Week 52 Scotland

6 Aug
Dear Family and Friends,
ONE YEAR this week!!!! AHH! I can’t believe it has already been that long. Geez time flies by so fast.
We have had a really great week. Evelyn is progressing wonderfully. (wow that sounds like a line from “Father of the Bride 2” when the mom and daughter are both in labor! hahaha I guess my mind is just on Aubrey right now) Anyway… she’s progressing in the GOSPEL wonderfully!! We were able to extend a baptismal date….. and she accepted!! It was such a spiritual lesson. Brother King, our ward mission leader, taught with us and we went over the Plan of Salvation with her. When we gave her the date her eyes went so wide and she shook her head and laughed. Then Brother King invited her to take a minute to pray and ask Heavenly Father about it. So she bowed her head and the spirit filled the room. When she lifted her head and opened her eyes she smiled and nodded. We comforted her by telling her that we are going to do all we can to get her ready. The date is April 13th! The date that Sister Francis and I prayed about and consecrated as our “baptism goal”. We also figured out that we met Evelyn on March 13th! Awesome huh?! She came to church again yesterday and loved I!
We also had a ward social on Friday. It was so much fun!! Sister Minchin was in charge and she did a great job. It was “around the world in 90 minutes.” There were six different tables that represented six different countries. France, China, India, Italy, Hawaii (don’t worry they know it’s a state) and of course Scotland. Each table had food, facts, and an activity about the country. There were four different teams and we rotated to each country. Then with the activities, each team got points. Our team got second place! We even got certificates that say “I went around the world in 90 minutes!” It was a really great night and there was a good turn out. Evelyn went and she really enjoyed it. She said she had a brilliant time 🙂
We also had a pillow fight…. let me just tell you all about it! We were having dinner at the Birchams with the elders and once we were done eating, Pamela brought out the desserts which were cupcakes covered in tin foil. Kelly got the tin foil and bundled it up in a little ball and threw it at Elder Wu! Then it turned into a tin foil ball fight hahaha it was so funny! The elders were on one couch on one side of the room and sister F and I were on another couch on the other side of the room. Then at some point pillows got involved… then all of a sudden it broke out into a full on pillow battle!! Our couches became our defensive lines and there were pillows flying through the air one after the other. I think we all died just from laughter! Kelly came over to our side and Pamela and Latoya somehow joined with the elders. WE won!!! The elders think they did but they didn’t. Sister victory! hahaha I don’t know how long it lasted but it went on for ages. It was just soooo funny! It relieved a lot of stress as well! hahah and we only broke ONE glass table coaster! haha. When we left the elders and us decided it was awesome and totally worth it. So fun! Not a lot of missionaries can say they have done that.
Then Kelly gave us the challenge to see who can fit in the smallest space! Elder Goldie won that won. He fit into a fire place! I’ll send the pictures of me in my small spaces next week.
The past couple of days I haven’t been feeling too great. I think I have an infection somewhere. I talked to Sister Brown on the phone last night about it and she gave me some good advise. I’m just going to monitor my symptoms and rest if I need too. I have to be well for next weeks practice!!!
Yes next Monday and Tuesday I have to go to Edinburgh for choir practice!! There are 15 musical items; 9 of which are the whole choir. We have to learn it all so fast! We have practice Monday and Tuesday and then again the following week on the 9th and then the performances are the 10th through the 12th! Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee. In Edinburgh we are also performing at a Cathedral! I am so excited!
Speaking of which… I might only have a short amount of time to email next Monday because we have to travel to Edinburgh but I will be SURE to email! Baby Andersen is coming!!!!!
My birthday is next Monday! Baby Holland will be my gift and that is all I need! I love her already!!!
Really wonderful things are happening here in Kilmarnock. I love it here so much! The sun is out longer and the weather is starting to warm up. UK Mother’s Day is this Sunday and the clocks change this Sunday as well! I wish I could Skype this Sunday! But May is just around the corner!
We have Zone Interview Training tomorrow which means interviews with President! I love meeting with him. He really is like my dad away from dad hahaha. I’m excited for the training as well! I love learning from the AP’s, STL’s and ZL’s. Our zone leaders asked us all to bring an extra pair of socks… so that’ll be interesting! haha I’ll let you know what happens with that.
I hope you all have a really good week! I love you all so much! Best wishes to my beautiful sister Aubrey! Keep her in your prayers!
Love Sister Jones

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