Week 31 Ireland

24 Nov

Dear Family and Friends,

I’m staying in Dublin!! Sis Huntsman and I will be together for another 6 weeks! We’re relieved about that! I’m just happy I get a companion for more than a transfer! hahaha Sister Rob is going to Aberdeen! 😦 I’m so sad that she’ll be so far away from me! But it’ll be grand πŸ™‚
Stephen’s baptism is on Sunday! He is thrilled! And we are so excited for him! It’ll be a really good day that’s for sure!
Last Monday we had a really fun P-day! Most of the zone went down to Bray and we hiked Bray Head! It was so beautiful!! Stephen, Sean, and Sarah came! (You know Stephen, Sean is a member, and Sarah served here as a missionary and then came back to marry her husband!) It was so much fun!! The hike was steep and a bit hard but the view was worth it! The pictures I took don’t do it justice.
Well let’s see… nothing too major happened this week so this might be a bit scattered (story of my mind)
Friday night us, the Elders, and the McKendricks went over to Stephen’s house for dinner. His mom made the best food ever! It was so fun to there with all of them and get to know Stephen’s mom more. She is a doll!
The Elders are teaching Emmanuel now! It was sad to hand him over but it works better for his schedule. We will just see him at church. He is still doing wonderful and he desperately wants to get baptized! So that should be happening soon πŸ™‚
Khanyo is lovely as always! Her little boy, Cyril stayed in nursery on his own for like 25 minutes!!! Khanyo has been trying to get him in there for so long! hahaha he’s a mama’s boy. So that was successful!
We had our ward Halloween party! It was fun for all the kids! Sis H and I were in charge of the “Mystery Box” booth. The kids had to stick their hands in gross stuff to find a toy insect. It was gross…. but everyone had a good time!!
Bleh well this email is lame! hahaha I am so sorry! I took tons of pictures so hopefully I will be able to send them all!
I love you all so much!! I hope you have a good week! Remember that Heavenly Father loves you!
Love Sister Jones

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