Week 44 Scotland

6 Aug

Dear Family and Friends,

I’m back in Scotland!! Goodness the two countries really are very different from each other. I didn’t really notice until I came back. I seriously love Kilmarnock! It is such a cute little town! It’s a lot more like East Kilbride. There are a lot of really cool old buildings. Something else about Scotland that I wasn’t really missing was the RAIN! Oh my gosh it has rained every second since I got here hahaha I need a new waterproof coat! My new companion is Sister Kimberly Francis. I love her so much!!!! She finishes her mission in May so it’s possible that I’ll kill her off! She is from Vermont, she’s goofy and beautiful. We get along so well!

Saying goodbye to everyone in Dublin was SO HARD!! I hate saying goodbye! Everyone there is so special to me. I love them all so much and already miss them like crazy! The night before I left was so fun! Sister Douglas and Sister Griffin stayed at our flat. They had to help me pack! I have no idea how my suitcases zipped up… clearly I need to prioritize my belongings haha. We were up sooo late because of it! oops… also poor Sister H got SO sick! She just stayed in her bed while we got organized. Then the McKendricks came over around 11:30 to give Sis H a blessing. When they came they brought us pizza! hahaha it was a legit slumber party! (Don’t tell President haha) It was a good way to end my time in Ireland
Traveling from Ireland to Scotland was so fun! Sister Douglas was my travel buddy. We had beautiful weather and we got here safely. I think I traveled for a total of 12 hours. It wasn’t too bad though. I met Sister Francis in Glasgow! It was so nice to see Glasgow again! However, I caught a bit of a head cold! I believe it was from the travel and lack of sleep. I finally feel better today! Sister Francis still had a bit of congestion from a previous cold so we’ve been blowing our noses together hahaha
The Kilmarnock ward is so wonderful! We have sacrament last! Weird but I kinda like it. Everyone is so welcoming! The Elders in the ward are awesome as well! Elder Goldie and Elder Black. We’re going to have a great time here!
Our flat is really nice as well! We are so so lucky! It’s huge! We each have our own bathroom which is nice. Don’t worry I’ve already organized the whole thing haha Sister Francis loves it! She is very clean which is a blessing. The other night we rearranged our bedroom to make more space. I’ll send pictures next week of the flat.
We don’t have too many investigators at the moment but we do have a nice pool of people that we are teaching. I can tell I am really going to love it here 🙂 The Lord know me so well!!
We have a Scotland West Conference coming up in a couple of weeks! I can’t wait! They’ve split Scotland into two groups, East and West, instead of ALL Scotland.

I can’t believe I’ve been out 10 months today! AHH!! I hope you enjoy all the pictures I sent! I haven’t taken any here yet but I will this week.
I love you all so much! Have a good week!
Love Sister Jones

New Address:

16 Davie Snedden Way
United Kingdom

Please write me!!!

Packages may be sent to the mission home 🙂


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