Week 38 Ireland

24 Dec

Dear Family and Friends,

Ahh so much to say in so little time!! This week flew by but so many things happened!
Monday we had a normal proselyting day so after email and lunch we went out to Balbriggan. We visited Glenda and then went to the Eneh’s for dinner. When we got there Sister Eneh told us that the Elders where on they’re way but they were taking the BUS which takes about 2 hours. So we started dinner without them and they showed up with about 20 minutes left before we had to leave hahaha but the poor lads had just eaten dinner with another member! (Don’t ask my why they didn’t think this through….elders) Plus Sister Eneh makes a TON!!! Sis H and I basically fasted all day for it hahaha. The Eneh family is so wonderful and it is sooo hard to leave them! We were running late so Bro Eneh gave us and the elders a lift to the train station. Our train back was scheduled for 8:20. Just enough time to get home by 9pm. Long story short… we missed the train… by 2 minutes. The next train was at 10:30!! Yep… that’s our bedtime! hahaha it was hilarious! The four of us just could not stop laughing! Bro Eneh had already gone home. Walking isn’t even possible and there are no buses haha. We had to make a few phone calls before we finally found a member to come collect us! Brother Greene is a taxi driver that lives in Balbriggan so thankfully he was willing to take us back into town. We were home right before 10. Not too bad considering we were about to be home at 11:30!! hahaha at least we found humor in it! Good times with the elders!
Wednesday was our P-day. We got together with the four other sisters in our zone and went out to lunch! It was a fun girls day! I also bought new boots! Merry Christmas to me! 🙂
That night we had to sleep over at Sis Lewis and Sis Lowry’s flat because we had to take Sis Lowry to the airport at 5:30am! She had to fly to Edinburgh for some training because she is the new STL. So then Sister Lewis spent the day with us. It started off with weekly planning and then we went to visit a girl in our ward. Her name is Rachel and she is from Korea!She has been struggling with some things lately. She really opened up to us. We had an amazing lesson with her!! The spirit was so strong as we talked about how much Heavenly Father loves her and how grateful we all are for the Atonement. Repentance is hard but the outcome is miraculous.
After Rachel we went to visit Claire, another member. She fed us some yummy soup and sandwiches. I love visiting Claire!
After our visit things got a little bit hectic… We had to pick up Sis Lowry at the airport by 6:30 but we also had a lesson with Raymond at 7. Plus we had to pick up four other sisters at the bus station! (moves week) After we figured everything out we came to a solution. Sis Lewis and I dropped Sis H off at the church where she pared up with Michelle (a member) and they taught Raymond. Then Sis Lewis and I went to the airport and collected Sis Lowry. Then the three of us went to the bus station and met the other four… Sis Cuff, Sis Valadez and their new trainees. Sis Lewis and Sis Lowry took Sis Valadez and her comp (forgot her name!) back to their flat for the night. So I took Sis Cuff and Sis Foster back to our flat for the night. They had to sleep over and then the next morning they got a bus to Limerick. Then after a bit Michelle dropped Sis H back at home. Whoo! We had such a fun night with the other sisters! It’s always so fun to get together and catch up on things! I haven’t seen Sister Cuff in ages!
On Friday we had lunch over at Stephens! His mom made such yummy food! We also had a lesson with Raymond. We talked about our prophet!
 Saturday we met up with a young man named Bruno! We met him a few weeks ago and we finally were able to meet with him. We met him in the city so that we could show him how to get to the church. When we got to the church we had the elders give him a church tour. Bruno is so nice!! And he is excited to attend YSA on Tuesday! Hopefully us or the elders will be able to teach him!
Afterwords, we had lunch with Sean! He took us to an Irish Bar… hahaha no worries… in the afternoon it’s just a restaurant. I had yummy Irish steak pie!
Then we went to see Christy! Remember her? We met her at a members house and then she came to the Christmas party with her two boys! We finally got to visit her!
We gave her a Book of Mormon and explained how it can help her in her life. She loved everything we had to say and she wants to keep learning! She is so so sweet and the spirit was so strong as we were teaching her! I love Christy! On the way out we ran into one of her neighbors. She told him that we were there preaching the word of God to her. When he heard that he said “Can I join in to listen next time??” haha so sweet. Then while we were waiting for the bus he came out to wait with us. Turns out, his name is Alex and he is from Nigeria and has seen elders riding bikes there before! hahaha he mentioned how clean they looked. We talked with him some more and now he wants to meet with us to learn too!!
 At church two random guys showed up! Alan and Carl. Alan met the missionaries months ago and it’s been on his list of things to do to come to see the church! He brought his friend Carl so that he wouldn’t have to be alone. We showed them around a bit and then took them into sacrament meeting. They both asked many questions and were very interested. They were also AMAZED that there were Irish people there! hahaha The Sacrament meeting talks were on testimonies. Afterwords Carl looked at me and said “what is a testimony? How can I get one?” Well… you’ve come to the right place!! We talked with them some more and invited them both to be taught! They are very interested to learn more and gain a testimony of their own! It was such miracle and blessing!
I love you all so very much and I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!!

Love Sister Jones

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