Week 65 Scotand

6 Aug
Dear Family and Friends,
Happy Birthday to my dear sweet grandma!! 90 years is a long time! I am so grateful for her! She is an outstanding example of love. Love towards family, friends, and Heavenly Father and His son. I appreciate her so much! All because of her and grandpa our family has come to know the gospel. Do we really know what we have?
This week has been great! Not one drop of rain!!!! Everything is getting dry and it’s been super HOT! I can handle heat but I don’t really like walking around in it all day. But hey ho we get through it! It’s cooled down the past couple of days so it hasn’t been terrible.
I forgot to mention last week about our Book of Mormon goal! Our zone goal was 91 copies and by the end of the week we gave out a total of 104 copies!!! Heavenly Father blessed us with those opportunities.
On Saturday we saw the Queen’s message in the baton!!! We don’t know a whole lot about it. The town was super busy and covered with decorations, booths, and loads of families. There was a baton relay that passed through. We were on our way home for dinner and say tons of people lined up along the street waiting for the runners and walkers haha. Sister Larsen and I were craving chocolate so we went and got a candy bar and headed in the direction of home. We passed through a small group of people that were taking pictures of some guy and there were some police men standing about. After we passed through them Sister Larsen said “do you think we just passed by someone who is really important?” um ya…we discovered we passed right by one of the baton holders! hahahaha so we stood with all the people and watched! I asked a couple to tell me what was going on because we didn’t really get it. Basically the Queen writes a message and then puts in a baton. Then they have relays (walking… the baton in HUGE! Kinda looks like a torch) ALLL month all the way from Buckingham Palace to Glasgow where they read the message during the opening ceremony of some games that they have. I still don’t really get it. Anyway, it was really exciting and it was really cool to watch! We felt so important! hahahahaha good fun.
President and Sister Brown came to the Kilmarnock ward yesterday! It was such a pleasure to have them there! They both gave great talks in sacrament meeting. President came to interview Evelyn. She wanted to talk with him about some things so he made a special trip just for her. So nice! President gave a talk about obedience. Reading our scriptures daily, praying daily, and attending church are what help us to remain obedient and strong in the gospel. It was good for me to hear because usually his obedience talks (ya it’s his favorite subject) are directed towards mission rules and the work that we do. Since this was in the ward during sacrament it was more directed to us as members. I can’t explain to you how great he is! He is such a good speaker and he is full of humility. He is so loving. Everyone there could feel the spirit! Rita and Gemma were there again!! They are doing so so great!
Evelyn is doing really great! She even got two new dresses for church! She has been studying the scriptures and all her other books we have been giving her. She won’t make the 28th of June for her baptism…. but it WILL be in the near future! She is totally converted and her testimony is so strong. She bears her testimony to us ALL THE TIME without even knowing it! I am so grateful for her progress. Heavenly Father has blessed her an incredible amount.
We did LOADS of service this week! It was sooo fun! We got to work in Sister Gordon’s garden. I mowed the lawn while Sister Larsen weeded. Then we help Pamela strip more wallpaper. I taught her the vinegarr trick. Very helpful indeed. Thanks mom! Then we help Sister Barnes in her garden! We had to dig a hole for a small tree. We also helped Sister Lawrence. She is 92 and is really really fit but we always beg her to let us help her. So Sister Larsen ironed and I watered all her plants and grass in her back garden (never thought I would have to do that in Scotland! It’s just been so dry this week) It was very relaxing for us and we got to spend good quality time with these sisters. Plus we got to wear trousers! hahaha it’s these little things that make Sister Larsen and I so happy!
Moves call is next Sunday! Can you believe it’s that time again? We are really nervous about it! I very well could go to another area to finish my mission but you never know! We don’t want to be split up! I’ll let you know the outcome next week! Today I got my “going home” email…. I had to email back the office about which airport I will fly to and that sort of thing. It’s coming quick….
I love you all so very much! I am so grateful that the family was able to come together to celebrate our wonderful grandmother! I love her so much! I am so sad I wasn’t there… lots of tears I have shed these past couple of hours… but I am so grateful to be here sharing the gospel. The world really needs it. We are completely lost without it. Yes… LOST. I am so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ. Without Him none of this would be possible or even worth it. I am grateful to be on a mission along with Tenesia! I hope you all have a good week!!!
Love Sister Jones

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