Week 42 Ireland

6 Aug

Dear Family and Friends,

Many miracles have occurred this week!
Thursday was Zone Interview Training. The Zone Leaders did training on being more like our Savior. We watched Finding Faith in Christ and we talked about how happy He always was as he taught the people. We, as representatives of Christ, are always striving to be a little more like the Savior. It’s a difficult thing to be completely Christ like. But it is very achievable. We were also instructed on the Standard of Excellence. We talked about goal setting and action we take to achieve our goals. It was very uplifting and just what our zone needed! My interview with President Brown was wonderful. I think it was the first time I didn’t cry while talking with him! hahaha I was so proud of myself. We talked about obedience and the motivation to serve. I always love talking with him because he gives such great counsel. I can really FEEL the love he has for me when he asks me how I am doing. He cares so much for his missionaries!
The other night we tried by a girl who is less active. We thought she was expecting us but when we got there she wasn’t home. So we pulled out our map and noticed there were a few former investigators that live in the area so we decided to try by them. As we were walking down a main road I felt a strange feeling. I figured it was just my lack of excitement to be walking around in the cold. I brushed it off and tried to change my attitude. The closer we got to where we were going the worse I felt. It was really dark outside and I noticed my surroundings were getting a bit dodgy. I brushed it off again thinking ย I was just being judgmental of the area and I told myself I didn’t need to be afraid because I knew the Lord was protecting us. We kept walking. Then it really hit me. This was NOT where we were supposed to be going. Something wasn’t safe. I stopped and asked Sister H if we could say a prayer. I told her I was feeling unsure and needed the spirit to direct us. As I said the prayer I KNEW we needed to turn back. I didn’t know why and I still don’t. But once we left I felt the comfort that the Holy Ghost brings. It can be really hard to recognize the promptings of the Spirit. Sometimes I think its just my mind being dramatic. That is why prayer is so essential!!!!! We got on a random bus that headed towards the area we live in. We had no idea what we were going to do! We had about an hour before we had to go in. We thought maybe we could try by another less active, named Desmond, that lives right by our flat. We can never get in touch with him so trying by is really our only option. He was home!! We ended up having a lesson with him right there on his doorstep. We only get to see him every once in a blue moon so it was really great that we were able to talk with him. As soon as we got home I felt the impression that the direction we took was the right one. If we had stayed in the other area we wouldn’t have been able to see Desmond. I know the Lord will always direct His missionaries if we head to the promptings of the Spirit.
Yesterday was the Finglas Ward Conference. The bishopric was reorganized! Biship Greene had served for 7.5 years! He was such a great bishop and everyone loved him! Now the bishop is Bishop Ottoson. He was the 2nd counselor in the previous bishopric. Bishop Ottoson is from Sweden! Also our ward mission leader, Brother Brophy, was made 2nd counselor! So we should be getting a new ward mission leader soon. I couldn’t help but feel so connected to the Finglas ward when all of this occurred. I felt the spirit so strongly as the previous bishopric individually bore their testimonies. I felt sadness that the bishopric was released but I also felt comfort and joy for the new bishopric.
Our Stake Presidency is really wonderful!! The last hour of church was combined and President O’Farrell got the members excited to do missionary work! The Stake has a goal of 2014 member present lessons for the year. Meaning members teach with the missionaries. He went through all of the statistics and it came out to be that all of the members of the Finglas ward only have to teach with the missionaries 4 times throughout the whole year!! That is not bad at all!! I think it got the members really excited! It also got us excited as well! It will be such a wonderful goal to strive to achieve. I know our stake can do it! We even got a couple of texts from some members saying “call me anytime!” haha I love the Finglas ward!!
After church we taught Carl! He is a new investigator and he has all the right questions! (IDK if I told you about him… his friends Alan met the missionaries months and months ago. They invited him to church but he always had to work so he never got to go. So one Sunday, last month, he finally got to come. He brought Carl along because he didn’t want to go alone. Then Carl wanted to know what we’re all about! We got his info and have stayed in touch with him. Unfortunately, Alan has been so busy with work that he really doesn’t have much time to meet with us. So after all the holidays Carl was finally able to come to church again!) He really wants to find out the truth for himself. He told us he was atheist but now he wants to find God. He is on a spiritual journey and he is so excited to learn. He enjoyed church and we had a really great lesson with him!
Khanyo is getting baptized on Sunday!!!!!!! She is OVER THE MOON EXCITED!!! We had a really great time with her on Saturday. We went to visit her at the place she is staying and she told us about the struggles she has been having living in such humble circumstances. But she is so strong! Everything negative she would mention she would put it with something positive. She never complains! She KNOWS that Heavenly Father has heard her plea. I can’t remember if I’ve talked about this before and I hope she doesn’t mind me telling her story. She was living with her boyfriend and their baby and so that’s why she couldn’t be baptized. He didn’t want to get married so she was trying to find a job so she could move out. Her baby boy Cyril will not leave her side so she knew she would have to train him to be ok with babysitters/day care. The sisters found her last May and she has been coming to church every since! She has such a strong testimony and she is almost done reading the Book of Mormon. She has been wanting to get baptized for so long! So she has been praying and pleading with the Lord to provide a way for her to make these sacred covenants. She put her trust and faith completely in Him and she knew one day it would come. And now it finally did!!! She also told us about all the blessings that she has received since she moved. Cyril is talking so much more now! He is even making friends with all the little kids. Khanyo has also made friends and has been able to talk with people in her native language. It was so cool to hear all her stories. Very humbling. As we were talking with her it sounded (to us) like she wanted to wait a while. We thought maybe there was something else holding her back. So we committed her to pick a date for baptism. Then she asked us “well… how long does the process take?” Then we said “umm… you’ve already gone through the process…. you can be baptized as soon as you want.” She said “REALLY?!?! Then what are we waiting for?!?” yayayaya!!! She thought she had to wait a few months or something before she could be baptized! Nope! She has been taught everything and she has been to church PLENTY of times. So we set the date for next Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚ She jumped for joy and started dancing and clapping her hands and crying and laughing and hugging us! It was so sweet to see her so excited! That’s what it’s really all about. So this week is Cyril’s second birthday and then Khanyo will be baptized and confirmed on Sunday. So great!! The Elders also have a baptism on Sunday! So we are combining them so that our ward can get excited. They will both be baptized before church ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait!! I am so grateful to see her so happy!
The other day we played volleyball with some of the YSA and they brought their non member friends! It was great fun and we even had one of our investigators there. I think he really enjoyed it and he was able to meet a few of the YSA. Fun activities are always a good way to do missionary work! But one of the Elders got really hurt so it’s possible that we might get the privilege taken away! haha
Moves call is next Sunday!! I’ll let you know if I am staying or going on Monday!
I hope you all have a good week!!! Love for blessings and count them ๐Ÿ™‚
I love you all!!
Love Sister Jones

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