Week 29 Ireland

27 Oct
Dear Family and Friends,

There are many mixed emotions I have been feeling this past week. I’m not even too sure how to describe it. Missionary life is just a ROLLER COASTER!

Sister Huntsman finally came home from the hospital Wednesday afternoon. She is doing much much better and is now on a super strict diet: no dairy, no gluten, less water. I’m watching her like a hawk! She’s been doing really good jumping back into the swing of things. The Lord is continuing to bless us is DRASTIC ways! I don’t know what we did to deserve this!

Last Monday was Elder Austins birthday and he wanted everyone to meet together for lunch at Boojums… not a problem! So we ate there and then went around the city a bit. It was fun to be with everyone! Almost our whole zone was with us. I ended the night with the Terenure Sisters and went with them to teach a man and his wife. Then they took me back over to my flat where I met Sis Rob and Sis Douglas.

Tuesday we had a good district meeting about finding more YSA! They are the new generation! Our YSA in our stake is absolutley wonderful. We were able to see Khanyo and we talked about trials. Goodness that woman has been through so much! But she is so much stronger from it all! She KNOWS Heavenly Father is looking out for her. Her faith has grown so much and this gospel has blessed her life! She can feel the comforting love each and every day. She has come so far and baptism is in the NEAR future. We are doing all we can for her!
Later we taught Stephen about the commmandments and obedience. All he could say was “it just makes sense.” Yes it does! We receive so many blessings from being obedient to God’s commandments! And while we are being obedient, we will have the spirit with us constantly! Who wouldn’t want that? He downloaded the gospel library app on his phone and iPad and LOVES it! It’s literally like a whole new world for him! hahaha I talked with him a bit more about baptism and we went over the baptismal interview questions. Everything just makes sense to him! He is so prepared! We also taught a YSA girl named Avril. She is so wonderful! She met with sister missionaries while she was living in the Netherlands and then moved back over here and wants to continue to learn! We went over the Book of Mormon and invited her to read it! We are going to see her again this Tuesday. The YSA are really good at fellowshipping everyone! They are so Christ like! That night we died Sis Rob’s hair! Nothing drastic but it was pretty fun. We used box color (sorry Aub and Heather!) and I did it! I felt just like my sisters 🙂 hahaha we had a really good night.

Wednesday we started our day off with visiting a member. Claire is so great! She has a new motor scooter bike wheelchair thing and she told us all her plans to “girl it up” haha what a great way to stay positive about a thing like that! Then Sister Hunstman came home!!! Sis Rob and Sis Douglas went back to their area and Sis H and I stayed in for the night so that Sis H could rest. We got her settled and organized and I updated her on all of the wonderful things that she missed out on.

We had a good rest of the week! It was pretty normal. I tend to get kinda grumpy sometimes though… I think Satan is trying to get to me… but I won’t let him!! We are having some great success and I don’t want to spoil it!

Church yesterday was fantastic! We had a good fast and testimony meeting and most of the members bore their testimonies on missionary work. Our ward is getting really pumped up! It was Stephen’s first time at a normal church service. He got so excited while taking the Sacrament! Hamilton (Elders investigator) was confirmed a member! It was lovely to wittness! After church we talked with Stephen a bit and he was telling us how much he enjoyed church. Then he told me about a guy that he has been following on Youtube for years and come to find out he is LDS and is on the new mormon message about families! Awesome! Stephen thought that was so neat! Emmanuel was only able to attend Priesthood but he LOVED it! The poor guy works soooo much and is only available to meet with us on Sundays. So next Sunday we will teach him and prepare him for baptism. He LOVES the gospel. He keeps putting himself down for not finding the church sooner. But we asure him that it’s never too late to follow Christ!
The Elders have two people they are teaching at the moment that have dates for baptism. So between the Elders and us we have 4 friends wanting to be baptized! That will be so wonderful for the Finglas ward!!!!! 🙂

Thank you all for all your prayers! I am so humbled to know that all the missionaries in the world are being prayed for! We really need it! But more importantly, our investigators need it. Thank you for your prayers towards Khanyo, Stephen and Emmanuel! They can feel your love and have found the Savior in their lives!

The comfort I receive from our Father in Heaven truly brings JOY! This gospel is so perfect! Someone we taught this week told me I don’t know enough about my religion to teach it. All I could do was testify. Sure I don’t know everything. I don’t have every scripture memorized and sometimes I can’t name all the twelve apostles. But I KNOW that the Church of Jesus Chirst of Latter-Day Saints is the ONLY TURE church on the earth today. I KNOW that Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God and that he RESTORED this church. I KNOW that Book of Mormon to be the word of God. I learn from the prophets of old each day as I read their testimonies. I KNOW that I have a Father in Heaven who knows and LOVES me. I KNOW my Savoir lives. I KNOW I will be with my family for ETERNITY. But how do I really KNOW these things? I know them becuase I have PRAYED and have FELT the comforting peace and assurance by the power of the Holy Ghost. So no… I may not be the best teacher. I may not know all the facts and history of the church. But I know it is true. No one can take that away from me. Through Jesus Christ we can all understand the mysteries of God. We have been promised so much! The Lord WILL fulfill His promises! I love this gospel and I am so priviledge to help others come to love it for themselves. I have WITNESSED Khanyo, Stephen, and Emmanuel find Christ in their lives. I have witnessed Alison and Brother Smith find Him too. This work is His work and it is REAL!
I love you all so so much! I hope and pray you are all well! Go to church and be obedient!

Love Sister Jones

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