Week 27 Ireland

27 Oct

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been full of miracles!! I hope I have time to tell you about all of them!
Monday Sis H and I went to the Glasnevin Cemetery! It’s MASSIVE cemetery right by our church building. It was a beautiful day and we even had an awesome lunch in their cafe. So yummy!
Tuesday we had a really good lesson with our investigator Khanyo. She was having a really rough day so we adjusted our lesson a bit and read (my favorite) Nephi’s testimony about trusting God during hard times. She loved it and it really helped her! She left feeling so much better! She is about to change some things in her life here pretty soon which will make it possible for her to get baptized! We even got her home teachers (yes… our investigator has home teachers) to give her a priesthood blessing on Sunday. It was her first time getting a blessing and she thought it was so cool! And of course it made her feel even better than before! God loves her so much! Later that night we went to see Dorrie and of course she had to prank Sis. H like she did to me! It was so so funny and it felt a whole lot better to be in on the joke hahaha
Thursday night we taught our investigator Stephen the Plan of Salvation. He is doing so awesome!!! I can’t even tell you how much I love teaching him! He is just soaking up the Gospel and he understands everything. He asks great questions too. He already knew a lot about the POS so it wasn’t totally new but with our added testimonies I think it really hit him. At the end of the lesson we invited him to say the closing prayer. He was super nervous and a bit shy but he did it! And he did an excellent job! The spirit was so strong! Afterwords he told us that during the week he was starting to think that meeting with us wasn’t such a good idea. He thought that this whole church thing was a dumb idea and because he was feeling that way he thought it would be a good idea to go out drinking. Then he decided he better text us. So did and we made an appointment (for Thursday night) Then he said as soon as he texted us he immediately felt better and the temptation to drink instantly went away. How cool is that? The spirit of God is so wonderful!! That night was institute for the YSA. We got him to stay! He was a bit nervous about it because he doesn’t know anyone but we promised him that everyone there was really nice. So since we had our investigator there we were allowed to stay! It was the first night for the semester and this year they are studying the Book of Mormon. Perfect for Stephen! The class was so so good!! At one point Elder McKendrick (senior couple in charge of YSA) split the room into three groups and we were to discuss a scripture that changed our life or meant a lot to us. Sis H and I went over to Stephens group to help out a bit. We asked Stephen if there was anything he liked in the recent chapters that he has read. He thought for a minute then said “I really like the part when that guy had a vision and everyone was following the straight and narrow path and they were holding onto the rod, which was the word of God, and then they all got to partake of the good fruit. That was just so cool.” Ummm ok… investigators don’t just talk like that! Stephen LOVES the stories in the Book of Mormon and he is doing so well! We had to leave institute early in order to get home on time so we left him with the YSA! It felt like sending your kid to kindergarten! haha but he had a great time and he met loads of people! So great!!!!!
Friday we went on exchanges with the sister training leaders. Sister Morgan came over to our area and we had a GREAT day! We taught our investigator Aldona and boy was she a Bible basher that day! She would NOT listen to what we had to say! But at the same time she was totally nice and she is super excited to have us over again…. hahaha hopefully we can invite her to General Conference! After that we went to Swords and tried by a FORMER! She was so nice and willing to learn again. Her neighbor was there and so we taught her too! We taught the whole restoration and when we told the friend that we have a modern day prophet she starting bustin up laughing! hahaha then we laughed too because we realized how funny that actually sounds! hahaha but she was super sweet and committed to pray about it. We’re going to teach them again on Friday! After that lesson we were stumped about what to do next…. stay in Swords or head back to Dublin City. So we prayed! We felt the impression that we needed to stay in Swords. The names we had to try by weren’t home/moved/weren’t interested. So while we were walking to another address we stopped a man on the way. Sister Morgan simply said “hello, we’re talking to people about Jesus Christ today.” The mans face LIT up and when he read our tags he basically jumped for joy! His name is Emanuel. He is from Africa and come to find out he met with missionaries two years ago and then somehow lost contact. He has been SEARCHING for us ever since!!! So amazing!! He said we were an answer to his prayers! Then we told him that we had just prayed about where to go and the Lord told us we needed to stay in that area. Obviously to meet him! We exchanged contact information and gave him a Book of Mormon. He is so excited to read it and be taught more. We’re seeing him tonight 🙂 The Lord truly does GUIDE us!
That night we celebrated my 6 month mark by eating McDonalds (mostly because we both have companions who hate it so it was our only chance haha) It was such a good day!! 
Ok I don’t have time for the rest by long story short… our stake did a fair at this charity place and Jason Smyth was there! Sis H and I got to sit with him and sell his signed posters. He is such a cool and humble guy! Look him up on Mormon.org. It was loads of fun! All of us missionaries got to wear our stylish yellow shirts! 🙂 
I love you all so so much!!!! Have a good week!!!
Love Sister Jones

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