because I ate oatmeal. OATMEAL!!! Wanna know why oatmeal, of all things, makes me homesick? Because I only ate it when mom made it… aw geez I’m getting choked up just emailing about it! AND we listened to the MOTAB which reminded me of dad… uh!! Note to self: NEVER eat oatmeal again!!! hahaha and I was thinking about Grandma… I hope she is doing ok. But don’t worry about me! I cried it out during sacrament while everyone just assumed I was feeling the spirit… which I was. But I am ok πŸ™‚

I love it here andΒ I love serving the Lord. I have learned so much! I can barely keep up with all of the information I receive everyday! I don’t even want to think about how the prophets brain works!

Keep doing serving others! Share the gospel with EVERYONE!! Time is flying by! I am almost 4 months out! Sister Ricks and I are working really well together. I just love her! We start off each day feeling the spirit by singing a hymn… we harmonize really well together which gives me chills. I love the hymns! We are currently a little obsessed with “Brightly Beams, Our Father’s Mercy.” UH! So good!!! We go through tough times all the time but we know blessings always come after.

I love you all so very much! Have a good week! πŸ™‚


Love Sister Jones



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