Week 26 Ireland

27 Oct

Dear Family and Friends,

Another week gone by! And this Friday will be SIX MONTHS!!!! AHHH! That is so long! I don’t know where the time has gone! I’m 1/3 of the way through and I haven’t even learned everything yet! It makes me want to soak up all that I can! I really goes by super fast and I don’t want to miss it!
Sister Brand is gone! 😦 But Sister Huntsman is here now and she is wonderful!! She is from Salt Lake City, she is the oldest of 8, she is 19, and Elder Ballard set her a part…. what?! hahaha she is so humble and sweet! She is soft spoken and kind…. so basically I’m with her to learn a great lesson hahaha!
Last Monday and Tuesday was super busy! Sister Brand wanted to say goodbye to everyone that she could so we were running from member to member getting last minute hugs and pictures. We were up late almost every night trying to get her packed! Then on Wednesday morning we woke up around 5 so that we could get ready to go to the bus station! The Elders picked us up and we said our goodbyes. It was so sad! But we were strong and didn’t cry! (good job to me) She was a bit nervous to leave but I told her everything would be ok! So then after she left I went with Sister Knab and Sister Condie (because their comps left too) and I took a nap while they got ready for the day. Then we got together with just about our whole zone! Sister Rob and Sister Douglas were there! We all went to the National Museum of Ireland! It was cool! There was a lot of reading so it wasn’t too interesting but it was a lot of fun to be with everyone. Then that evening I went to pick up Sister Huntsman! It was so nice to finally have a companion! haha
Thursday was mostly spent with weekly planning, cleaning the flat (total deep clean!) and shopping for some necessities. We had an appointment but it got canceled due to the guy not showing up hahaha. Oh well. That night I started to not feel so good….
Then Friday I woke up feeling awful!! I ended up staying in bed ALL DAY! I had major exhaustion and sinus bleh and I just felt crummy! I felt so bad for Sis H! She just got to Dublin and she didn’t even get to go out! haha I felt terrible. So I called Presidents wife and she told me I needed to take the weekend off and rest. She told me not to feel guilty about it… but that’s the hard part! I want to work! But I can’t when my body won’t move hahaha. So we called up the sisters and decided to do splits for Sis H!
So Saturday I got babysat…. yep. Sis H went with Sis Morgan and Sis Knab while Sis Lewis stayed with me (while I slept) and then later in the day Sis Lewis and Sis Morgan switched. So Sis H got to go out and teach! It helped to have lots of rest but I just felt so bad for the sister who had to babysit me! hahaha
Sunday I felt much much better so I decided I was well enough to go to church! It was our Stake Conference and President Brown and his wife were there! It was a great Conference but I couldn’t hear any of the speakers…. we were kinda in the back. Then afterwords the senior couples provided a lunch for all the missionaries! It was so yummy and fun. Later that night Sis H and I stayed in to tackle the formers! (There was a football match yesterday so there were thousands of crazy drunk people all over the place!) We called everyone we had numbers for and were able to set up a few appointments! So it was very productive!
We have an investigator at the moment named Stephen. He is YSA age and he is so cool! He referred himself via mormon. org. He feels as if he is missing something in his life and he is trying to find the truth! We have already taught him the Restoration and we will be teaching him the Plan of Salvation this Tuesday! He is already well into the BOM and is loving it! He even got this next Sunday off work so that he can come to church. I’m not too sure how to describe this! Stephen is such a blessing! I love teaching him! He is so prepared for the gospel!
I love being a missionary! This work is so amazing! These past six months have been a tremendous roller coaster of learning and getting to know the Savior. I love all that He has done for me and I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve. I realize now how fast this will go! I’m trying to soak in every minute!
I love all of you so much and I am so grateful for your love and support! I hope everyone has a good week!
Happy Birthday to Kyle and Dad!!!
Love Sister Jones

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