Week 22 Ireland

22 Sep

Dia Dhuit Family and Friends!!

You may have noticed a new saying at the top there… well that’s Gaelic for hello! But when you translate it it means “God be with you” which is nice šŸ™‚ I’m learning a bunch of phrases! It’s way fun! Dia Dhuit is pronounced: “dia-gwitch” like witch but with a “guh” haha hopefully that made sense!!
Tomorrow I will have been out for five months!! Can you believe it? FIVE!! Where has the time gone?? The mission moves so fast! I was so excited to hear about everyone from the stake that are leaving on missions! The Lord truly IS hastening the work! It’s amazing!
This week has been kind of a slow week. Tuesday night we had dinner at the Zortmans. They are an American family and they’ll only be here for 3 years due to work. They’ve been here for about a year now. Anyway, they are awesome and we had an awesome meal with them. So yummy! They have two sons and the oldest (16) asked us how he should start preparing for his mission haha we had LOTS to say! We gave him a huge list of all the things he needs to start doing now! They’re a great family and very strong members in our ward. It was nice to have a little taste of America for a night šŸ™‚ We also watched the Restoration video with them (I’m pretty sure I’ll have that whole thing memorized by the time my mission is over) and we talked about how the restoration has blessed our lives. So much has come from it!! Brother Zortman works for Kellogs so when we left he gave us a bunch of cereal! YUM!
We taught our investigator Aaron on Thursday with a girl that just got off her mission. Lorna served in St George and she misses it so much! She was a great joint teach. We taught Aaron about the ten commandments and the Sabbath day. It went well and Lorna was a big help! We’re trying to find ways to help Aaron progress. He hasn’t really gained a testimony yet but I have faith that it will soon come as long as we help him recognize the answers to his prayers!
Friday we went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders! They are so cool! They’re like Sister AP’s basically. I went to Terenure with Sister Shead and it was so much fun! She is from England and has been out for about a year. They have a car so that was really fun. We got a lot accompished in their area. Sister Shead gave me some really great advise on many different things. As a missionary I am constantly trying to improve myself as I experience new things that help me grow. We are always evaluating ourselves but that only helps us grow stronger! Sister Shead and I had some really wonderful lessons! We stopped by one of their potentials and were able to teach him about the Book of Mormon and give him a baptismal date! (Awesome for them right?!) haha anyway, his lady friend was there and we were so blessed to hear her sing some of her favorite gospel songs…. (they’re from Nigeria and Kenya) It was hard not to laugh and her dance moves but I was glad to know that she loves Jesus so much šŸ™‚ It was a great exchange!! Sister Brand stayed in our area with Sister Knab and as far as I know they had a great day too.
Saturday Sister Brand got sooooo sick!!! šŸ˜¦ Poor thing! We stayed inside alllllllll day! I gave Sister Brand some of my smuggled NyQuil and made her go to bed. She slept all day and I studied all day…. at least I got more time to focus on PMG! That was actually really fun! Plus I got a two hour nap šŸ™‚ I love those.
Sunday we went to church but Sister Brand was still feeling crummy. During church I got horrible stomach pain! Bleh! So after church we went home and passed out for like 3 hours! Then I gave Sister Brand more medicine and she went to bed early. My pains went away during my nap (thank you IBUprofen!!!) Today Sister Brand is feeling a bit better. At least enough to go out and about.
So all in all it was a bit slow. Thankfully I didn’t get too bored the past couple of days. I enjoyed the extra hours of study and sleep and now I’m ready to tackle the world!! I love missionary work and I try my very best to do what the Lord needs me to do!
I love you all!! Good luck to all my beautiful friends who are about to leave for the mission field! Never forget to pray!! The Lord loves each and every one of you!! Take care everyone and have a good week šŸ™‚
Love Sister Jones
P.s. sorry still no pictures :/ I’ll take some this week!

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