Week 35 Ireland

24 Dec

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was one of those roller coaster weeks! Really though…. it started off terrible then went to awesome then went to sad then went to fantastically fun hahaha. “Number” wise we had a really good week and we were able to get many new potentials! But Sis Huntsman and I both got way overwhelmed at certain times throughout the week. But we’re fine now!
We had Zone Conference on Thursday! President Brown and the Assistants were here and we had a wonderful conference. However, during conferences like these there is a TON of evaluating taking place. It’s all about how we need to improve. That can be hard to take in sometimes when you feel like you’ve been doing pretty good. But we were given some really great advise and motivation to do the Lord’s work! The conference was about 5 hours! We had to soak in as much as we could really fast. Haha I just realized that everything about a mission is rushed… maybe when I get home I get a chance to breathe again hahaha.
After Zone Conference, Sister H and I went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders! I went to Rathgar with Sister Lewis and Sister H stayed here in Dublin with Sister Morgan. (Her first time leading the area! She did so good!) My time with Sister Lewis was so great! I was privileged to meet some amazing people in their area. We went to visit a Chinese woman who has a hard time coming to church because of her job. As we sat in her home she made us Rose Tea! (Hot water with Roses in it…. not actually tea) It was so yummy! And she told us that it was meant to make women more beautiful. After hearing that Sister Lewis and I both asked for a refill hahaha. We talked with her about the sacrament and then she told us all about her baptism. She said she doesn’t remember much but she has a very vivid memory of feeling very “bright.” Birght and full of the spirit! It was so wonderful to see her smile spread across her face as we reflected on the Savior and the warm sweet spirit that we are promised to receive. All in all we had a really good exchange. I always learn so much from other Sisters!
During exchanges, Sis H and Sis Morgan found a really good potential! Sis H and I taught him Friday night and he is so wonderful! He is YSA age and from Brazil! He accepted the invitation to be baptized! But he hasn’t answered our phone calls since so fingers crossed!!!!
I gave a talk this Sunday in Sacrament meeting. My topic was on Spiritual and Temporal Self-Reliance. It was a strange topic but I learned a lot from it. The Lord has commanded us to be self-reliant! Which means we need to learn how to work as well as gain a testimony for our selves. We can’t rely on anyone else! But we must seek for the Lord’s guidance in all that we do.
The McKendricks (Senior couple in charge of YSA… basically our second parents) are giving us Thanksgiving!! They’re actually doing it for YSA and they’ve invited the missionaries! I am sooo excited! But it’s really weird going into stores and not seeing turkeys and cornucopias everywhere haha I miss the spirit of it all. But it also means that Christmas is right around the corner!!!!
It has been very cold here recently! But all the locals are telling us that it’s only this bad for a couple of weeks and then it’s beautiful once Christmas hits.
I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!

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