Week 57 Scotland

6 Aug
Dear Family and Friends,
What a week it has been! I totally forgot to mention in my last email about our wee trip to Dean Castle! We went last pday with the Elders. Dean Castle is basically in our backyard haha. It’s Kilmarnock’s little pride and joy. We even went on a tour! We only got to see two rooms but it was really cool to hear about all the history of this wee town.
The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately!!!! It is starting to warm up which is so nice! It’s been a lot more dry as well. Today I don’t even have a coat on 🙂 Oh my gosh!!
Yesterday we had Zone Development! President just announced it recently. We have ZD every second Monday of every transfer from 10am-9pm. Yep, ALL DAY! Then we have the following Tuesday for prearation; cleaning, shopping, and email until 3pm and no District Meeting. So we don’t prosylite at all on Monday and then we only have a half of a day on Tuesday (today). A WHOLE day for FUN! What is that?! hahaha! It was totally weird and strange yesterday but we had a blast! The purpose of it is to have fun and relieve stress as well as unifying ourselves as a zone! Our zone, the Paisley Zone, has 27 missionaries. So yesterday we meet at the Ayr chapel. Us and the Elders traveled over to Ayr in the morning. Luckily it was just one bus. Our first activity was a modern art competition! We split up into 5 groups and got to paint! Our group was us, the elders, and sis Ricks and Jones. We painted Noah’s Ark being attacked by Nessie! hahaha All of the paintings were quite graphic and groosum actually… interesting isn’t it? I guess it’s a way to relieve stress! hahahaha Then we went Go Carting!!! A really nice member from the Ayr ward paid for it! SO NICE!! We took a bunch of trips in just two cars getting everyone to the place. Then when we were there we went in groups. Us four sisters went last. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! I havne’t driven in a whole year so that was great… and we got to go really fast! hahaha it was a blast! Then we all headed back to the church and went outside to a big field and a big group of Elders played Rugby and the rest of us had an awesome game of ultimate frizbee! We also played a lot of chair football. It was so fun! On the way back into Kilmarnock us and the elders stopped at a really yummy ice cream place in town. It was delicious! GREAT DAY!
My exchange with Sister Jones was great! We didn’t get as many confused looks as I thought we would haha. Sis. Jones is such a great missionary! She tought me so much. We were really focusing on finding and it went well. We didn’t really have much success but we were able to talk with many people.
Evelyn in doing wonderful! However, we’ve taken her baptismal date away. She is just going to focus on quitting smoking and then once that is out of the picture we will set a date. Having a count down kinda stresses her out which then in return makes her smoke more. But her desire is still there and she is stonger than ever! She wants to be baptized so badly! She is doing EVERYTHING she can to quite smoking. She has already made a HUGE improvement so we’re only moving forward from here. A member went down to the temple this past week and bought Evelyn sciptures!! Well Evelyn gave her the money haha but now she has her very own quad!! And she LOVES it! The day she got them we took her on a little “scipture tour” and explained everything about the standard works. She is so excited to do her studies!
Sister Francis got pretty sick in the middle of the week so we had two days in the flat. She is doing much better now and is on the mend! She only has 3 weeks left! 😦  It is so weird to me that she is leaving!
We had a day when EVERYTHING canceled but it turned out to be a really great day. We went to visit a member of our ward in the hospital. She is one of the 92 year olds. She had pneumonia! But we were able to lift her spirits and she loved our visit. She told us all about the hallucinations she was having from her strong medicine hahaha they were pretty funny. She is home now and doing better 🙂
Us and the Elders sang in church!! We sang the EFY medly. It was for the prelude music. It went really well and everyone loved it so much! I’m kinda sad it’s over but the elders are happy it is hahaha.
I love you all sooooo much!! Have a good week!!!
Love Sister Jones

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