Week 47 Scotland

6 Aug

Dear Family and Friends,

Can you believe this transfer is already half way over? Missionary life moves way too quickly!
This week was pretty good. Sister Francis and I were tested with disappointments and trials! We handled them well and prayed much! Our friends haven’t been keeping their commitments and it is so heart breaking for us. But that’s the beautiful gift of agency!!
We’ve had some fun going around to most of the members helping them develop personal/family mission plans. The members are getting excited to do their missionary work! Seriously… members are so essential!!
We saw Karen Young and her sister on Saturday! It was so fun to see her! Especially to hear an American accent. Thank you for my fun gifts! I loved all of them!! 🙂 We went to a little cafe in town and it was delicious.
Later that day we went over to S. Sands house to help her paint but when we got the paint out (old paint from a year ago) it had gone bad! It wasn’t stored properly so it was a mucky mess. So since that didn’t work out we cleaned her kitchen instead! It needed some serious TLC but Sister Francis and I actually really love cleaning! Sister Francis is a pro at tackling dirty ovens and stoves. We spent a good 2 hours tackling the grease and grime! It was fun and S. Sands was so happy! We hope to go back soon and help her with the rest of her house.
We have had really bad weather! Lots of hail and sleet. It’s so weird for me! I have actually had to ask Sis F a few times if it was snowing haha I don’t know the difference! Yesterday it was beautiful! Sunny and dry 🙂 Scotland weather is so bipolar!
I had haggis!!!! It was actually really good! We had dinner with a family and they put it on the table like it was totally normal! hahaha but I ate it and I really enjoyed it! so obviously there is a good way to make it and I will definitely get the recipe! The rest of our dinner appointments went well. Everyone has been so good to us! We are being taken care of!
I have been reading in 2 Nephi and I am at all of the Isaiah chapters! I was dreading it but some how, as a missionary, I am able to understand some of it and it is really fun to study! I am FAR from understanding it completely but I am getting more out of it than I ever have before. I love the Book of Mormon!
Today we’re emailing at a members house because all of the computers are down at the library! ahh! I am so grateful for members!! Thank you to the Minchins 🙂
Well not much to report this week. It went by really fast! We couldn’t believe it was already pday again! I hope everyone has a good week! Take care! I love you all!
Love Sister Jones

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