Week 51 Scotland

6 Aug
Dear Family and Friends,
What a wonderful week we’ve had! The Lord has blessed us in so many ways!
But before I begin I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Aubrey and Heather!!!!
And also Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Fun fact: Some folk say “Happy St. Patty’s Day!” It’s Paddy’s not Patty’s. This is a common mistake that us Americans make… Patty is short for Patricia and Paddy is short for Padhriag which is Irish for Pattrick! Cool huh? It isn’t celebrated as much here in Scotland so there’s not much going on.
Goodness where do I begin…..
Tuesday to Wednesday we went on exchanges! Sister Ricks came to Kilmarnock and it was just like old times! Oh my goodness I love her so much! We had a great time finding, teaching, and laughing hysterically at all of our funny/embarrassing stories from East Kilbride. I even cut her hair Tuesday night which was so much fun!
Wednesday, after we exchanged back, Sis F and I helped a member of our ward do some house work. She is a bit older so she needed us to clean the “low” stuff haha. I scrubbed the shower while Sis F scrubbed the carpets…. it was so much fun!!!! hahaha it’s so weird but Sis F and I seriously LOVE cleaning! You should see our flat! hahaha
Thursday was really fun because the Relief Society had a big dinner to celebrate the RS BDay. We had a really yummy 3 course meal! Lentil soup, chicken with haggis and veggies mixed with an AMAZING sauce (that was cooked for a WEEK!) and yummy trifle and magraing (sp?) for dessert. The food was cooked by the son of a member in the ward, Sister Stowe. Her son John is a fantastic cook and he did most of the work. However, John was recently diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and has been told that he won’t make it. This was his last big hoo-ra before he checks into the hospital. Sister Stowe is a faithful member that relies solely on the Lord and the Book of Mormon. She stood up in RS yesterday and thanked all the sisters for allowing her son to be our chef for the evening. It was quite emotional but the spirit was there and comforted us all.
Thursday was also our MIRACLE day!! We were out doing some finding by the church and we stopped a woman who was walking her dog. We initially stopped her and starting talking about how cute her dog is. (We do that sometimes just to get a convo going) Then we got to talking and introduced ourselves. Our Zone Leaders gave us a challenge to hand out 200 copies of the BOM this week so we have been really focusing on sharing this unique message. So we used the Book of Mormon as an approach to find out what she is looking for in life. She said she isn’t very religious but recently she has been wondering about God and that she has many unanswered questions… one being “what happens to us when we die?” Two of her brothers, a nephew, and her parents have all passed and she wanted to know where they are. We read a scripture about the spirit world which made her quite emotional. We gave her a copy of the BOM and set up a time to meet with her on Saturday. She was very interested and was excited to see us again. Her name is Evelyn! She is a bit older and live on her own with her cute dog!
So on Saturday we went to her home and taught her the Restoration! Before we began she asked us why there are so many churches around! She also had read the beginning of the BOM! She wanted more details about Joseph Smith. She also told us that she used to be an alcoholic and has been sober for 16 years and has also gone through breast cancer. She mentioned many experiences that she has had that have prepared her. While we were teaching she agreed with everything we had to say. It all made sense to her. Towards the end of our lesson I invited her to be baptized and she said yes!!! She also agreed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith as well as committed to attend church with us! At the end of the lesson we invited her to say the closing prayer. She was a little nervous at first but she did it! The spirit was so so strong!!!
Sunday she came to church!!!!!! All three hours! She really enjoyed it! RS was about the sacrament and in gospel principles Brother King taught the Plan of Salvation (because we asked him to! He’s so good) Then sacrament meeting was all about the Book of Mormon and finding out if it is true. How perfect!! Evelyn even sung along with the hymns and she said she felt really good. She says she has a lot of thinking to do because this is a lot to take in. But she is willing to keep learning and make these changes in her life! We are seeing her again on Tuesday with a member and she even told Bishop King that she will be at church again next week! We love Evelyn!!!
Heavenly Father has been so good to us! At the beginning of the transfer Sis F and I set a goal to have a baptism on April 13th. We are focusing on doing things that will lead to this baptism. We didn’t know who it would be but we knew the Lord would provide someone if we worked hard enough and prayed earnestly for it. We don’t know if Evelyn will be baptized on that day but we know that we were lead to her. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father trusts us to find His prepared children! We are so so grateful! Evelyn is so sweet and such a fun loving woman! We are so blessed to be teaching her!
I love you all so very much!!! Have a good week everyone!!!
Love Sister Jones

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