Week 33 Ireland

24 Nov

Dear Family and Friends,

Well first and foremost, Stephen was confirmed yesterday! It was a really great Sunday! The Finglas ward is growing! Sis H and I also sang during sacrament meeting! With Jenny and Kathy (two lovely ladies in the ward!) We sang “As I Search the Holy Scriptures.” It went well considering we only went through it once 5 minutes before church started! haha
We’ve had a pretty good week. It went by super fast! I love weeks like that… Anyway, it was even better when I found out that Aubrey is having a GIRL!!! AHH! I loved finding out so early! I was totally surprised and Stephen did an awesome job with the whole thing. I can’t wait to have a niece! However, it mad me sooo homesick the next day! Geez it was terrible! But I got over it eventually and I’m fine now 🙂
We were able to visit many members this week which was really nice. Sis H and I are trying to get to know more of them so that we aren’t clueless during church. We have a really fantastic ward! I love them all.
Last Monday for P-Day, Stephen took us and the Elders out to Glendalough! (Pronounced: “glenda – lock”) It was soooo beautiful!! A picture can’t even capture the beauty! Being there really mad me feel like I was in Ireland. It also reminded me of how amazing God really is. On the way there we stopped at a castle! Well at least it use to be one… We walked around it and tried to figure out which room was what. We found a fire place and a sitting room haha. We had a lot of fun! Plus the Clonsilla missionaries joined us 🙂
For our Cottage Evening this past Wednesday Sis H and I gave a lesson on the Armor of God. We wanted to make it fun so we dressed up Elder Lauricella in a tin foil suit of armor! It was absolutely hilarious…. why? Because he started yelling things from Lord of the Rings and was really excited to have a mini sword and shield hahahaha! We got the point across best we could. The senior couple took some pictures so hopefully I’ll get one of those and send it your way!
On Tuesday we taught Nick! Nick is a man that Sis Douglas and Sis Griffin found. We figured out he lives in our area so Sis H and I taught him. We met him in a super cute cafe right by the pier in Howth. We briefly went over the Restoration and discussed the Book of Mormon. He is such a nice guy and is really searching for the truth! Stephen gave him a ride to church yesterday and he said he really enjoyed church! Then again last night and he is doing wonderful! He asks awesome questions. However, he is moving really soon so we won’t be able to teach him for very long. The YSA are friend shipping him and hopefully he will be able to attend the YSA activities!
On Thursday night we went over to the Brophys for dinner! Jenny and Podge are the cutest couple ever! We had a yummy dinner and then after, Podge went over to his desk to study math and Jenny pulled out the scrapbook she had made while they were dating. She went through the whole story of how they met and so on. So cute! They’re also expecting a baby boy in March! It was really nice to go over there and get to know them even more.
Saturday was Elder Andrews birthday! We got together at the church with the Elders, Stephen, and the McKendricks for dinner. The McKendricks bought everyone yummy Thai food! (My favorite) We had a great time celebrating with Elder Andrews. Then Stephen brought in a MASSIVE cake!!! It was all sooo yummy! And a great way to end off the week.
I just found out that a lady in my last area passed away yesterday. I’m in total shock! Sister Lewis was a dear friend of mine! But I know she is with our Heavenly Father and I know I will see her again.
My daily scripture study is so marvelous! I love reading the Book of Mormon! My hour of personal study goes by waaay to fast. I wish I had more time to read the Word of God.
I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week ahead!
Love Sister Jones

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