Week 46 Scotland

6 Aug
Dear Family and Friends,
This week was so great! I really hope I will have time to tell you everything about it!
Tuesday was the Scotland West Conference! Oh my word it was incredible! We traveled to Glasgow early that morning and before the meeting started, Sis Francis and I got together with some elders to practice our song. We sang “All Creatures of Our God and King” during one of the sessions of the conference. It was so fun to see familiar faces! It is so hard not to hug all the elders! haha The first thing President Brown said to us was “This conference has nothing to do with meekness. I had you study it so that you would be ready to be taught.” Very humbling! Elder Herbertson was our guest area 70. He is so so wonderful! He is from Scotland and he served his mission in Atlanta Georgia. He shared many stories about his mission. He talked about obedience and how we need to love the Lord in order to serve Him. I wish I had time to type out all the notes I took but I just cant. It’s really hard for me to describe how I felt during the conference! Sister Brown compared missionaries to Zion’s Camp. She said we are not to be discouraged! The Assistants had us take 10 minutes to write down WHY we’re serving a mission. It was a great time to reflect and to evaluate the WHY of it all. The spirit was so strong and it was very uplifting. I loved everything about it!!
Miracle story! We went out finding one morning near town and we talked to a woman named Janice. We talked with her about how to find true happiness. She said she was interested in finding out more! So we set up a time to see her. A couple nights later we went to her house for our appointment. She doesn’t have a phone number so we couldn’t confirm. So when we chapped the door she said she had forgotten we were coming and that she was on her way out. We talked with her a bit and set up a new time to see her. Then we gave her a Resortaion leaflet and asked her to read it before we meet with her again. She flipped through it and saw a picture of the Book of Mormon and said “hey two fellas gave me that book and I was in the middle of reading it and then my husband threw it out! I was so upset!” After talking about it more we figured out that it was our elders just a couple of months prior to when we found her! She said that they never came back and she had been waiting and waiting for them! Long story short… after talking with the elders, we discovered that her husband sent them away when they had returned. So we gave her a new copy of the Book of Mormon and she was so excited to start reading again! However, there is opposition in all things! When we went back for our appointment no one was home. We were so disappointed! We have a tiny feeling that the husband is preventing her progression towards salvation! But she is in our prayers and we are hoping to run into her again whether it be on the street or trying by her house time and time again. Isn’t it so cool how the Lord prepares His people? We were surprised that she didn’t recognise our badges but people automatically think we’re JWs hahaha
Our investigator Ann prayed!!! We taught her the Restoration and at the end of the lesson we asked her to pray. She was completely against it! After a looooong time of encouraging and testifying of the power of prayer she finally did it. The spirit was so strong! All she said was “Heavenly Father, is Joseph Smith a prophet? Amen” Afterwords she said she felt so great and that she loves it when we visit her! It has been very difficult to teach her lately and it has been hard for us to help her progress but after that lesson we really grew to love her and we were able to help her feel the spirit. It was so incredible! We are going to see her again this week!
I gave a talk in church yesterday!! Last week Brother White gave me the assignment and told me I had an open topic! That’s like Christmas for a missionary! haha It gave me the opportunity to really pray and ask the Lord what the Kilmarnock ward needed. I decided to talk a bit about missionary work! Go figure… but it was more so on the Book of Mormon. A part of our ward mission plan is to, as a ward, give 50 copies of the BOM throughout the year. I felt that the ward needed to have a better idea on HOW to give a nonmember a BOM. I think it went well! Some members even came up to me and said “wow I am much more motivated to share the Book of Mormon now!”
The Kilmarnock ward is getting much much more excited to do missionary work. We are trying our very best to help motivate the members to share the gospel. Many of the members are the only members in their family! We have been going around and getting to know all the members better and we have been going over the ward mission plan and helping them develop their own personal/family mission plan to contribute to the ward.
We have already schedule 5 dinner appointments this week! We are so so lucky to have such wonderful members! We also already have 7 member appointments, 7 less active appointments, and 4 investigator appointments with members committed to teach with us! It is so useful to do forward planning. Sister Francis and I we able to divide and conquer at church yesterday to make all these plans. We are being so blessed!
I love you all so much! Take care this week and talk to someone about the gospel!!!!!
Love Sister Jones

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