Week 20 Ireland

13 Aug

Hiya family and friends!


I made it here to Ireland safely! Wednesday was a very long day of travel! We rode a BUS for two hours! And let me tell you…. it was jerkier than the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland! Heads bobbing everywhere! haha But it allowed me to see a bit more of Scotland. We passed a few castles which was nice. And I saw the coast! BEAUTIFUL!! Then we boarded the Ferry! It was HUGE! Honestly I thought it was a cruise ship. We rode it for another two hours! It was set up really nice inside… just like a cruise ship haha. There was a cafeteria restaurant type thing so we got a good lunch. Then I fell asleep on a comfy bench! haha Not much to look at but the ocean. We ended up in Belfast wich is Northern Ireland. Then we got on ANOTHER bus that took us to a major bus station in Belfast. (These buses are coach buses… but whobbly ones haha) There we waited for a good hour! But some of the Belfast missionaries were there to entertain us (There were about 5 of us traveling) Then we rode a bus for TWO MORE HOURS!! I slept that whole ride haha. Then we ended up here in Dublin and let me tell you….. it is so BEAUTIFUL here! It is very different than Scotland.

Saying GOODBYE to Sister Ricks

Saying GOODBYE to my flat in East Kilbride Scotland

Traveling on the Ferry with another Sister who traveled with me

So I’m in Dublin!! Right in the middle of it! (I think) I’m not even in Finglas… that’s just the ward. Our area is the Baldoyle area… but we just say Dublin because that’s mainly where we are. I’m actually still confused about it. Dublin is a very busy city! And there are many tourist here! There are so many cool buildings and churches to look at. I don’t really like all the hustle and bustle but I’m getting used to it.

My new companion is Sister Brand! She is a lovely lady from Alaska! She is 21 and a FANTASTIC missionary! She is so bomb and stopping people on the street! I’ve already learned so much from her.


My new DIRECT address is:


14 Annesley Bridge Road.  Apt 2

Fairview, Dublin

Dublin 3





They don’t forward anything to Ireland anymore so if something gets sent there it’ll sit there until my zone leaders go over to Scotland.

So send all letters straight to me!

But DON’T SEND PACKAGES to my direct address!


Packages can be sent to:


c/o Alma Hygiene Ltd.

280 Bannow Road

Cabra, Dublin 7



(That one is on my blog under the “Write a Letter” tab 🙂


Yesterday was my first time at the Finglas ward! It’s a farely large ward and there a a lot of Americans in the ward as well! The Irish accent is sooo much different than the Scottish one!

We have a couple of investigators at the moment… Khanyo and Edith. Edith is from Nigeria and she has two beautiful little girls (2yrs and 9 months) and Khanyo has the cutest little boy! (18 months) The rule about not holding kids kinda makes me mad sometimes haha. I really don’t know anyone yet… or where anything is… It’s really hard to jump into a new area. But I have faith that it’ll all work out! We have Elders and a senior couple in the ward as well. In fact Elder and Sister McKendrick (senior couple) fed us lunch yesterday! Home made spaghetti. YUM!

On Saturday we went to Balbriggan. It’s a little town in our area but it’s really far away so we had the McKendricks give us a ride. Balbriggan is soooo cute and beautiful! The train station is right on the beach! I just stood and stared at the beauty that God has created!


I really don’t have too much time left… but I love you all so much and miss you like crazy!!

Have a good week and PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!!!!! I really need it right now!!


Love Sister Jones


Some amazing people that I will miss in East Kilbride Scotland. Thank you for all the memories!!!




One Response to “Week 20 Ireland”

  1. Lorri Bunce September 13, 2013 at 1:17 am #

    We love reading your posts and browsing through your photos! It looks like you are having a wonderful experience. We have been in Seoul for 2 1/2 weeks now. We are quite busy but settling in. Missions are great! ~ Love you, Bob & Lorri Bunce

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