Week 21 Ireland

22 Sep
Hiya Family and Friends,

Well Ireland is an amazing place!! Dublin is a great city and there is so much culture here!
I’m sorry I don’t have much time left and I don’t have many things to report on so I’ll just share the best basics 🙂
My companion Sister Brand and I are a perfect pair! We had some trouble the first week trying to get to know one another and adjusting to our schedule. We have way more in common than we thought we did. We can feel everyones prayers!! Thank you so much!! We have had some poor numbers but we were so blessed this week!
Last night we got a random phone call from an unknown number. It was a woman named Lisa who is YSA age and wants to learn about the church! Her friend told her about it and apparently gave her our number. (Awesome member missionary!) Lisa asked about the WOW and asked if she could start living it now or if she had to wait until we taught her… hahaha things like this don’t just happen! At first we thought it was a prank from the mission home but nope! So cool huh?
Yesterday we got a new investigator! Her name is Kesaobaka! She is from Botswana and she has two beautiful little girls (11 and 3) She found mormon.org and wanted a BOM. We got the referral from church headquarters and gave her a call. She thought we were just going to drop of the book and move on but we stayed and got to know her and taught her a bit about Joseph Smith. She had TONS of questions! She has tried out many different religions and all she wants to do is be like Christ! She knows the spirit and she is really excited to read the Book of Mormon! When we had to leave she said “I wish you could stay forever!” She is so cool! I’m excited to teach her!!
One of the members played a prank on me!! hahaha she is an older lady named Dorrie. Sister Brand and her planned it! Apparently she does it to all of the new missionaries. We had an app with her so while we were on our way Sis B looked at the phone and said “aw man Dorrie canceled! Let’s try by a less active” Sis B then lead us to a flat and told me some “background” of the LA and then we knocked on the door. An old lady answered and she was dressed in an Elvis outfit and was holding a toy guitar and had recording earphones on… my thoughts: ok this lady might have some mental health problems…. hahaha how sad right? So Sis B asked if she was the lady we were looking for…. then the lady starting singing an Elvis song!!! hahahaha CRAZY!!! Right?! hahaha I just stood in shock. Then her and Sis Brand just starting laughing!!!! It was Dorrie!!!! hahahahahahaha! She is an awesome lady! She is so sweet to the missionaries and she is so funny! She is a huge fan of Elvis but she doesn’t record his songs hahaha. I was totally taken back and DID NOT expect that! hahaha her and Sis B totally got me! Dorrie also taught me so Gaelic! It’s the Irish language! Pretty soon I’ll be fluent in it hahaha
Another thing we do here is teach English! It is so much fun!!! We have like 6 people from Venezuela that come each week. The Elders in our ward have even starting teaching them the gospel! So great!
We went to dinner with our recent convert, Sean, in Temple Bar! It’s an old area of Dublin that is so so cute! We went to a mongolian resturuant. So yummy!! Look up Temple Bar! It is soooo Irish! Also google Dublin’s spire…. it’s this HUGE spire right in the middle of the city. It looks alienish… but its cool. We walk by it like every single day! hahah That might give you all a better idea of my area. It’s really neat.
Alright I don’t have much more time but I just want you all to know that I am really loving my mission! I grow each and everyday by learning more and more. This gospel is so real and so true! This gospel can answer every and any question that people have! No other church can provide that confirmation and clarity. I am so grateful for the spirit and the love I feel from Heavenly Father. I am grateful to have this opportunity to serve Him. It is going by so fast!! I hope I can do all that He needs me to!
I hope everyone will cleave to their testimony. Sometimes it’s all that we have.
I love you all so much!!!!!!
Love Sister Jones



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