Week 55 Scotland

6 Aug
Dear Family and Friends,
What a week it has been! I hope I can remember all of the details… Every day seems to mesh together as a missionary so that doesn’t help. It was so FUN!!!! But I will start with Evelyn.
Her baptism has been postponed until May 4th. Reason being she needs to be completely off cigarettes. It’s been an amazing process for her. She LOVES the gospel and is really enjoying keeping the commandments because they bring her so much happiness. Her interview with President Brown was scheduled for Thursday but she started smoking again on Monday. When we went to see her on Tuesday she seemed so sorrowful and disappointed in herself. We had a good talk about it all and decided together that postponing the baptism would be the best choice. She wants to be completely free from the addiction (and it’s necessary) We asked her to pick a new date. She sat for a moment looking at a calender and then chose May 4th. She said it just kept popping out at her and it felt right. Before we asked if she was sure she was already writing it in! haha so I suggested that we kneel in prayer and ask Heavenly Father if May 4th is when she needs to be baptized. The three of us kneeled down in her living room and Evelyn offered the most beautiful prayer. She expressed how sorry she was and pleaded for forgiveness. She prayed for the strength to resist temptation and the courage to move forward and not dwell on her mistakes. She became very emotional and there was such a sweet pirit surrounding us. After they prayer she was overcome with emotion and cried and cried then asked us for a cuddle. So we all just sat on the floor and held each other close. It was such a wonderful experience that I will never forget. She wants to be baptized so bad! Then we just stayed on the floor because we all have bad knees and couldn’t get up haha we helped her feel better by talking about the different sizes and colors of the scriptures she can get hahaha. She understand the powers of the Atonement and she has felt her Father’s love for her. Her testimony is growing each day and she is learning so much.  We’re going to help her the best way that we can! That night we phoned President and asked him if he would meet with her anyway and help her more with repentance. He said he would love to!
So on Thursday she got a lift from the McAteers to Glasgow and she meet with President. They had a wonderful meeting! He went through the questions with her and discussed everything. She said afterwords that she felt so good about it! She also said they both had their hankies out! cute. President also told me that he thinks Evelyn is a wonderful woman who is very ready for baptism. It was all just so wonderful! After the interview she stayed for the concert and she LOVED it!
Last night we went over to her house and watched the Restoration DVD with her so that she could get a better visual of what happened. (I always get kinda nervous watching it with some people because I’m afraid they’ll think it’s fake haha) But she LLLOOOOVVVVEEEDD it! The first thing she said when it ended was “He was an amazing man. He had so much courage and he never quit. I’m am so grateful for Joseph Smith.” What a beautiful testimony! We love Evelyn so much!!!! She really is so great! She also told us last night that she had her last cigarette and doesn’t want to buy anymore! Pray for her!!!!
Bowling was way fun last Monday! (pictures included) Sister McAteer bought a Bday cake to celebrate my bday and Evelyn’s (April 5th) and Sis Francis (May 5th… a bit early haha) It was so much fun! The Elders won (of course) and our shoes were awesome.
The Easter concerts were FABULOUS!! I left for Glasgow with the Irvine sisters Wednesday morning. We had practice ALLLL DAY! So there isn’t much to say about that. We had our very own tour bus!! A big posh coach bus. Our bus driver was Jim. He was really nice. We stayed in a hotel that night. Sis Cuff and Sis McCarrey were my roommates! It was so fun! In the morning for exercise all the sisters went out and did aerobics while all the Elders played football. (soccer) Thursday we practiced all day again and then it was the performance!! It went really well! Actually it went better than I thought… the actual performance was the FIRST time that we went through the whole thing without stopping! Some members of the Kilmarnock ward were there to be with Evelyn and support me 🙂 There was also a member of the East Kilbride ward! Shona! It was so good to see her again!
We stayed in Glasgow another night and then Friday morning we traveled to Dundee. It took about 2 hours. We practiced some more and then had a performance in St. Paul’s Cathedral. That was cool!!! (sorry I didn’t take pictures… just imagine a great and spacious building) We only did some of the songs. Then we went to the stake center and practice some more. I had an emotional break down at some point because I was super stressed out (it kinda felt like high school) But I was fine once I let it all out! Sister Ricks helped with that. Love her. Then that night we had our performance at the stake center. I didn’t meet Bro Clancy’s cousin! I was kinda hoping someone would come up to me afterwords and say “I know/am related to someone who lives in Vegas now… blah blah blah” but it didn’t happen. So either he met the other sister Jones or he wasn’t able to come. Oh well!
We stayed in a hotel in Dundee that night this time I was with Sister Mills!
Saturday we went to Edinburgh!! The most beautiful place in Scotland! I seriously love Edinburgh. We had a performance in St Giles Cathedral…. a HUGE and spacious building!!! (I took a pic in front) It was so BIG!! We had to listen to a sermon before our performance. That was… interesting. It was only 15 minutes long and I’m sure the things he read from the Bible were true but it just didn’t feel right. Then he announced the performance. There were a couple hundred people there! Tons of tourists. That performance was AMAZING!! Our voices echoed through the whole cathedral and the spirit was so strong! We had so much energy and the audience was so moved. There weren’t many dry eyes. It was such a great experience!
That night we had our performance in the Edinburgh stake center. However, we were all completely EXHAUSTED!! Our practice before hand was rubbish haha. We all used so much energy in St. Giles Cathedral. But by the time the performance came was sparked up and had a great last performance. It was recorded so I’ll be sending a copy soon.
It was so wonderful to be a part of! We all became such great friends and we all had so much fun. It was a bit strange because we weren’t doing “normal” missionary work but I know that it softened alot of hearts and brought the spirit into many lives. It was a little stressful and it really felt like a high school choir trip… but I loved it. It taught me so much!
President Brown was able to attend all of the performances… he cried every time! (President Eyring Syndrome is what he calls it hahahaha)
Saturday night we all stayed in the mission home. It really felt like home and we all felt like family. We all sat around the HUGE dinning room table and talked with one another, told jokes, and wrote in journals and t-books. At one point I just sat next to sister Brown and asked her for a mom hug. Then, near the end of the night President said it was time for bed but first we would sing a hymn and have a family prayer. We sang “I’ll go where you want me to go.” (becuase moves call was the next night) Then President Brown said the prayer and it was so sweet! I totally broke down and the spirit whispered things to me that I really needed to hear. It was a humbling experience that I know was necessary for my growth here on earth.
It was a great week that I will never forget!!!! Sister Ricks and I spent a lot of time together and talked a lot about our future! hahaha Also, I had to say goodbye to Sister Rob! AHH! It was so sad! I’m not going to see her again until my homecoming! We both cried (gosh there is a lot of crying in this email hahaha)
I love you all so much!! I always talk about my family to everyone I meet! Everyone here knows that SISTER JONES LOVES HER FAMILY!!! I hope you all have a good week!!
Love Sister Jones
P.S. Sister Francis and I are staying together!!! Which means I get to kill her off!! haha!!

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