Week 60 Scotland

6 Aug
Dear Family and Friends,
Let me just tell you about moves call! It was so stressful!! Moves call was this morning instead of last night and it was really exciting but we were so anxious! It was from 8-11:30am and, as you probably know, that is mostly study time. Well…. we were so unfocused! hahaha it was difficult to concentrate. Plus we were LAST! We finally got the call around half 11 and President told us that…….
WE’RE STAYING TOGETHER!!!! yayayayayaya!!
We are so happy and very relieved! Because of the e-move, Pres. Brown told Sis Larsen only to bring some of her things because he hadn’t started praying about and making plans for next moves. But he had told her that anything could happen! This morning President Brown was so cute on the phone… He goes “well I guess the Lord needs Sister Larsen to stay in Kilmarnock… I just wish He told me that sooner so that she could’ve taken all of her things!” hahaha! So on Wednesday we have to make a trip up to Edinburgh so she can pack the rest of her stuff and move it all down and get more settled. That should be fun!
Our sweet Elder Goldie is leaving us! He is going to Dunfermline. Elder Donaldson is coming here to be with Elder Wu. We’re excited to welcome him into our Killie family!
We had a mini exchange with the Sisters from Wednesday to Thursday. They came to Killie to blits the area. It was really fun to be with them and to accomplish a great deal. We always have a really good time together!
The weather here has ben so bipolar! It is sooooo warm now! We sleep with the window open every night and I haven’t been wearing my coat. But every so often it will rain loads and be really chilly. It’s an interesting country haha but we love the sun! Sis Larsen isn’t really used to the heat so she has been boiling. I’ve been in heaven!!! hahha #vegasgirl
We’ve already decided that we are going to make this next transfer the best! We need to find more investigators!
Speaking of which, Evelyn is doing wonderful!! She struggled a bit this past week. She is still trying to quit smoking. It has been really hard for her. Satan is just so terrible! We had really great lessons with her this past week and all of our joint teaches were just what she needed. The members love her and are so supportive! Yesterday at church she seemed really down. She is really hard on herself sometimes.
Us and other members fasted for her yesterday so that she wouldn’t have the strength and determination to stop smoking.
Church was all about the Book of Mormon and scripture study and gifts of the spirit. Then last night we had a lesson with her. Sis Larsen and I have been feeling like we need to help Evelyn draw closer to the Savior. Really help her get to know Him. So we watched “Finding Faith in Christ”. Then afterwords she just started telling us that she was prompted in church that she needs to read and study more and learn more about Christ.
Sister Larsen and I know that, through the power of fasting, Evelyn was able to open her heart to the Spirit and was able to receive revelation about HOW to gain the strength to stop smoking. She is so determined! Her countenance changed drastically during our lesson. She has grown so much! Her life is totally different then the way it was! She is doing wonderful and loves the gospel more and more every day. She is still reading the Book of Mormon and is already half way through 3 Nephi! And as of last night she has just started the New Testament.
I am also reading the New Testament. It is such a great way to learn about Christ’s life and all that He has done for each and every one of us. I am so grateful for my Savior.
I read Alma 26 this morning and was very touched by Ammon’s testimony. I pictured him standing in front of the High Council on a Sunday morning reporting his mission. I hope I can learn as much as possible like he did. I hope I can leave my mission with a testimony like his. I have loved all of the experiences that I have been through and I have learned so much. My testimony only grows stronger each day as I study and teach. A member of the seventy quoted on this chapter and mentioned that there is NO WAY Joseph Smith could have made that up because only missionaries know what it’s like to be a missionary.I am so impressed and very grateful for the service of my own family. 18 missions! Wow! So many seeds have been planted and many plants have grown, I have no doubt. I hope that all of the great grandchildren will choose to serve a mission. The Lord needs more missionaries! Especially during the years to come. This work is so amazing. It is absolutely essential! Share this beautiful message with everyone you meet!
I love you all so much!!! Have a good week!
Love Sister Jones
P.S. Sister Ricks is going to Kirkaldy! She is taking Sis Robertson’s place! Sis Rob goes home on Wednesday! 😦 AHH!! And now I only have 3 tranfers left….. woof.

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