Week 58 Scotland

6 Aug
Dear Family and Friends,
Well…. yous are in for a real treat!! SO much as occurred this week. It’s been sad but so so good!!
Last Thursday we got an interesting phone call from President Brown. Sister Francis has been having a hard time lately and the Sister Training Leaders were a bit concerned for her so they let him know. Then on Thursday he phoned and asked Sis. Francis if she would like to move to another area for the last 3 weeks of her mission. She wasn’t very sure so she said she’d call him back. We discussed it for a while and decided that would be probably be best for her to move. President felt it would be best as well. We decided we weren’t going to tell anyone because we weren’t sure where and when and all that jazz. So then thursday evening we got another call telling us she would move in the morning! She packed really fast and only got to say goodbye to a few people. It was a bit heart renching because we felt like we were to blame for all the moves within other companionships. I felt like some of it was my fault and I was to blame. It was a hard 24 hours that’s for sure. Friday morning came and Sister Ricks and Sister Ashdown (they were on exchanges) took us to breakfast. Sister Ricks then told us that the moves needed to happen because another sister was going home due to health problems. We felt a lot better about that. A senior couple drove us to Edinburgh that morning. It was about a two hour drive. We got to the mission home and made the switch. (Try to keep up with this next bit) S. Henkel was training S. Zollinger in Alloa and S. Zollinger is the one who needed to go home. So S. Francis went to Alloa to be with S. Henkel until she goes home. I was going to get a mini missionary. The mini missionary was in the Alloa ward and Pres. didn’t want her to be in her own ward but she still has some school exams so she can’t be too far away. So that meant she need to go to Edinburgh with S. Adams. Which means that her comp came here. So now I am with… Sister Larsen!!!
She is from Colorado and she came out a transfer before I did. She goes home in August. She is absolutely fantastic!! We get along so well and I love her so much! We are having a blast here in Killie! It’s been a weird weekend that’s for sure. I’ve been two days behind all week! I think I’m finally settled now though haha. Pres told her to bring just a couple weeks worth of clothes and things but he still doesn’t know what could happen at moves. So as of right now Sis Larsen is only my companion until the end of the transfer which is May 21st. But you never know what could happen!!! Sister Larsen really loves it here and wants to stay. I want her to stay too! But we’ll see.
Last Wednesday I wasn’t feeling very well so we stayed in all day. I had a bit of stomach pain. But it turned out I was fine! At some point in the day I was feeling ok so I colored half of my hair. Yes half haha so the bottom half is a bit darker than the top hahaa. A lady in the ward is going to give me a hair cut next Monday!
We have a Scotland West Conference tomorrow! I am really excited for that! It will be in Glasgow just like last time. It’s always a great opportunity to learn and grow and become more motivated for the work.
Yesterday we went to Loch Lomond!! Members took us. Since yesterday was a bank holiday and we didn’t email, we had a long pday. So Vera and Gemma Watt (mother and daughter) took us to see the Loch! It was about an hours drive. We went to a place called Luss just at the bottom of the Loch. It was so beautiful! It was a bit overcast and it rained for a few minutes but it was still stunning. We walked around for a bit and looked through a wee gift shop. Then we got hot chocolate in a cute cafe. It was a great girls day out! Vera and Gemma are so sweet! Sister Larsen and I were totally shattered when we got home!
When we got there, there was a peir that we walked out on. We passed a small group of teenagers and we noticed that they were whispering and pointing. We assumed we were being made fun of because we’re used to that haha. Even the Watts were noticing and getting annoyed. We told them it didn’t matter and just deal with it. It’s normal haha. Then a boy came over to us and said “what are the badges for?” …oh geez here we go… Sis. Larsen responded and told him we were missionaries. Then he just walked away. Then the Watts got really mad haha. Then a woman (probs his mom) came over to us. In my mind I thought “really? An adult is going to come say something now?” Then she smiled and said “Sisters! I’m from the Edinburgh stake! My son just left on his mission on Tuesday!” Then a whole crowd gathered around us and said hello. Turns out they are all family and were on a little holiday/family reunion. hahahahaha! We were so confused!!! We kinda felt like celebraties haha. One of the boys is really good friends with Elder Goldie so that was cool hahaha. It was just wierd. Take a mental note everyone… don’t treat missionaries like you don’t know who they are! Just be kind and tell them you are a member and that you appreciate them 🙂 hahaha
Evelyn is doing great! She was really really sad when Sis. Francis left but she is doing well. She is working very hard on quiting smoking! She continues to make progress each day. She even joined a wee club with one of our less actives. They gave her a bunch of free stuff which is totally cool haha. Our ward mission said to go ahead on the rest of the lessons so we’re excited to teach her even more! She loves the BOM! We also might have a ward fast for her! She can feel your prayers and is very grateful for all the love everyone has for her.
My health is ok! Sister Brown is aware of all my weird symptoms I have been having and we’re figuring out what to do. I might go see a dr soon just to confirm anything. But I am totally fine! It’s not hindering the work which is really good. Just keep me in your prayers 🙂
I love you all so very much!! I hope everyone has a great week!
Love Sister Jones
Skype Info
Us and the Elders will be skyping at Dave and Ruth’s house! We are going over there right after church for skype and a BBQ!
I will be skyping at 4pm so that means it will be 8am your time! I will be skyping from MY account so just log into either Aubrey or Kyles account. I already have them added so it’ll simple and quick. (Also, I have 1 hour. I need to be obedient so help me stick to it!) I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!! So excited to see those babies!!!!
P.S. Watch this!!! http://18lives.org/ Sister Larsen’s sister is one of the main girls in it! And her parents are the two sitting on the bed reading scriptures. So cool!!!!!

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