Week 30 Ireland

27 Oct

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow has it really been 30 weeks? My 7th month mark is next Sunday! Time is slipping away all too fast…
Well good news! Stephen is officially getting baptized on November 3rd!! Woot woo! He is so awesome! He loves the church and is really getting along tremendously with the YSA. He is excited to make sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father and is ready to endure to the end with the help and guidance of the Holy Ghost. We honestly didn’t do anything… we just taught the lessons. The spirit has gently whispered to Stephen the truthfulness of this Gospel and, on his own, has come unto Christ! It is so wonderful to be a witness of it!! Stephen is like an older brother to me. (Well we’re all brothers and sisters aren’t we?) I am so grateful to be a part of this time in his life!
Thursday was Zone Interview Training. Our Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders trained us while President did interviews. The training was all about dealing with the stress of missionary life! The elders talked about eating healthy and getting enough exercise. Then the sisters talked about study. Our new moto is “stay physically and spiritually fit!” haha it was way good.
My time with President was very special. We were able to discuss very sacred things. I had been carrying a very heavy burden and with the guidance of the spirit he was able to take it away from me. I feel so light now and I can feel the spirit more strongly than I did before. We cried, we laughed, we shook hands…. I’m like way bummed that I’m not allowed to hug him! hahaha It was a really great day for me. Everything that I was standing in need of was met.
On Friday we went out to Balbriggan to visit a member of our ward named Glenda. She is from South Africa and she is so sweet! When we got there she wasn’t feeling to good. So we forced her to allow us to serve her! We made her some herbal tea and did her dishes. Then we sat with her and listened to a conference talk. It was very relaxing. Then after a little bit she was feeling more upbeat and invited us to go with her to visit her daughter, Bridget, who lives in a nursing home. I have heard so many stories about Bridget and I have always wanted to meet her! So off we went. It was such a humbling experience! Bridget has severe brain damage so there really isn’t anything she can physically do. All she can do is move her head and limbs a little bit and raise her finger up for “yes” and down for “no.” She is 31 and has only been like this for the past 10 years. Glenda is such an amazing mom and she is so positive and faithful. Sister Huntsman and I sang some hymns for Bridget and told her how much Heavenly Father loves her. It was so wonderful! It took most of our day. We didn’t have any appointments because non of them worked out but Sis H and I believe nothing worked out because we needed the time to have a special experience with Glenda and Bridget.
Our Friday night ended with Stephen! We talked about daily prayer and scripture study. Then Stephen told us that ever since he picked a date things have been a bit hard. Temptation is everywhere! We assured that Satan is a jerk as always and it’s because he doesn’t want Stephen to be baptized. But Stephen has so much faith and we know he can get through it!! With the help of the YSA, us, and most importantly, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, he will be able to make it to his baptism! He told us that it’s a bit hard to be the only one in his family and group of friends that is going to church and all that. So we showed him the “Dare to Stand Alone” Mormon Message by President Thomas S. Monson. He loved it! (It’s one of my absolute favorites!!) Stephen is so great!!
Saturday we cleaned to church building with the elders for a whole two hours! It was fun 🙂 Then afterwords, Sis H and I stayed for the Stake Relief Society activity. It was so much fun! There was a great turn out as well. Sis Rob and Sis Douglas were able to go as well. That night our app canceled so we spent some time on Family Search and it was so cool! Family History is so cool!! Everyone should do it!!
The Sunday we had so many people at church! We even had some visitors from America! I love it when they come… This week I met Sister VanDuzer from the Paseo Verde ward! She is friends with Rhonda Leavitt! She also said that she knows the Mellors and is keeping up with Cassandra’s mission. It was so fun to talk to her! Her parents, Bro and Sis Dilley, were there too. They live in Vegas as well but I don’t know which ward. So fun! I asked them all if they knew dad or uncle David but they said no (that’s a first!) hahaha anyways that was my excitement 🙂 Stephen also brought his sweet mom, Judith, to church! She is a lovely woman! I give her props for making it through all three hours! haha She said she would like to come again and she is excited for her son’s baptism.
So as you can tell things are going well!! The Finglas ward is blossoming and I am learning each day. I also figured out that I have been totally stressed out my whole mission!!! hahahaha I didn’t understand what stress really was until we got our new manual at the zone training! But now, thanks to the manual, I have new ideas about how to deal with it. I am so grateful for my leaders that I have to assist me in the work. I am also eternally grateful for the Savior in assisting me in His work.
Moves call is next Sunday!!! Sister Huntsman and I are pretty certain nothing will change with us but I’ll let you know next week!
I love you all so much!!!!!
Love Sister Jones
This picture was when Sister H was still in the Hospital and we all came to visit her.
This place is called Balbriggan. We go there once a week to visit some members in our ward. I just love the little light house and beach! Since winter is coming the sea has been a bit aggressive haha

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