Week 24 Ireland

22 Sep
Dear family and friends,

Well…. I’ve done a bad thing and I took too long to read and respond to emails so now I only have 5 minutes :/ opps! I am so sorry!! I think I’ll start typing this one first from now on…
This past weekend was really hard for me spiritually. I went through a serious trial of my faith! But I know now that Heavenly Father does LOVE all of His children! I have felt His love more than I ever have in just the past couple of days.
Next Sunday is moves call! Can you believe it’s already here?? Sister Brand and I have no idea what will happen. I will most likely stay here in Dublin and we don’t know if she’ll leave or not. You’ll all find out next Monday! 🙂
Thank you to everyone for your prayers! I have really needed them!! The emails I got today were JUST what I needed to begin this next week!
We have a new investigator! She was a church headquarter referral and she is very interested! Our first lesson with her is tonight. She is YSA age and we feel really good about it. The Lord is truly blessing us even in the hardest of times!
I love you all so so much! I am safe here and I miss you all so much! There is much more I wish I could say right now but it’ll just have to wait.
Love Sister Jones
P.S. I’ll take pictures today!! 🙂 And it is FREEZING!! Winter is coming!



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