Week 41 Ireland

6 Aug

Dear Family and Friends,

I have been SO SICK!!! We had to stay in the flat for 3 days! Not in a row but in total. We also had New Years Eve evening off as well as all of New Years Day.
Babs took really good care of us on New Years Day! We ate so much yummy food and watched Despicable Me 2 and Brave! (Brave is way cooler now that I’ve been to Scotland! haha) We love Babs so much!
I barley slept last night because I couldn’t breathe and then this morning during study it actually HURT to breathe! I was breathing through my mouth and, from the lack of oxygen, I was getting dizzy. I couldn’t concentrate very well so I cut study short and went into the bathroom with a towel and vicks, turned on all the hot water I could and just sat there and breathed in all the steam… which then made me cough haha. I hate being sick!! Sister H gave me a Z pack that she had stored! I love antibiotics! Hopefully that will help and I will be completely better by the end of the week. Elder McKendrick gave me a blessing on Saturday which made me feel a lot better. I have my energy back… just not my lungs or brain hahaha it is so hard to concentrate when I’m taking so much medicine!
On a happy note, I have some great news!! Khanyo came to church yesterday and told us that her boyfriend kicked her out!! It was so sad to hear and she cried as she told us but then she started jumping up and down and said “I can get baptized now!!! I don’t even care how hard this is going to be, I know God has provided the way for me!” YAYAYA!! Khanyo can be baptized! She has waited for this for so long! We don’t have a date set yet but we will meet with her this weekend and figure out when would be the best time for her.
Moves call is in two weeks!
I love you all so so much!!
Love Sister Jones

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