Week 45 Scotland

6 Aug
Dear Family and Friends,
My my I love Kilmarnock! We have had nothing but RUBBISH weather! It rains allll the time and it has been really windy which makes everything cold. But we had a few dry, sunny days which was lovely! This past week has been very eventful. I am still trying to get to know everyone in the ward. It’s not easy… haha but it’s a lot of fun.
We went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders; Sister Kline and Sister Ricks. I went to Irvine to be with Sister Kline! She is from Canada and has been out on her mission just a transfer before me. It was so funny because I had JUST gotten settled and moved in and then I had to pack an over night bag hahaha. Irvine was beautiful. (Those were the sunny days) We did a good amount of finding. I have discovered that I tend to get a little frustrated when people refuse to hear about the gospel… but at least we’re giving them the opportunity! Sister Kline and I had a good time together and I learned so much from her!
Saturday we taught a woman named Barbara. Sister Francis and Sister Pugh found her a little while back. She is in her 30’s and is so so sweet! We had a really good lesson with her. We got to know her better and she told us that she was hooked on drugs and alcohol for 20 years and has now been 3 years sober. She recognizes that God has played a huge part in her recovery. When we gave her a Book of Mormon to read she got so excited! We taught her how to pray and she said the prayer at the end of the lesson. The spirit was very strong! We are going over to teach her again this week. We really hope she progresses in the Gospel! It will be so good for her!
Saturday night we had dinner with Sister McInnes! She is such a wonderful lady in our ward. However, she just left today for a 3 month church service mission! She is so excited to serve! She is going down to the Preston Temple to work in the accommodations. She made such a lovely dinner and then gave us apple pie for dessert. So yummy!
We also visit a tiny old lady named Sister Hamilton who is 91 years old. She is a native to the Kilmarnock ward! She is so so sweet! She even gives us a bag of groceries every week! She is super cheeky and so hilarious. I hope I’m like that when I’m 91 hahaha
Church was really great yesterday! Fast and Testimony meeting was wonderful. Sister Francis and I had to teach Gospel Principles last minute! haha thankfully it went well. We taught a lesson on prayer. I am still trying to memorize all of the member’s names! I think I said “what’s your name?” about a hundred times! The Kilmarnock ward is wonderful. It’s small, but the members are so lovely.
Tomorrow is our Scotland West Conference! I am so excited! We will travel up to Glasgow in the morning and be there most of the day. It will be Glasgow Zone and us (Paisley Zone) President had asked us all to study Meekness to prepare… I can only imagine what the training will be on hahaha. It was good for me to study it the past few days. I have learned so much more about humility!
Everything is going well! I’m sorry this email is a bit short. Sister Francis and I are having a great time together! We seriously get along so well! I love her to bits!
I hope you all have a good week!! I love you all so much!
Love Sister Jones
P.S. My address is Davie SneddOn Way not SneddEn. Sorry I messed up haha

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