Week 36 Ireland

24 Dec

Dear Family and Friends,

We had such a great Thanksgiving!! It wasn’t really the same but it was still really good. The McKendricks provided all the YSA and Finglas missionaries with the best food! Stephen’s mom made the turkey and my golly!! It was delish. Plus the stuffing was to die for and some made orange rolls… omg. I requested black olives so I basically got my own bowl of them! It was absolutely gorgeous and I had plenty of helpings. Sister McKendrick also made pumpkin pie but I was too full. The YSA decorated everything like Christmas! Ah the Holidays are here!! Christmas is so so soon!
Our ward Christmas party is this Saturday! Sister H and I are singing Silent Night at it! We’ve only practice with Jenny a couple of times but since we’re pretty familiar with it it shouldn’t be too bad. Wish us luck!
Stephen’s younger brother Raymond went to the Thanksgiving dinner AND church on Sunday! Raymond is way cool and we’ve starting teaching him more about the gospel. He has felt the spirit and just loves how happy everyone is. We taught him a quick lesson during Sunday School. We had to do splits so Sis. H went into Gospel Principles with Desmond and Edith and I taught Raymond with Jenny and Stephen. It went really well! We talked a bit about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He has already seen Stephen change his life and he desires that for himself. Isn’t it incredible what the gospel can do?!
We’ve spent some time with another YSA named William. He brought his sister to the Thanksgiving dinner and church as well! She isn’t a member and she told us that she really felt the spirit at church on Sunday. We also had dinner at their house last night with the elders and Stephen. They are from Venezuela and they taught me a few Spanish phrases… however I don’t think I remember them! They made us some yummy pasta! They are so much fun! But sadly, Will is moving to Dundalk for work! And his sister actually lives in another ward boundary 😦 sooo… we wont see much of them anymore except when we go to YSA.
Last night we helped Dorrie move some things to another flat! Her flat complex is putting in a new lift and since she cant do the stairs she has to move for two weeks! Almost like a mini vacation haha. We took everything over and helped her move in so she felt settled. It’s just a tiny one room accommodation. (It’s kind of like the mini apartment that was in the back of Grandma and Grandpas house.) Dorrie is so sweet! She even walked us all the way back to the city! I love her so much.
Sweet Babs fed us dinner on Friday night! I love going over there because she helps us feel so relaxed and at home! We laugh and joke and just have a good time. Our spiritual messages go ok but when it comes time to pray… oh my goodness. It’s nearly impossible! hahaha we just LAUGH! So bad. We’re working on it! hahaha
Saturday night we were able to visit a member, Desmond, and his family. They are so so so wonderful! His wife, Edith, isn’t a member and they have two adorable little girls. Alexia and Ariette. They had a non-member friend, Christy, and her two kids, Trust and Godstime, over so we were able to share our message with them as well! Christy then invited us to come to her house and visit them so they can hear more of Gods word! Plus they are all excited to attend the ward Christmas Party on Saturday!
We had a mini tour of the Family History Center that we have here in the Stake Center. It got me so pumped to do Fam History work! It really is the coolest thing. And you know what? The church has only asked everyone to do four generations. Four! Not bad at all. So everyone, do the work!!!
Moves call is this Sunday!!!! Sister Huntsman and I are both eligible to leave the area! But you just never know what will happen! I’ll give you the news next Monday.
Nollag Shona Dhuit! That means Happy Christmas to you in Irish πŸ™‚

I love you and miss you all so much!!!!
Love Sister Jones

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