Week 18 Scotland

11 Aug

Hiya family and friends!!


Well today is such a GREAT day!!! #ilovebeinganauntie!!!!!


This week has been really good as well!! And again I’m sorry for not being very organized :/


I’m going to start with the All Scotland Conference! (Yes it was just that good!) Thursday morning we left for Edinburgh. It was raining. Surprise, surprise. ALL of the missionaries in Scotland were there. It was so great to see everyone! (Even though we had NO ONE to impress…. well maybe President but I don’t think he notices, Sister Ricks and I spent a good hour the night before trying to figure out what to wear hahaha) We started off with the big group picture. Elders were in charge….. that’s all I’ll say about that! hahaha We first heard from President Brown. Oh he is so prophetic! He is so spiritual and motivating! He talked to us about the standard of excellence and gave us some really good ideas and tips on how to increase our efforts. Then Sister Brown spoke about the angels that surround us each day! That was very touching and it makes me want to do the best I can so that the angels will WANT to stay by my side! Then we had the pleasure of learning from Elder Teixeira and his wife. I’m not completely sure on what his calling is… he is a general authority… one of the 70? He is over the Europe area missions… something like that. Anyway he was INCREDIBLE!!! He reminded me a lot of dad!! He told story after story after story and the BOOM! He made a major point that made all the stories go together that we weren’t even expecting! Him and his wife both spoke about how we can work harder! They are both converts to the church. Sister Teixeira was an investigator that the missionaries found and Elder Teixeira was a family member of an investigator. They’re whole point was about how we need to do all we can to find investigators to teach but then also work through them to find more! Like family! (I’m realizing now how hard this is to explain via email haha) It was just so good!!! Elder Teixeira also showed us the Mormon message “High Expectations” (or something like that) It’s from Elder Christensen’s (??) gen. conf. talk. It’s one of my favorites and very moving! Of course Sister Ricks and I cried! Sometimes the Lord needs to cut us down so we can grow they way He needs us to! The Lord has many expectations for us. Especially for us missionaries. We need to do our part to do all we can for Him! It was a very wonderful conference. We left totally pumped and motivated to get out there and do the work!!! Pure joy!!


The rest of the week great! Friday we had an appointment cancel so we had time to do some GQ (That means “golden question” which is just street contacting) This was the day after the conference so we were really excited to talk to EVERYONE! We had the option of taking a bus somewhere but we felt that maybe we needed to walk. So we did. Quite a distance but we were able to run into a few people. One being Gary JONES!! Yes!! I finally met a Jones! ahh so fun! haha so we stopped him and asked him about faith. He said he believes in God but his faith has faded a little. So we said “well we are teachers and we help people gain and strengthen their faith. Would you be interested in having us over to teach you sometime?” And you know what he said? YES!! WHAT?! Sister Ricks and I were so shocked! hahaha so we got his info and we’re seeing him on Tuesday! (Tomorrow) So cool huh? Then we said a prayer with him and he got so happy! He also told us we made his day “so much brighter!” SO NICE!!!


On Saturday night we met with Brother Hay (he is a YSA guy in our ward and is so awesome!) We read my FAVORITE!! 2 Nephi 4:15-35. The spirit was very strong and we talked about ways we can allow the Savior to be our ROCK and FOUNDATION. We also stopped by a less active to visit with him on his doorstep and he brought out his pet ferret! He is 8 weeks old and sooo cute! Of course I held him and made Sister Ricks take my picture haha. Not only was holding a ferret way fun but spending time with Brother Watson was very helpful. We got to know him a lot more and made good progress with him.

week 18 (1)


Last night we had some time to do some chapping so we chapped a street called Harrington Street. It’s a small cute street but once we got started we realized there were tons of houses all jammed into every corner hahaha. But it was good. No one was interested in hearing about the only true church on earth but at least we planted many seeds! There was one guy who made us so sick! He tried to tell us that “The Book of Moroni” (Yes… he said Moroni) was wrong and that we needed to check our facts. Ok sir first of all it’s the Book of MORMON and second IT IS SO TRUE!!!! It made Sister Ricks and I so sad that he felt like he was so sure of himself! AH! We just smiled and moved on. NO arguing! We just testified that we KNOW it’s true and left. But of course after we left we felt sick to our stomach! We HATE it when people deny something so marvelous! And we kept thinking of things we should’ve of said…. but what can you do?? Maybe one day we’ll go back! haha


Moves call is next Sunday! Can you believe this transfer is almost over?! I think I’ll stay here in East Kilbride. I hope I do! I’m not ready to leave Sister Ricks or our ward yet! Everyone is so awesome! This coming week we are so blessed to have dinner appointments!!


Cool…. I’m out of time 😦


Well I miss and love you all so so so very much!!!!! Keep up the missionary work!! Member missionaries are ESSENTIAL!!! You’re in my prayers each day and I can feel the prayers you send my way! Thank you for all the love you have for me! Being a missionary is an honor and a privilege! I love this work and I love my Savior!


Love Sister Jones



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