Week 48 Scotland

6 Aug
Dear Family and Friends,
This week went by way faster than last week. I really can’t believe we are already in week 5! That means moves call is next Sunday! Sis Francis and I will most likely stay together. We would love that! But we will see! She only has two more transfers after this one so I’ll most likely kill her off! But you never know! The Lord always surprises us! I’m curious to find out what will happen though because we’re running out of sisters! I’m not sure how many are coming in. I’ll let you know next week 🙂
On Monday we did a FHE with a woman named Annette and her two girls Tianna and Remy. We read from the BOM about Lehi’s dream and the Tree of Life. We asked the girls to picture it and we tried to help them visualize the Iron Rod. Well Remy is 6 and is such a cute funny girl. While we were telling her that she needed to hold onto the rod to get to the tree she said “how about I just fly in a plane? Or I’ll get a boat so that I don’t fall in the river. Then I’ll eat all the fruit!” hahaha oh she is so cute! If only we could be like little children. We then explained that that would be too easy and Heavenly Father wants us to work for our salvation so that we can learn. “Ohhhh”, she says, “I’ll hold onto the rod then.”
There is a woman in our ward, Sis Bennie, that we have been reading the Book of Mormon with. It is so nice to just sit down and read together. I learn so much from doing that! That is why family scripture study is so great! Everyone should do it! Then you can read it on your own and learn even more. Last week we read 2 Nephi 26 with her and this morning I read it again because that’s where I happen to be. Reading it again was a whole new experience. It was as if revelation just flowed! I hope to share with her what else I learned!
Funny story!! There is another cute family in our ward, the Birchams, that we visit pretty often and this we saw them like 4 times! Pamela is the mom, Kelly is the daughter and Latoya is the granddaughter. Anyway, Pamela and Latoya went out of town so we went to see Kelly to keep her company and she asked us about cat labor! Their cat is pregnant and Kelly was paranoid that the cat would have her kittens while Pamela was gone! So she googled a bunch of stuff and found some things to look for. So Sis F and I were on the floor petting the cat and all of a sudden she did something strange and Kelly goes “is that a sign?!!” hahahaha we were dying! EVERYTHING the cat did Kelly would say “oh that’s a sign! It’s a sign!” hahaha hilarious. Then we figured out that the cat isn’t due for another couple of weeks so we’re safe hahaha I love the Birchams so much!!
I loved this so much I want to share it with all of you! (President’s weekly email):
“I love this time of the year when the daylight hours begin to increase more rapidly. I’ve noticed that it is almost light by 6.30am and it stays light until about 5.30pm now! The rate of increase in daylight hours will accelerate through the month of March – I love light – natural light and the light of the gospel which illuminates our way. Both physical light and spiritual light are important to our well being – physical light blesses our bodies and spiritual light blesses our souls.”
“Surely we wouldn’t want to shut out the light of Christ in our lives either – as it says in Psalms 119:105 “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” In the words of hymn 228 “You can make the pathway bright fill the soul with heaven’s light if there’s sunshine in your heart, turning darkness into day as the shadows fly away and your care will all depart if there’s sunshine in your heart today. If there’s sunshine in your heart, you can send a shining ray, that will turn the night to day, and your care will all depart, if there’s sunshine in your heart today”. I remember listening to a radio programme a few years ago where a lady from the Seychelles was being interviewed. She remarked that it was a happy place and the reason she gave was that the sun was always shining and everyone smiled! I know that we don’t get as much sunshine in Scotland and Ireland but we do have light and we do have the gospel light to lift our hearts – “Therefore, dearly beloved brethren [and sisters] let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed” (D&C 123:17). Be bright – be a light – with all your might!” –President Brown
It really is true! It is always gloomy and dull here but every so often the sun shines and it’s warm (but mostly from feeling the spirit… not temperature… yes I still wear two coats, two hats, boots and fleece leggings! #vegasgirl)
The Elders have a baptism on Friday! A sweet woman named Ruth. She is so lovely! The Elders have been teaching her and her son Dave. The ward is so excited for Ruth’s baptism! Especially the Relief Society! We are really looking forward to it!
Investigator wise we’re doing… ok. We don’t really have that many people that we’re working with. Things are moving a bit slow but we’re getting there. We have been visiting a lot of less actives and helping them remember the feelings of the spirit and encouraging them to come back to church. I love working with less actives but sometimes I lose my patience because I just want them to be happy and at church!
This past Sunday was really incredible for me. Everything at church was exactly what I needed. Missionaries need spiritual fulfillment too! In gospel principles we had a lesson on Sacrifices and it really touched me when we read the story of Abraham being told to sacrifice his son Issac. I couldn’t even read the paragraph because it made me so emotional. It made me think about what I am sacrificing to serve the Lord as a full-time missionary. Then in Sacrament meeting I was overwhelmed with the spirit as I took the sacrament. I thought about Heavenly Father having to sacrifice His son just as Abraham was about to do. I was comforted as I partook of the bread and the water. All of a sudden it meant so much more to me. For first time I was FILLED! I’ve always loved the sacrement and I understand what it means… but I never understood what it meant for ME.
I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for all that He has done for me. I love serving as a missionary! It’s really difficult at times. Especially with a baby neice on the way and my nephew growing up without me. But I know this is where I need to be! The Lord needs more missionaries! There are soooooo many of our brothers and sisters who need the gospel! Don’t be afraid to invite your friends to come unto Christ!
I love this gospel and I love all of you! Have a blessed week!!
Love Sister Jones

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