Week 54 Scotland

6 Aug
Dear Family and Friends,
Well this week was wonderful. My birthday couldn’t have gone any better!! After emailing, the sisters and I headed to Edinburgh! It took a while to get there because we took the longer trains… but we were able to write letters which was nice. We took two trains; one from Irvine to Glasgow and another from Glasgow to Edinburgh. As we were getting off of the train in Edinburgh, Sister Jones and Ricks realized they left their bags on the the other train back in Glasgow!! AHH!! It was so sad! But we pressed on and just trusted that it would be sorted out. So from the train station we walked to the mission home which is quite a distance and a bit uphill. Plus we were super late!!! I don’t really know how that happened… I think it’s because we took a different train than what our zone leaders had planned for us… haha oops! But we got there so that’s what matters! First we went into the mission home to talk to one of the senior missionaries about the lost luggage. We got it sorted! (the Edinburgh STL’s were able to drive to Glasgow and collect the luggage and the sisters got them back that night… tender mercy!) Sister Ricks was making sure EVERYONE knew it was my birthday! haha she is so sweet! So I must say I was getting a lot of attention! Then we headed over to the stake center for practice (45 minutes late!) In the parking lot we say President and Sister Douglas and Sister Pugh (I took her place here in Killie) When Sis Douglas and I saw each other we both screamed and ran and hugged and all that good stuff when you see someone you haven’t seen in a while! President Brown just laughed and thought it was so cute. It was so good to see her!!! She isn’t in the choir but her area is super close. I also got to see Sister Robertson!!! That was a joy as well!! I also got to meet my other sister, Sis Crawely! Is fits right in with the rest of us haha. Goodness I love my family!
Practice went really well! The choir is about 30 missionaries and I must say… we sound dang good!! We were able to accomplish a lot! We practiced ALL day Monday from 4 to 9. We went over to the mission home for dinner which was a traditional average Scottish dinner. While I was eating it I realized “gosh I am really used to this food… I’m going to have a major culture shock when I go home!” hahaha During dinner Sister Brown brought out a birthday cake!!! Everyone sang “Happy birthday” (in all four parts which was cool) and there was an exploding candle on my cake! It was wonderful and the cake was delicious.
Tuesday was filled with more rehearsals! We practiced from 9:15 until 5! We had a yummy lunch in between. (mission home food is like SO GOOD!!!) Rehearsal was great but it was SO STRESSFUL!! I felt like I was in high school again practicing for our spring competitions! But it was good fun!
This week I will travel with the Irvine sisters again (Sis Jones and Sis Ricks) Sis Francis will be with the Ayr sisters again (Sis Steed and Sis Caswell) We’re all meeting here in Killie on Wed morning and the Irvine sisters and I will take a train to Glasgow where we will have a last rehearsal from 12 to 8! (long day) Sis Fran and the Ayr sisters will go back and forth between areas during the week. Our first performance will be in Glasgow. We will stay in a hotel that night and then go to Dundee on Friday, stay in a hotel, and then go to Edinburgh on Saturday. I will travel back to Killie Sunday morning and then Evelyn’s baptism will be Sunday afternoon!! (I’ll talk about her more in a bit) During this week and during the concert tour I will have a temporary companion! Sister Mills! (It’s almost like a mini moves call/super long exchange) I am really really excited about this week!!! I can’t wait for others to hear the sacred words contained in the beautiful songs we are singing! Seriously, the songs are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! They will record the Edinburgh performance and I will get a copy and send it home so you all can see!! I’ll be sure to wear my cutest outfit that day 🙂 Also, during the time that we don’t have rehearsal for performances, we get to proselyte! That’ll be fun because we’ll be in new areas.
I just have today and tomorrow here in Killie with Sis Fran! Sunday is also moves call!!! AHH!! Transfers go by SO FAST! We are pretty certain we will stay here together because Sis Fran only has one transfer left.
Evelyn is doing absolutely wonderful!! After our awesome wow lesson she was having a hard time and started smoking again. But the Godly sorrow that she felt was more painful than anything! She felt so so bad! So we helped her through it and provided her with a “Stop Smoking Program” with 15 steps. She started it right away and now I am proud to say… She has completely stopped smoking!!!!!!! Her last cigarette was Friday night! She was so happy when she told us! She went out and bought a bunch of things that can distract her… like juice, mints, crisps, chocolate hahah just anything else she can put in her mouth besides poison! We have taught her just about everything and she is so excited for her baptism! Also, her sister said she would come!!!!! That is a huge deal because at first she said that she wouldn’t. Evelyn’s birthday was on Saturday! She is now 58 🙂 (I hope she doesn’t mind that I told you! haha) Evelyn will have her baptismal interview this Thursday in Glasgow and then she is staying for the concert!!!! YAY!
General Conference was SO GOOOOOOOOD!! It really is like the Superbowl for missionaries haha. On Sat we went over to Dave and Ruth’s house with the Elders (Ruth just got baptized and Dave is getting baptized this Friday!! They are mother and son… the elders taught them) We watched the Sat morning session and then they fed us dinner! Then on Sun we went over to Evelyn’s house and sis Minchin picked us up and took us to her house so we could watch the General Women’s session. Evelyn really enjoyed it but she was really anxious to hear the prophet speak! Sis Minchin made homemade soup and homemade bread! YUM! Then we took Evelyn home (she didn’t want to watch ALL of conference because it’s a bit long for a first timer haha) Then we went to Dave and Ruth’s house again and watched the Sat Afternoon session with them and the Elders. (I was a bit exhausted so I think I missed a talk or two… but it was still so so good) Then we went back to Evelyn’s and walked with her to the McAteers where we watched the Sunday Morning session… by far my favorite!! Oh it was so good!!! It was like boom-boom-boom, Ballard-Stevenson-Bednar, then BOOM—PROPHET! Loved it!! Evelyn realy enjoyed it as well!! Since she has read a lot of the Book of Mormon (She is in Jacob!) she was able to connect with all of the Nephi comparisons and so on. Afterwords she said that it answered a lot of her questions and she felt really good as she watched it. (side not: she really LOVES Joseph Fielding Smith because she has been reading his book from RS! We told her there is more! haha) It was also really great that we were able to watch conference with her in members homes… that was the best. The spirit was very strong and it made her feel much more comfortable and it’s helping her gain relationships with her fellow brothers and sisters in her ward family!
Is is super nervous for her interview and baptism but she is also really excited. We did a mock interview and she felt so much of Heavenly Father’s love. Also, when we taught her about tithing we said “so now we’ll explain where all the money goes..” and she said “oh! I already know… I already read that part in the Gospel Principles book” then she told us and worded everything perfectly! haha she is soaking up the gospel so much and she LOVES it!!!!
The McAteers have invited us and the Elders to FHE bowling night!! (It’s to celebrate my birthday since we weren’t able to go last week) They also invited Evelyn and she is coming! It should be loads of fun! Then later we are going back over to Dave and Ruth’s for dinner (it’s pizza night!) and to watch the last session of Conference.
I hope everyone gets to catch up on the wonderful inspired messages that our leaders gave given us! Confernce is only twice a year!!!! We are so lucky to be able to hear from our prophet. I also hope that everyone will start telling me about what you’re learing in Preach My Gospel… 🙂 I will do the same! Today Sis Fran and I read chapter 11: FOLLOW UP! hahaha we wanted to make sure we were doing what Elder Ballard expects of us.
I love you all and hope you all have a great week!!
Love Sister Jones
P.S. I have THE CUTEST niece and nephew… I don’t want to hear any different… seriously… they are the CUTEST!!!! #proudauntie

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