Week 28 Ireland

27 Oct
Dear Family and Friends,

I honestly don’t know where to start with this one… I usually say that every week but this week I really am stumped! I think I’ll start with the bad news and then end with allll of the good news!

Soooo…. my companion is in the HOSPITAL!!! šŸ˜¦ Poor Sister Huntsman has been there for 4 almost 5 days! She’s fine though! But let me back up…. she hasn’t been feeling 100% for the past two weeks while being here in Ireland but she’s been well enough to do what she needs to each day. But then Wednesday came… We were on our way to teach Stephen and the second we sat down on the bus it hit her! She felt light headed and dizzy. We ended up getting off the bus so she could throw up on the side of the road. (sorry TMI) So I called the McKendricks (senior couple) to come pick us up and take her home. I canceled our apps and she just went to bed. Boy was she out of it! That night Elder Holm and a member in their ward came over to give her a blessing. Then Thursday we stayed in all day so she could rest. Then since we had another app with Stephen, Sister Rob and Sister Douglas came over to do splits. So Sister Rob and I went to teach Stephen while Sis Douglas hung out with Sis Huntsman. (I’ll talk about the lesson with Stephen later) When I got home and the Sisters left it was clear that Sister Huntsman was doing a lot worse. So I called Sister Brown and she advised me to take her to the Hospital. So off we went! A member gave us a ride and then we… WAITED!! Bleh! haha we got there around 10 at night and she was seen by a Dr around 2… we were there ALL NIGHT LONG!!! Yes you guessed it…. we pulled an all nighter!!! hahaha I haven’t done that since college! I sat in a hard hospital chair for a total of 12 hours!! The next morning the Zone Leaders brought me some food and the Terenure Sisters picked me up. (Sister H stayed in the hospital) Sister Knab went to my flat with me so I could get some sleep. I took a solid 3 hour nap and then got up to get ready for the afternoon haha. Sister McKendrick stayed with Sister Huntsman while I went with the other Sisters to their area. We went to a few apps and the Sister Morgan came home with me for the night. So now we’re on Saturday. Sister Morgan came with me to teach Emmanuel! (I’ll talk about that later) Then we stayed for a baptism! The Elders in my ward baptized a man named Hamilton… but I’ll get to that later!! So then we went to visit Sister H in the hospital… she wasn’t doing very good emotionally so we decided to stay as late as we could. We cheered her up by playing fun card games. Then 5 Elders and two other Sisters showed up! So there we were… 10 missionaries in a little hospital room hahaha it was so much fun!! Then the 5 elders gave her another blessing and then we all had to go. The McKendricks have been staying with her most of the time. She is doing much better but they are still running test after test after test because they don’t know whats wrong! AH! She should be out by tomorrow! Fingers crossed!!!

So now for all of the good news…. Stephen’s lesson was so fantastic!!! He said he wants to get baptized before the new year! Wonderful! We showed him the font and explained everything. He has been officially swallowed up by all of the YSA and he loves it! He was able to attend most of conference! And the ZL’s had a baptism that Stephen was able to attend which was wonderful. He looked like a member yesterday in a white shirt and tie! hahaha He is so awesome!!! Plus it was so much fun to teach with Sister Rob again!!!

Emmanuel… oh Emmanuel. I really cannot describe to all of you how much that man LOVES the gospel!!! We met with him on Monday night and talked a bit about his spiritual journey that he is on. He told us all he wants to do is learn how to gain eternal life. Um basically that’s the message we share!! haha we invited him to come to Hamiltons Baptism that Saturday. Then we taught him on Saturday before the baptism. But since he was early we gave him a church tour. He LOVED it! He said he felt like he was at HOME!! Then Sister Morgan and I taught him the Restoration. We had Khanyo in the lesson with us. We explained the apostasy to him and talked about the priesthood. Then he wanted to make sure that he understood it well so he said it all back to us. Then he took a moment to think about it and then asked “Sisters…. was there a restoration?” Wellllll…. YES! hahaha we then told him about Joseph Smith and he was blown away! He then connected all the dots! In the Bible it says there will be “Latter-Days” and a man will be called in the last dispensation.. etc. It all made sense to him! Then we invited him to be baptized… he said YES!!! Thennnn we asked him to be baptized onĀ November 2ndĀ and you know what he said?? “I couldn’t wait any longer!” AHHHH!! YES!! Emmanuel will be baptized onĀ November 2nd!!!! He is so so excited!! Then right after our lesson we walked down the hall to the baptism. (During my down time I like to day dream about things I wish would happen with my investigators. Throughout the week I imagined that when Emmanuel would go to Hamiltons baptism they would somehow know each other because they’re both from Africa haha not possible right? Well… you guessed it!!) Right when we walked in Emmanuel and Hamilton embraced each other and were over joyed!! They are totally friends!! Well they call each other brothers haha but ahhhh!!! So I flipped and wanted to cry but I was waaaay too happy! Hamiltons baptism was wonderful! He was soooo excited!!! And now he is in the Finglas ward! And when Emmanuel gets baptized he will be to so they will be member brothers for life! haha! I hope that all made sense!! At the baptism there was a time for testimonies and Emmanuel got up and bore his testimony!! Like WHAT?! hahaha so wonderful!

Khanyo went to the baptism as well and afterwords she was so happy that she kept saying “I’m next! I’m next!”

Emmanuel came to conference Sunday afternoon (which was the Saturday afternoon session) and he LOVED it!! He took sooo many notes and loves the fact that we have a prophet and apostles! haha all of the other missionaries love talking to him and he calls all of us the “mission team” hahaha so good.

I love the little bit of conference that I was able to see! I only saw Saturday Afternoon and Sunday Morning! I cried so much when our beloved prophet talked about his sweet wife! Happy Anniversary to them!

So as you can see…. through all of this trial…. we are being BLESSED!! The Lord has provided Sister Huntsman and I with three of His children that LOVE the gospel and have the desire to follow Christ. I tend to forget how much I really take it for granted. I feel so honored that the Lord has put His trust in me to teach Stephen, Khanyo, and Emmanuel.

I am so grateful for each and every day I have to be a tool in the Lord’s hand! I love His work!

I wish you all the very best and hope you all have a fantastic week!
I love you all!!!

Love Sister Jones


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