Week 53 Scotland

6 Aug
Dear Family and Friends,
Hello to all!! I must say I am having THE BEST DAY ever!! For one, it’s my birthday and that’s always fun. And two, I’m an Aunt again!!!! Baby Holland is so so so so so SOOOOO CUTE!!! I’m so proud of myself…. I’m not even crying yet!! Goodness Aubrey is such a trooper!! Congratulations to Aub and Sean 🙂
At the moment I am here in Irvine with the STL’s, Sister Ricks and Sister Jones. We only have about 45 minutes to email so this will be short! We have to catch a train to Glasgow and then another train to Edinburgh! The weather is so so beautiful! Straight up perfect day 🙂 The sisters made me breakfast this morning and gave me a HUGE card. That was really fun. (Thank you mom and dad for the gift you sent!!!! I’m wearing the scarf today!) We will be in Edinburgh until tomorrow evening. I’m excited for the practices!
We’ve had a pretty good week… well sorta haha I got super sick!!! :/ I developed a pretty bad infection and also a sore throat and bad cough. Sister Brown said I needed to see a doctor to be safe. So I went to the dr on Thursday and he gave me a prescription; an antibiotic that lasts for 5 days that would help the infection and cough. This antibiotic WIPES me out!! Ugh it makes me feel so gross inside and really tired. I have to take one in the morning and one at night. Then Friday we stayed in most of the morning because I was feeling crummy. Then at coordination meeting Bro King asked if I would like a blessing. So him, Elder Goldie and Elder Grant gave me a blessing! It was wonderful and made me feel better in general. I love the priesthood!!! Then we just went home for the night so I could rest. Then on Saturday I felt TERRIBLE!!! I was really congested and just felt like crums at the bottom of a cereal box. So I slept in for a long while then got up to get ready because we were scheduled to teach Evelyn! (I’ll get back to her story) Then after the lesson I still felt bad so we went home for the rest of the day and I took medicine which made me sleep for the rest of the day!!!! Sunday morning came and I felt loads better! It was Mother’s Day here so church was very special. All the women got flowers and treats. Then the Raeburns gave us 3 big bags full of food! BLESSING! They gave 3 bags to the Elders as well which is so so nice of them! They do it every other week almost. They are so generous. We saw Sister Fulton (our less active that we visit every Sun) and then headed to Irvine! And now I’m here! So not too much to report really.
Evelyn’s lesson was so awesome! We taught her the Word of Wisdom! She smokes (but has been trying to quite) and drinks tea and coffee. We had Bro. King with us which was so helpful. She understood and agreed with everything that we shared. We asked her how she wanted to go about quiting and she decided she would just go cold turkey! I then asked her if we could take all the bad stuff out of her house and she said yes! So she got a bag and just went all around her house and filled it up with cigarettes, lighters, ash trays, tea bags, coffee beans, even her sugar! (Because she only used it for her tea haha) And the best part was that she was singing as she did it!! She felt better already! It was so fun! Bro King took care of the bag afterwords (could you imagine two sister missionaries carrying a bag like that around?? hahahaha!! People would probs be way confused.) Evelyn is doing so wonderful! She is excited for her baptism and she is really looking forward to conference this weekend! AHH I am so excited for conference!!! Isn’t it so wonderful that we get to hear our prophet speak?! Be grateful that yous get it on TV…. we don’t. So it’s either travel to the stake center which is forever far away or watch it online. We are going to member’s homes to watch it with them online. Thank goodness for technology!
Well I love you all so so much! Congratulations again to the new parents! I am such a proud Auntie!!! I also feel a lot of pressure to have my first baby on the 30th!! hahaha! I hope you all have a good week! Please send more pictures of the wee one!!!
Love Sister Jones

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