Week 34 Ireland

24 Nov

Dear Family and Friends,

Last P-day some of our zone got together and we made a video. Let me just say it was Huu-larious. We made it for a YSA competition. The theme is “missionary work.” So obviously we’ll win because we are all about that! hahaha it was so much fun and I am so excited to see all of the other ones!
We have a new friend!! Her name is Blessing. She was a former investigator from years ago! We found her record in our area book and called her up. She was delighted to hear from us and invited us over. We’ve been over there twice now and have gone over the Restoration with her. She is so so sweet! She has a 19 year old son (who we’re inviting to YSA) and they are from Nigeria. Blessing is such a wonderful woman! She LOVES the missionaries. In a prayer that she gave she said “Thank you Lord for sending these two angels… they have the knowledge of 80 or 90 year old women… but they are just babies… please protect them.” So sweet!! Then she always gives us a bag of fruit. Sis H and I are trying to serve her but she just keeps serving us! And makes us feel really good about ourselves haha. I’m excited to teach her more!
Stephen was ordained to the office of a Priest! Whoot woo! Sis H and I sat in while he was blessed and it was so wonderful! We are so proud of him! Bishop asked him to study the Gospel Principles manual and he ended up reading the whole thing in one day! haha so good. He is looking forward to receiving his Patriarchal blessing and going to the temple!!
We were able to see more members this week and get to know them better. I love the members of the Finglas ward! They are all so great!
We went to visit a member name Susan last Friday. I’ve always said hi to her at church but have never had the opportunity to sit down and get to know her. So Sis H and I did just that. She is a remarkable woman! Her family has gone through some really tough times and because of all the stress she ended up leaving the church for about 5 years. But then she came back last year! She bore beautiful testimony to us about how grateful she is to know that even when she was away, Heavenly Father was always there for her. She told us how sorry she was that she wasted 5 years. We assured her that eternity will balance it out. It reminded me of the new Mormon Message titled “Wrong Roads.” Sometimes it takes the wrong road to know the right one. Everyone should watch it! http://www.mormonchannel.org/video/mormon-messages?v=2714780496001
There are some really wonderful people in the world! The other night, while we were traveling home on the bus, and old man walked on. He was terribly slow moving and a bit blind because he had a walking stick. A young man (probably 30s) got up off of the first seat to give to the old man and moved to another. Then the old man walked right past the first seat (because he couldn’t see) then the young man reached out to the old mans hand and helped him sit down right next to him! Then for the rest of the bus ride they talked and laughed together. I heart felt so warm!! I felt a strong prompting to share something with this young man. Then the young man got up to get off. So I jumped up and went to the front where he was standing. I really don’t remember what I said but it was something along the lines of “I really appreciate your kindness” then gave him a Mormon.org card. I don’t know if he ever went on the website but I am so grateful for him and the love he shows to the people around him. It made me think about how I treat others and how I can better serve them.
Here in Dublin… since Thanksgiving doesn’t exist, it’s Christmas!!!! The city is being FILLED with lights and all the shops have immaculate window displays! I’ll have to send some pictures of it soon. There is even a HUGE tree being decorated! It’s literally beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! 🙂
I will be out 8 months in 10 days! Time is flying by!
Moves call is December 8th! It’s possible I will be transferred but I have no clue what the Lord has in store for me!
I hope everyone has a great week! I love you all so much!!!
Love Sister Jones



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