Week 19 Scotland

11 Aug

Hiya Family and Friends,


Well things are about to change…. Our moves call was last night….






wait for it






It’s going to be












okay here it goes













Keep scrolling
















I’M MOVING TO IRELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!






So last night we got our moves call. Sister Ricks and I were NOT expecting this AT ALL!! If you’re staying in your area you get a call from your zone leaders and if you’re moving you get a call from the mission home. So we were patiently waiting for our call from the ZL’s. We were out chapping and all of a sudden the phone rang. It read “MISSION HOME” Ummmm what?!?! We looked at each other and were in so much shock that we almost forgot to answer the phone! haha so we answered and talked to President.

I am moving to the Finglas Area! And I will be with Sister Brand! She just finished training so she’s been out about 3 months. The Finglas ward is in the DUBLIN Zone! Isn’t that awesome?!?!? I am soooo excited!!!


But I am REALLY sad to leave Sister Ricks!!! She will be staying here and Sister Jackson will replace me. She just finished training as well. Siter Ricks and I sat on the ground while we talked with President and then sat even longer talking about how much we will miss each other. But the Lord needs me in IRELAND! AHH! It’ll be so great because I will be in Sister Robertson’s zone!! So I get to see her again! 🙂


Right after that we went to Sister Green’s so we could teach Brother Smith. It was SO sad when we told our Granny Green! She has been working on a surprise for me for the past few weeks and I have had no idea what it was! She was going to give it to me in a couple of days but after I told her I was leaving she said “I’ll go get something to cheer you up” So she went upstairs and got my gift. Then she sat me down and said “this was made with a lot of love” I opened it up and found a prayer pillow!!! She sewed and crocheted a prayer pillow for me!!! As soon as I saw it I just started BALLING!!!! She is sooo sweet and I am going to miss her so much! Then of course Sister Ricks started crying! And then two minutes later Brother Smith walked in and said “I’m sorry I don’t really know how to comfort people when they’re sad” hahahahaha We had a really good lesson with him but my mind was running a thousand miles a minute!!!! My life just DRASTICALLY changed!!

I’ll take a picture of the pillow with Sister Green and send it next week.


Crazy huh?! ALL of the sisters that have served here in EK have stayed for 9 months!! But then Sister Rob broke that when she left after 6. So I thought FOR SURE I would stay another transfer. Sister Ricks and I were only together 6 weeks!! It’ll be so hard to leave her! I called the bishops wife and she was shocked too! I’m sad to have to say goodbye to everyone in the ward! I’ll miss my wonderful Glasgow zone but I am excited for this new chapter!! I’ll be traveling ALLLL day longggggg to Ireland on Wednesday!! YAY!!!


So my favorite brown shoes are already falling apart!! There are HOLES in the soles! hahaha (funny right?) So I can’t wear them in the rain or else my feet will be soaked! Sad. But I still wear them on dry days.


Yesterday while we were on our way home for dinner we saw a man and thought it’d be a good idea to approach him. (He was walking towards us) So as we passed him Sister Ricks said “hiya how are y…” the man RAN!!! hahahahaha he actually RAN away!! Like totally booked it! hahahaha we laughed so hard! Why does this happen to us?! haha we have the strangest and BEST job ever!


A few days ago something sad and annoying happened….. we stopped a man on our way to an app and we did our usual approach and asked him about God and that sort of thing. He was an older guy. Long story short… he was the MEANEST man I have EVER met!!! Oh my gosh he was so rude!! He got right in our face and argued about every single thing we mentioned. He told us “we didnt’ KNOW anything” and that we have been “brain washed.” He asked us a ton of questions and we had all the answers but he wouldn’t listen. I made the mistake of raising my voice a tad while I was bearing testimony. I hate when people tell me I’m wrong because I’m not! It was so scary and totally disrespectful! Sister Ricks said “excuse me.. you’re being insulting… we need to go now” so we just walked away as he kept shouting and saying things like “you’re giving up!” Um no sir… you’re not listening!!! We felt so sick after and out blood was BOILING!! But as we walked away we could feel the presence of our beloved Savior beside us. I have never felt so close to Him before. I couldn’t help but think of Joseph Smith and Abinadi. NO one would believe them! While Abinadi was preaching to the priests they kept on asking questions but would not answer! Abinadi said “let me finish!!!”


Jesus Christ was spit upon and rejected… but he stood strong in His testimony. All this crap that missionaries go through is terrible. But 1 Nephi 19:9 brings me a lot of comfort. “And the world, because of their iniquity, shall judge him to be a thing of naught; wherefore they scourge him, and he suffereth it; and they smite him, and he suffereth it. Yea, they spit upon him, and he suffereth it, because of his loving kindness and his long-suffering towards the children of men.”


There are mean and nasty people out there. But they are Heavenly Father’s children!! We must never depart from our testimony! “Wherefore the people of Nephi TRUSTED in thier God and ROCK of their salvation and became CONQUERORS of their enemies!” (Jacob 7:25)


I’m sad that Harry was so mean to us. But I’m even more sad that he is pulling further and further away from his eternal salvation. I will never deny my God and Savior. Sister Ricks and I did our part. We bore testimony and we did all we could to change his mind. But we all have our agency. The lamanites were preached to and saw ANGELS! Yet they denied the miraculous power of our Father in Heaven.


Ok sorry that was a bit depressing… on a lighter note… We have seen many miracles here in East Kilbride! We have been working hard and our numbers have increased! Fast and testimony meeting yesterday was so wonderful! I am really going to miss this ward! All the members are so great and have such strong testimonies. Sister Ricks and Sister Jackson will do so well here!


I hope I will do well over in Finglas Ireland! It’s where the Lord needs me to be! 🙂


Because of the big move I’m not so sure how post will work. I hate saying this… but hold off on sending any letters until next week! OR send them to the MISSION HOME!! They will forward them to me.


I love you all so very much! I miss you every second of every day but I honestly LOVE IT HERE!! The spirit I feel each day is indescribable. I’m realizing how much I really love everyone in this area. Even the mean people who run away from us or yell at us 🙂


I love this gospel so much and I am honored to serve HIM!!


Have a good week everyone! Pray for me on Wednesday! I have to ride the ferry :/


Love Sister Jones


Sister Ricks and I decided to send pictures of our everyday lives here in East Kilbride.





One Response to “Week 19 Scotland”

  1. Heidi Lee August 11, 2013 at 11:46 pm #

    So exciting to hear about your move. Sounds like you are having a wonderful experience. Keep up the hard work! We think of you often.

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